#TeamSalama** March*11*2016 I'M SO READY!!

Hello Everyone, Well let me introduce myself. ...

Hello Everyone,
Well let me introduce myself. I’m 34 years old will be celebrating my 35th birthday in a few weeks GO ME! Anyhow I’ve been controplating liposuction / tummy tuck for the last ten years to be truthful after I gave birth to my daughter back in 2004 “JULY”, my stomach changed dramatically loose skin etc. Well I decided to be a champ went hard with exercise weight loss etc. My pre pregnancy weight was 183 which wasn’t great but I’m 5’6 and was wearing a size 12 which wasn’t bad for me for I’m evenly proportioned well at the time I was. Well fast forward…at nine months of pregnancy hit 230, lost 30 within a month so working with 200 pounds whew, next two years got back down to 188 found out I was pregnant again geez just can’t get out of the 180’s… now let’s go waaaay back… as a child in high school I was 140 went into the military “98” got out was 120 ate didn’t work out etc…that’s how I got to the 180’s in the first place shame on me…. now back to 2009, after giving birth to my second daughter got back down to 194 than started having a mass growing out of my neck “age 29” at this time. Come to find out I had to have surgery to get half of my thyroid remove which resulted in hypothyroidism : ( Now this is where the problem really got ugly. Imagine working out, eating healthy, running, utilizing weights and you’re not losing your actually gaining weight!!! Well during this time 2009-2012 my thyroid levels were not normal I had to keep going back and forth to Doctor etc., etc., weight plummeted to 216 in 2012 “32” Years Old size 14” this hurt me sooo bad for I was doing what I was supposed to do but biology was like SORRY!
Ok let’s fast forward to now age “34”. Current weight 218 amazingly still a size 14/15 again just how I’m proportioned my weight gain is under control but basically all the working out I’m doing is simply just maintaining my weight. So I’m busting my butt to maintain a size 14/15 if I don’t watch what I eat and exercise I could easily hit a size 18/20.
Problems: Now along with the emotional stress I became pre-diabetic and borderline high cholesterol…not a good look at 32 years old “2012, I started back working out three hours in gym at this time I was on a 1200 calorie a day diet, I was running everyday lost only 8 pounds in 6 months where a normal healthy person probably would of lost 30 but I did get rid of the pre-diabetes with hard work and diet go me : ) See I’m a solider I go hard LOL.... Anyhow my 35th birthday is approaching I have two beautiful girls and want to be healthy and have a long life and simply I need help I need that little push….so after long years of spectating I’m healthy, thyroid levels normal it’s time to do the thing. My desire is not to do this for a weight loss alternative but to enhance what I have. If my body will not let me get back to a size 10,8,6 I will happily take a sexier size 12/14. That's all I wish to do and put the rest in Gods hands with the weight lost : )
Surgery: I’m currently scheduled for a few consultations and I will let everyone know how it goes. I will be posting my pics that I took, front, side, back soon. Currently I’m 5’6, 218; size 14/15, Large tops, 14 pants. I’m going to start my 1400 calorie a day diet by logging in my information on livestrong.com. Continuing going extra hard with exercising including running every day. My goal is to be as tone as possible for the procedure before my birthday in September. Next update I will have my current pictures before surgery, update on consultation and my weight loss with the 1400 calorie day diet along with my work out routine. The areas I wish to get done are stomach for sure but so scared of Tummy Tuck, and waist area to pull in the hour glass. I will continue to run and do pushups for my arms and legs. God bless everyone and just wanted to share my journey in the hopes of educating, helping and motivating you guys.
: )

My pictures as of Tue, Aug 12 Pre-Op

Consultation next week! Goodness this is moving fast. Will update after consultation trying to get the ball moving! I'm excited and feeling good. About to work out to Jillians Michael "30 day shed" trying to get as solid as possible for I know I will lose muscle mass after surgery.

Consultations here I come

Sorry I posted this below in comment section.

Just wanted to take time and do a quick update. I have two consultations one with ALC Alexandria VA on August 19th tomorrow. I'm excited for they have a special three areas $3200.00, two areas I believe was $2400.00, one area $1700 they have great financing available as well care credit, and united medical credit for those with less than perfect credit. I will update after consultation. Second consultation is a virtual consultation, I do not have the date yet but all my information has been forwarded and I should be hearing back soon. It will be with Dr. Laura Caremina Cardenas. I've looked at her work and it is excellent. Her body contouring is beautiful. If I'm not a candidate for LIPO of the abdomen than I will strongly consider her for LIPO of lower back and TT. She has over 76 4 star mostly 5 star reviews on this sight. Although she's located in Mexico and I'm way out here in Virginia, I will take the trip to have it done right the first time. What really got me sold with this location is the "Beauty Haven Center" a recovery house after the surgery. You can stay there up to 14 days. This made my husband very comfortable instead of getting kicked out immediately after surgery. Okay well that's about it wanted to keep everyone informed and be as detailed as possible. Will update with consultations and go into further detail with virtual consultation. God Bless

$6200 Exteneded Tummy Tuck/Muscle Repair/Lipo lower & Upper Back,Waist/FG to Butt

I'm so excited....And I cant just hide it....LOL
Yes, I got my virtual Consultation with Dr. Carmina Cardenas let me say she's very professional and took the time explaining the procedure with me. The entire process this far has been excellent regarding communication! Fetimeh excellent with calling and responding to emails. I'm scheduling an appointment with my primary care provider to have proper blood work done in preparation for my surgery which is the following:

CBC/Routine urinalysis/H.I.V/PT,PTT,INR/Hepatitis B (Surface Antibody) and C (Antibody),/Chem. Panel, Pregnancy Test/EKG

Dr. Carmina expressed to me how without blood work no surgery! She stressed the importance of safety numerous times. Quote above included
Clinic expenses/Anesthesiologist fee/Postup blook work/Transportation to and from San Diego Airport/ I have to get my passport provided link below for passport

Quote does not include:
Medication as outpatient (Complete Treatment of Antiobiotic, Pain Killers, Gastric protector,Antiseptic Spray and Post op Blood thinners, will cost around $170 US Dlls) 1st stage compression garment ($120-$135)

Quote honored for six months

Prepartion & Current Standing

# 1 Appointment for blood work
#2 Find out more about FG grafting to Butt & Hips
#3 Start dieting HARD!! HARD!! and HARDER, about to get turned up in the GYM with a BMI of 34 I must be in peak condition, plus I'm a mother of two and want a speedy recovery.
#4 Follow recommended foods in my consultation
#5 Figure out financing etc, Goal to pay $2000.00 down and finance the rest
#6 Pay downpayment
#7 Set date
#8 Which should of been #1 make sure my husband is onboard

Again I want to do this once and do it RIGHT the first time! Once again thanks for everyone support here from other members as well as Doctors EXCELLENT SITE!

P.S LIPO of the abdomen is out the question for me; However American Lipo Centers is EXCELLENT for someone that need LIPO only. Will keep posted and update as I mark off my list. My weight as of today is 216. Will update with weight once every week. Prior to surgery I now I can get down to 210 I will most likely do Shakeology for breakfeast, salad lunch, high protein dinner. I'm going to push for a 1200 calorie a day diet. God Bless everyone and hope this information helps. I'll be praying for all of you guys please pray for me as well!
: ) : )

Slowing Down...Moving a little to fast

I've decided to slow down a little bit. I was moving much to fast. Currently I'm still doing consultations and narrowing it down. I have a very strong interest in Dr. Ferrari in Charlotte. His reviews or OUTSTANDING and staff is great as well. His receptionist Donna was remarkable. I literally spoke to her and had a virtual consultation with Dr. Ferrari two hours later. He's extremely personable, friendly, and professional. He took his time answering my questions and concerns. His awards and accolades are beyond impressive. He offers numerous perks such as the "hollywood tummy tuck" pain medicine that's administered during the procedure that last up to three days, Fat grafting is included if interested...at no charge to butt area. For he explained that many people who has it done in general complain about not having the desired result or loosing volume. This way it's an added bonus if it works great if you don't get the result you wanted "well you didn't pay extra for it : ) Well this is where I'm at and really taking my time with my choices. I have two more consultations and waiting advice but I'm narrowing it down. So far it's between Dr. Cardenas and Dr. Ferrari.

Surgery Morph "Potential Resutls"

Here is a link on Dr. Ferrari website really cool. Virtual simulation of possible results.
Look for surgery Morph on Left, and simply upload a photo of yourself. Pretty Cool!

Narrowing it down.....Dr. Salama "perhaps"

Ok had consultation from Dr. Salama quoted $6,399 : )
This includes everything! Another PHENOMENAL Dr here on realself. See his reviews! Also he offers the Serenity Recovery Retreat why your healing.

One more consultation to go than I will make my decision after talking it over with my husband. My advice for women looking to get this done take into consideration everything please do not rush! Look at your finances, support, and realistic expectation. My goal is to have surgery in early January 2015. Since starting my journey here on realself my weight was 218 now it's 214. I've lost four pounds in two weeks. I'm really working very hard mentally and physically preparing myself for surgery. My goal weight and recommendation from consults I have received is to lose 10-15 pounds for maximum results. I tell myself everyday I can do it and I'm putting it all in Gods hand. My goal weight is 200 for surgery. Than I know I gave it MY ALL. Will keep update with the Doctor I've choose. Good LUCK! Remember TAKE YOUR TIME DO RESEARCH : ) It's your life and body we only get one : )

Down Payment Paid! Going with Dr. Salama.

Well first I need to update and change my Doctor information on the top of this page.... anyone that can help would be greatly appreciated. My surgery date is set for Jan 20th, 2015. I'm very excited...I have four months to save money and lose weight. It's recommended for me to lose 10-15 I'm going to try very hard to reach this goal by January I'm already down 4 : ) 11 more to go! Well this is where I'm as of today. God bless all of you and let me know if I can be of any help.

Mini bbl/ lipo of arms????

Thinking about adding a mini bbl and lipo of arms. Even though I have hips my projection is not like it use to be when i was in my 20's....Lipo of arms will be an extra $500.00, mini bbl will bring total up to $7333.00 somthing like that....still not a bad deal......for TT/lipo/mini bbl...dr salama is famous for this I don't think I can resist!LOL

Will be 500 cc on each cheek, "mini bbl"

Getting Organized

Sitting here going through old pictures getting inspired. I took out a couple of pictures from when I was a size 8/10 and going to post them up on my dresser mirror to stay inspired. I have to really buckle down on my weight loss but with school, kids, work I'm slightly all over the place not consistent. I'm getting my house in order today starting over tomorrow with a clean slate. It's time to get focused : )

Also here is a current picture of myself with clothes size 14 with super duper super spanx on LOL....anyhow just thought I would share!

Turned "35" : )

Very Blessed and excited about my life and future!

Thank Your "RS" Sisters for all your support : )

Wanted to update, I've been working out really hard at the gym and eating healthy. I'm feeling much better and my body is getting stronger. Sooo many of you have inspired me and I know are inspiring others....I love this type of sister hood for it's positive and uplifting with no "shade" LOL. Anyhow I've uploaded some wish pictures according to my body type that may be a realistic possibility.

*****Stay Encouraged Beautiful Sisters!*****

Inspirational Wednesday : )

***Weight Loss Progress/Check In Time*** : )

Hi Ladies! Well I wanted to do an update. I officially started here on "RS" weighing in at 218 pounds, size 14, large shirts and 14 pants. Currently my weight is 212 pounds : ). I'm excited.... I'll take that. I have roughly exactly three months to go so if I can hit just 6 pounds per month before my surgery my weight would be -18 pounds....roughly putting me at around "194"....this would be ****GREAT**** ! Whew hard work. I'm stepping it up much more this month...I've started back running...I know this will speed up the weight loss. Walking is good....but this sister got to run to see results LOL. Well anyway sisters here are some ************HUGS*************PRAYERS FOR YOU*********STAY ENCOURAGED! : )

I've update my current stats below. Hard work...Hard work...LOL...IT's about to get real...I'm mad yo'll this weight is coming off me....I'm tired!

***My Wish Pics***Goal Pictures

I like to do my own wish pics in that I can get a realistic picture in my head of what my results can possibly look like. Here they are...this is what I think about when I'm in tears at the gym....***NO PAIN NO GAIN*** Oh I had to throw in one wish pic...which would be my dream body....a sister can wish : )

****Inspirational Wednesday****

Hi Ladies,

Hope I'm not updating you guys to death! Every Wednesday I want do something inspiring for us. ***Hugs***Prayers***Love : )

****Working out....weight gain?***Say what???

Ok i try very hard to weigh myself only once a week.....i can become very obsessive weighing myself...okay i weighed in last sarurday was at 212.....now im at 217??. Ive been working out really hard and even started back runnung....this is slightly stressful ....for my weight has been a battle for me for the last five years....now i do have hypothyroidism but my levels are under control.....so the dr said this should not have anything to do with weight fluctuation...at times this can get very physcological for me because my weight is not an accurate description of how i take care of myself....okay im on fluid pills because i do retain water....after taking the fluid pill my weight did not alter.....however my body felt heavy like tightening of my legs.....im going to do some research and of course stay positive ???? but i cant lie it gets a bit discouraging sometimes because i work sooooo hard on my body....and health....im currently on a 1400 calorie a day diet spending about a hour and half at gym.......mixing up cardio and weights....if anyone have any suggestions please advice.....im brushing it off and keeping it moving eventually i know it will work out for me.....for i refuse to give up on this weight loss battle : )

*****Nobody got time for That*****

Sorry yoll, I vented a little. Just carried my butt to the track and ran..... : ) My sister recorded me......I had to fight the negative with a positive....life to short for negative thinking! THANKS FOR SUPPORT??

***Trying to upload****

Trying to upload video from my phone.Giving it one more shot.

****Inspirational Wednesday****

Wishing everyone the best with their goals!

****Safe Healing****

Everyone in recovery wishing you the best! For the sisters that are experiencing problems with their surgery...wishing you nothing but positive outcomes! Stay strong one day at a time!

***Resourceful Tool For You***

Wanted to share with those who are trying to loose weight as well as those who are trying to maintain their weight the following website site "livestrong.com." For those who aren't aware this is an excellent site to count calories, monitor weight loss progress, as well as numerous articles. I've created an account under myplate which allows me to monitor my daily eating and workouts. Below are some images from the site for those who are interested.

***Inspirational Wednesday***

***Wishing everyone the best with their goals, recovery, and healing : ) ***

***Weight Loss Going Good***

Just wanted to update with my weight loss. It's going very well : ) I was working out so hard I do believe I've gained muscle...YAY...my weight is down to 211 from 218....crazy how in a week I gain so much muscle but it's all good. Even when I felt bad about the increase in my weight I had to force myself to stay positive and workout and I'm so happy I did. I want to thanks once again this community for the support : ) I'm learning all it takes is mental strength in how we choose to respond to certain situations. Yes some situations are out of our control but we have the gift of free will to make the best decisions for ourselves for it creates not only positive energy but a positive well being : ) ****Best Wishes**** Oh also I'm cutting out all sugar : ).....and starting to transition into a Paleo type diet.

***Throw Back Pics***

These are pics of me bck in the day...again my own wish pics...I wanted to post them as a encourager to myself to keep going hard. Actually I will probably change my icon to one of these pictures....Man...whatever it takes! : )

Last motivational Pics

I had to add these last two pictures in. My blog is my story as it pertains to this process. Many of us have mix emotions for why we're doing this blog etc....basically its to encourage and support one another. In my intro I stated Im doing this for numerous reasons....first and far most for my two daughters. When looking at them ive watch them grow over the years and its a beautiful site! Looking at their pics especially these keeps me grounded and focused. This site is called "RS".....as stated above my goal of my blog is to educate and motivate others. I have two months to go before my surgery.....in the process of waiting these pics keeps me grounded and focused on getting healthier and feeling good about myself not only on the inside but outside as well. I should of post these pics in my intro.....for i know people just want to hear about surgery...before after etc..... but i see in this process we experience sooo much mix emotions : )....currently these are my range of emotions and im happy i have a positive place to share....For one day soon i can reply to this post and say grls "Mommy Did It" : )

**Inspirational Wednesday**

To everyone in healing you got this!! Take it slow and think about how far you came : ) To the sisters that are waiting, our turn is next! Whew my nerves...LOL..I get jittery just think about it! Best Wishes and God Bless.

Hypothyroidism Anyone??

If anyone out there have hypothyroidism and mastered the ability to keep their weight down within a healthy BMI can you please share any of the tips and strategies you have used. I’m hearing so many different things to the point I’m simply confused. My weight is dropping : ) however very slowly compared to the amount of work I’ve been putting in. My levels are normal and currently I’m taking synthroid 125. Basically my metabolism is like a car with a full tank of gas that’s stalled out on the side of the road, no matter how much you push it, it only moves an inch! LOL

**WHEW!** It just got real yoll!

Fri, Nov 7, 2014 at 9:38 AM

This is a friendly reminder of your upcoming surgery with Dr. Salama. Below you will find several details regarding your surgery. If there are any mistakes, please do contact the office and ask to speak with your patient coordinator.

Preoperative Date: 1/19/2015
Surgery Date: 1/20/2015
Preoperative Address: Elite Plastic Surgery
21097 NE 27th Ct, Suite 335
Aventura, FL. 33180

There are a several items, of importance, that we would like to remind you.

• Please schedule your medical clearance appointment with your primary care physician to take place thirty (45) days prior to your surgery date.

• Please relay to Dr. Salama’s office staff all lodging, travel, and caretaking details so that we can make proper appointment arrangements.

• If you are having the BBL procedure, please make sure to start taking 325 mg of Iron each day beginning at 30 days from surgery date.

• If no one is available to travel with you, please inquire about our ALL INCLUSIVE 10 day Recovery Stay Package. Pricing is $1,899

Below you will see your current surgery balance. The balance of your surgery is due 14 days prior to surgery. Please do expect a phone call during that day to provide your payment information.

Surgery Balance: $5,899.00
If you have any question about the above information, please contact our office. Our staff will be more than glad to assist.

Thank you,
Elite Plastic Surgery Staff


***Anyone want to Switch Surgery Dates?? End April or Beginning of May

I need to get my surgery date rescheduled to the end of April or Early May, I wanted to check here first before I called the office. Let me know!

***Inspirational Wednesday*** Just Checking In : )

Hello "RS" family! I haven't updated in a while but much has been going on and will update soon! "All good things : )" I just wanted to take the time to wish everyone safe healing and recovery for those who had their surgery and will be having surgery in the upcoming days as well for the month of December. You have our prayers and best wishes!! As for myself my surgery is being rescheduled....waaaaay back to June!! Yes June LOL...It's all good...it's in God's hands and for the best... : ) This way I can substantially work on my health and get down to my goal weight between 165-175 pounds with no worries. Again I will update soon with more info just REALLY busy but wanted to take the time to say "God Bless" to all of you ladies!!

**Here I Go!** Fatima Almonte Perhaps??

Okay Family here I go. As many of you may know I've waited for the surgery for TEN YEARS! LOL Yes that's a very long time. I'm excited and sooo ready to have this procedure done but I'm crossing all my T's and dotting all my I's. One last Dr I didn't look at closely is "Fatima Almonte" she's in the Dominican Republic and her work is also "Curvaceously Georgeous"! Currently I'm a size 13 now YAAY drop a size go me...Anyway yoll since I've waited so long I want to get the best results I can possible get; however I'm a very logical person and all about being safe and protecting my health and body. This is a hard decision for me.... however if I switch surgeons I know I'm in God's hands as my sis "Myweightgoal43" pointed out to me.... it's just hard when you don't have the support you need from family. Me and my husband already came to a mutual agreement with "Salama" and I LOVE LOVE his WORK and not saying he's no longer my surgeon.....I'm just starting to get stuck a little almost 50/50 between him and Almonte. I don't know if I'm making this to hard and should just keep peace in my household and stick with my plan I already have set in motion....Yo'll I'm confused....The reason why I'm looking at Fatima Almonte more closely is that her work on thicker women is BEAUTIFUL....it's sick seriously.....if you look at the backs of her patients, down to the waistline she really hook us thicker sisters up. In the states there is a limit on the fat they take out....if not mistaken it's not that strict in the "Dominican" Republic. Now trust if I get it done in the "Dominican I will do my RESEARCH" (Your girl don't play)....I will stay positive and of course pray for God to lead me in the right direction. I'm a mother, wife, and friend like many of you and realize I'm more valuable to them than my appearance however if I must get it done shouldn't I go HARD???

**Received quote from "Fatima Almonte"**

Below is my quote. Still being still......thinking things through. Didn't realize I would receive a quote so soon.....that was fast!

Thank you for your images. Dr. Almonte has reviewed your request and suggests the following procedures:

Tummy Tuck + Liposculpture full back full abdomen flanks waist + BBL

US$5,200.00 includes:

?10 days in Recovery house, meals, 24 hour nursing monitoring

(Recovery House available: My Home Patient care RH)

Transportation from airport/clinic/consultations

Preoperative Cardiovascular evaluation and blood tests, EKG, X-Ray

Post operation medications

1 Post op garment

1 night at the clinic

Free of charge consultation post op

Prior to your arrival we must prepare your body by taking Folic Acid, Iron and Vitamin C, it is very important we assure you are not anemic since that will enable us to proceed. It is best if you can have a CBC test to check on your Hemoglobin levels, it must be above 12 to have any procedure. The ideal level is 13 and above.

There is a security deposit of US$350.00 required to save your date this can be placed to Bank of America account number. This deposit must be done in dollars and is NON REFUNDABLE, although it is good for a year in case you need to change your surgery date. The remaining balance is to be paid in US$ cash ONLY.

Surgery days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Dr. Almonte has a very strict rule of only 3 patients per day, and therefore it is very important that you save your date on time. I will need for you to arrive the day prior to prep for surgery. It is preferred that you arrive before 6:00 pm to have all of the evaluations and blood tests performed.

You must contact me 48 hours prior to your surgery to confirm flight arrival.

Please advise me of any medical conditions or special medication taking at the moment. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or doubts.

I look forward to having you here!

Have a blessed day!?

#Turinky will be Salamafied : )

Hi family.....well after a long discussion with my husband I'm sticking with our original plan! I feel at peace I'm good. I just wanted this done and over with that I started to rush the process. I will be paying $4000.00 on my surgery in January and be done with it....As for my husband I've been married now for 13 years and he's had my back like CRAZY....but that's another story and this is not the place for that LOL; however I'm good and happy I discussed this with him and got it over with. I thank all of you beautiful ladies for your encouragement and opinions
thank you....thank you : ) Not just on this issue, but any place you responded on my page...thanks a million....I took it all into consideration and I know your opinions comes from a place of concern and I appreciate you guys soooo much!!! Just for even taking the time out of your day to holla at me...Lov Yo'll....from this point moving on my page will be more focused on my weight loss journey....I will be weighing in every month with my before and after pictures. I'm not going to post and pics until around December 15 because your grl is bloated right now! LOL I ate my butt off I can't even lie. I'm not even thinking about jumping on a scale and get my feelings hurt...no'll I'm good...Geez I'm going to be hurting at the gym tomorrow.....Anyhow happy holidays to you girls...and best wishes to all of you on your journey whether it's in the states or overseas....here's to a safe surgery with beautiful results for all of us. Stay positive and do you!! : ) : )

**Inspirational Wednesday**

Hello Everyone! Haven't updated in a while and wanted to give a quick update.
1want to start by first wishing everyone a safe procedure/recovery who will be having surgery in the next couple of days! 2nd Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas and New Years! 3rd I just have to say this site is AWESOME! I've learned so much from you ladies it's amazing. I've come across some AMAZING strong beautiful women on this site who hearts are pure as gold : ) Currently for myself my surgery is still scheduled for June 22 which is great....but.....I've accepted a New Job which is a dream come true!! Ladies I'm so excited the job is EXCELLENT! It’s right in my field of study…with that being said I’m going to tell you a little more about myself. I recently acquired my Associates Degree in Information Technology not too long ago....I'm eight courses away from my Bachelors in "IT"...with this being said I'm also enrolled in a Religious Study Degree Degree program which is probably not hard to figure out with many of my postings....I'm ten courses away from receiving my Bachelors in this....so your girl has been GRINDING! Now as it pertains to the job I have to admit it's a good feeling to finally have a job opportunity that is accepting my worth! With this being said if anyone is in need of prayer please feel free to post or preferably "instant message me" I'm a work in progress but my heart is in the right place : ) Now back to the job offer...."sorry I'm all over the place"…. however this blog is not a term paper “just updates” LOL......With this new opportunity I'm not sure if I will be able to get my surgery in June : ( I'm still pushing for it TRUST! However if my surgery has to be pushed out until "2016" so be it. It's in God's hands and I'm not rushing it anymore. My main focus and I hope not just for myself but for all of you ladies is not to RUSH this. Make sure you’re confident in your health and in the best shape you know you can sustain before having this surgery. In my blog I will continue to work hard and keep it up to date with my weight loss and any other changes. As I stated in my introduction my purpose is to educate, encourage and motivate you guys! I will be posting updated pictures soon with my weight loss. I really do not want to post pics until I hit the 200 pound mark, and trust sisters I'm close : ) For I really want to see a difference in the before and after pictures : ) Starting on "RS" I was 218, I'm very proud of myself with what I've accomplished in this short time frame. Oh and one more thing I want to add.... If you did not take the time and create a profile please do not respond on my page or inbox me....Ladies we have to be careful there are FAKE pages out there.....I know many of you are genuine but from personal experience I've had some peculiar messages in my in boxes...and messages from people who has not created a profile...Also the "IGNORANCE" many of us we take our blog serious this is our feelings and journey in the process of trying to help and encourage one another....With this being said for someone to just come and jump on someone page with ignorance....."most of the time I noticed these people don't even have a blog or story just a name".....NO SHADE ....Anyhow as I was saying….. to just jump on someone page without adding anything positive....about their story or not even taking the time to read their story is pure IGNORANCE....rather send a inbox message....instead of simply posting on their blog….For “RS” do not remove comments unless it’s under their guidelines…..Now I'm not saying send them a inbox and be IGNORANT....if it's something that you privately want someone to know.....simply inbox them... With that being said I think that sums it up for now. Again best WISHES to all of you ladies, Safe Healing, Safe Surgeries, and Safe Continued Beautiful Results!! TAKE CARE OF YOU! : ) : )

**Inspirational Wednesday**

Happy Wednesday!! Hoping those in recovery are recovering well and seeing amazing results! Want to personally wish a safe procedure to **ngpjmp2012** scheduled Dec 18th & **Wj.Puffa** scheduled Dec 22nd. Two special strong ladies that have worked very hard to get to this point. May God keep you protected and safe! I will be praying and checking in on you! Here's to a safe surgery with beautiful results!! To all the ladies on this site stay inspired and encouraged! Prayers and hugs to all the ladies who are having surgery for the remainder of the month. Stay positive, uplifted and as always take care of you!! : ) : )

Beauty of Self Determination : )

Hi Real Self family! Hope all of you are doing good. **Best Wishes to all of you ladies who are recovering from surgery.** Praying you have a speedy recovery. To all my friends who had surgery may God continue to bless you and keep you safe in the healing process. Okay I wanted to take the time and update and keep things real! Through this entire process I've been honest with my sharing through the ups and downs of this process. First on a personal note my new job did not work out. It was not the place or environment for me; however I'm very positive and strong willed and putting all my trust and faith in God. I know without a doubt another opportunity will present itself. Secondly my surgery is still scheduled for June 22 : ) so far so good. Dr Salama is hooking GRLS UP!!!! Yaaaaass #TEAMSALAMA. The only concern I have with my surgery is that I saved $3000.00 towards the surgery and had to go into a portion of this money for bills. Again it's all good : ) Staying positive everything will work itself out. Thirdly I get labs taken every six months and found out I'm pre-diabetic again and borderline high cholesterol. Huummm??? This was confusing I'm not sure what's going on with this. I've been working out really hard and my weight dropped from 218 to 206 but it needs to drop some more AND IT WILL!! The beauty in this is that I beat it before I will beat it again! Trust....your girl don't play. I'm scheduling an appointment with a nutritionist : ) and increasing my water intake. I'm not sure if this is more of a genetic issue but it's not about to go down like that! Time to go in "SOLDIER MODE" LOL... Currently I'm drinking much more water and implementing protein shakes into my diet. A friend of mine on this site informed me that we should be drinking half of our body weight in water "per 8 ounces" if not mistaken. As far as the protein shakes I'm having one for breakfast and one for dinner. For lunch I'm doing salads and soups. I'm going to keep a journal of what I eat every day to take to my upcoming nutritionist appointment. With all this being said I'm BLESSED YES : ) The reason why I say this is because anytime we have the opportunity to fix something and make it right that's simply "beautiful". I'm proud of myself and what I've accomplish and going to keep pushing and pushing because that's how I'm built. I dropped from 218 to 206!!! And I'm going to keep it going!! No looking back. I've uploaded some pics of some of the newly purchased protein shakes I purchased from an organic health store, and the vitamins I take that helps me tremendously with energy. Best wishes to everyone!! Again surgery is still on June 22 : ) I will post again soon with a weight loss update! Ohhh I can't wait to hit 199!! Come on!! My goal now is to hit 180 by surgery, anything less than 180 will be bonus points LOL! Keep smiling ladies : )

Inspiring Pictures

Just looking at goal weight loss pictures.

Getting Closer!

Received this email today from the Elite family. Actually got butterflies in my stomach when reading it. I hope so much I can see this through : )

This is a friendly reminder of your upcoming surgery with Dr. Salama. Below you will find several details regarding your surgery. If there are any mistakes, please do contact the office and ask to speak with your patient coordinator.

Preoperative Date: 6/21/2015

Surgery Date: 6/22/2015

Preoperative Address: Elite Plastic Surgery

21097 NE 27th Ct, Suite 335

Aventura, FL. 33180

There are a several items, of importance, that we would like to remind you.

· Please schedule your medical clearance appointment with your primary care physician to take place thirty (45) days prior to your surgery date.

· Please relay to Dr. Salama’s office staff all lodging, travel, and caretaking details so that we can make proper appointment arrangements.

· If you are having the BBL procedure, please make sure to start taking 325 mg of Iron each day beginning at 30 days from surgery date.

· If no one is available to travel with you, please inquire about our ALL INCLUSIVE 10 day Recovery Stay Package. Pricing is $1,899

Below you will see your current surgery balance. The balance of your surgery is due 21 days prior to surgery. Please do expect a phone call during that day to provide your payment information.

If you have any question about the above information, please contact our office at 305-933-4033. Our staff will be more than glad to assist

Prayer shout out to " MyWeightgoal43"

Wishing you safe travels and healing on your journey. Through Christ all things are possible. You will be safe and protected on your journey. I declare it in the name of Jesus. God Bless you Grl. Keep us informed on your progress : ) : )

Surgery or Not?? That is the Question!!

Hello my "RS" Family!! I thought I should update my review for I haven't updated in a while. Everything has been going pretty good! I've been working out like crazy, weight training, cardio, and a million and one squats. The inches are melting away but the numbers on the scale are dropping slowly but I'm seeing a major difference in my body so that's what I'm focusing on!! I feel better and look better so **** what the scale say because I know I'm doing all that I can do and giving it 100% commitment! Okay, lets talk about surgery!! My surgery date is schedule for June 22 now I should be over the moon excited but I'm not sure if I will have the funds to pay for it. Now this part sucks not fully knowing, I should know for sure within the next two weeks If I'll be able to pay for it......for Dr Salama need to have payment 45 days prior to surgery if not mistaken. Now what gives me a minor headache about this situation is that I had the money at least four times over in the last four years to have gotten this surgery done easily; however I listen to the opinions of others to wait and not go under the knife. Boy I can kick my self in the butt for that! But my mentality is that you know what it's all good : ) Yes I've waited for this for 10 years!! And if I can't get the surgery this year and have to wait until next year...I'm going to LOOK FINE IN THE WAITING PROCESS!! Screw that!! I'm going to keep doing my squats, cardio, weight training whatever, I'm not going to let this get me down....I will spanx it till I make it LOL. Also...I just received my medical clearance from Dr Salama and I'm still going to get all my testing done just in case the funds will be available for my surgery. Now if everything is good to go within the next two weeks and payment has been made I'm going to be up here every day being a pain in the ***. If not I will probably update monthly with weight loss pics and things of that nature. If my surgery does not happen in June of this year I'm looking at March of 2015 with absolute certainly. This way I can pay this surgery in cash without any financing or assistance from anyone. So ladies that's pretty much is it!! My next update will be comparison pictures, I will have my husband take them when he gets time. Also for the ladies out their that have hormone problems, including "hypothyroid" when your working out make sure your strength training!!!! This is really helping me shape up and drop inches like CRAZY!!! Ok sisters that's if for now. Stay encouraged and positive and be the most beautiful version of you that you can be....not only physically but mentally as well****Best Wishes****

***Happy Easter 2015***

May everyone have a beautiful blessed day!

A quick update!

Hello everybody! Wanted to provide a quick update 1st I finally broke the 200s! Whew it was hard but I'm going to keep pushing up until I get my surgery in March. My weights as of today is 197. My total starting weight was 223, on realself 218, so all in all I've lost a total of 26 pounds. I want to say thank you for the bottom of my heart for all those who have supported me from the very beginning. Once I knew my surgery had to be pushed back to March of next year I made a conscious to eat right, workout, and take it a day at a time. I couldn't simply rely on March 11, 2016 to look my best I had to start now. As always ***Best Wishes to Everyone***Take care of you~~~: ) xoxo

Forgot to add this picture to previous post!

Also anyone who is having surgery with Dr Salama the beginning of 2016 be sure to holla at me! ****Best Wishes and God Bless****
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