5 Week P/O **Pics**

I'm 29, a mom to two children (youngest being 8...

I'm 29, a mom to two children (youngest being 8 months old), and I have a scheduled breast augmentation/lift surgery scheduled in January. I couldn't be more ecstatic as these kids have "sucked" the life right out of the girls ;P. However, I'm super concerned about the recovery period. My son, being so young, obviously isn't walking yet and needs to picked up and carried. Is it realistic to think that a weeks worth of help will get me through the painful days and I'll be okay on my own shortly after the procedure? Are there any tricks to lifting these little guys during recovery or is this terrible timing?!

Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf! Here's what some doctors say about lifting after breast surgery, but definitely do check with your surgeon on this. Please keep us posted!


I'm just going to go for it! After reading many,...

I'm just going to go for it! After reading many, many posts I've taken some notes on how to prepare for the procedure so I'm praying that I will figure out a way to make it work with the baby. Now for the hard part- WHICH IMPLANT?! During my consult silicone is what my PS recommended. (SN: I have very little breast tissue left after nursing my children.) In the office I liked what I saw when I was trying on a 350cc silicone implant and was told it would look even BETTER once it's actually under the muscle. (Before kids I was a 34C, after second baby I MIGHT be an "A"). But now the more I read and the thought of having to deal with MRIs, silicone maintainance seems daunting. Am I over analyzing things?! My concern with saline, however, is the possibility of rippling and the obvious, deflating! Are these concerns actually THAT common? I'm very active- love to strength train, run, constantly doing things around the house and yard, and can't forget to mention the two small kiddos! Would silicone be more durable?! Ahhhhh! My pre-op is on the 17th and I already have a couple of invoices I need to pay, but I still don't know what I'm going to get! HELP!
Pre-op is in FOUR days and I still haven't made a decision about which implant! This is so unlike me. It seems the more I read about sil/sal the more confusing it gets! I'm 5'2, 125lbs and liked what I saw when I tried on a silicone 350cc. The doc recommended the silicone implant under the muscle but I had never considered it- always assumed I would go with saline...has anyone else recently been torn with this decision but ended up thrilled?! Please share!
I went with silicone under the muscle, moderate profile, 457ccs - had a lot of extra skin - feel free to check out my profile. I'm 3 weeks post op today and could not be happier!!! :)
i just had my BA on 12/11 and still having pain today . i have no babies my boyfriend still helps me getting groceries or doing dishes. i would wait or get help for at least 2weeks around the clock . you dont want to have complications.

Post-op is TOMORROW and I still haven't made a...

Post-op is TOMORROW and I still haven't made a decision about which implant! This is so unlike me. It seems the more I read about sil/sal the more confusing it gets! I'm 5'2, 125lbs and liked what I saw when I tried on a silicone 350cc. The doc recommended the silicone implant under the muscle but I had never considered it- always assumed I would go with saline...has anyone else recently been torn with this decision but ended up thrilled?! Please share!
Feel free to check out my profile/stats .. I breastfed almost 18 years ago, went with moderate profile silicones under the muscle 457ccs and could not be happier. :)

I had the pre-op today! Only AFTER canceling...

I had the pre-op today! Only AFTER canceling yesterday and calling the entire surgery off...it's now officially back on, and implants decided upon! (I made the mistake of doing too much research and stumbling across a website full of horrific stories about implants. I totally freaked out.) Do yourself a favor and don't over analyze every detail you read, it's just not worth it! Anywho, the appt was great. I was torn b/w silicone and saline and decided to go with what the doc recommended-SILICONE! I really think it's the best option considering I have little breast tissue left after pregnancies and nursing two babies. I chose high profile so I could get the upper pole fullness I've only dreamed about- didn't even have that BEFORE kids! She gave me all the paperwork, perscriptions, etc. I also had to pay today; that was great fun :( At least that part is over! Well, I have six days left until the twins arrive- CAN'T WAIT!!
Hi! I'm 9 days post op today. I got 400cc silicone under the muscle. I'm feeling really good, I haven't taken anything for pain since day 2. They are definitely still swollen, but the shape is good! But, I have a two year old, my PS said no lifting over 10lbs for 2 wks! I've had help around the house every day & will next week too, so I would check w your dr & see what they think. You don't want to be lifting & pulling & hurt something after you go through all this! I have 2 older daughters also, I breastfed all 3 of them. I'm 5'5" 118 if that helps with anything! Good luck!
I waited 3 weeks to lift anything over 10 pounds lol .. I have has such an easy recovery that tonight I tried doing some stretching and probably overdid it a little. ;)
Thanks for sharing SuzieQ0329, good to know! I'll have my MIL in town for 9 days post op and then if need be, I might be able to steal my hubby from work again. My PS recommended for me to wait 10 days to lift my son and when I do, she showed me a technique that should safe. Have you posted any post op pics; would love to see!

Holy cannoli, surgery is TOMORROW! I have to be...

Holy cannoli, surgery is TOMORROW! I have to be at the sx center at 6:15 and hoping to be discharged by 11:30; PS said lift and aug will take about 3.5 hrs. I'm hoping I've got what I need by now!!

If anyone has tips on what to tell their 3yr old about the surgery LMK! She is very inquisitive and doesn't miss a beat. I don't want to lie to her, but I don't want her sharing my business with her entire school either, haha!!

Prayers needed for tomorrow- so anxious I could puke! Ahhhhhh!
;) hope all went well!!!! The silicone are SO soft. I had saline for 10 yrs that were overfilled and "hard/tight". Of course my hubby and I were used to them but now that I have these, the fe of them is so unbelievably natural!
All is good so far ;)
You look awesome! Congrats!

Day 3 post-op: I feel amazing! I'm still taking...

Day 3 post-op: I feel amazing! I'm still taking Percocet every 5-6 hrs and using my ice packs when I think about it.

Let me rewind back to surgery day. I arrived at the surgery center @ 6:15 am and was in the pre-op area for about an hour or so. They started the IV and got me all snuggled up in warm blankets while we waited for my PS to come mark me. Once she arrived, I showed her a picture of my dream boobies that she hung up in the OR. The nurses walked me to the OR where I got on the table and pretty much blacked out!

The surgery was 3hrs long but only felt like 3 minutes! I was in recovery for about an hour and a half. It doesn't normally take that long but I had a hard time waking up. I never once felt nauseous, which was a huge concern of mine! Once I got home I slept all afternoon. I had a little bit of dinner and then back to bed.

I had my first post-op appt the next morning @ 8:30. My PS took off the ace bandage and removed the gauze pads so I could get a sneak peak; LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!! Any hesitation I had before surgery flew out the window. I'm not sure what I expected to see, but it sure wasn't anything that looked THAT good this early :)

I might have over-done it yesterday as I'm experiencing a warm, burning sensation under my left breast. I spoke with the doc about it this morning and she seems to believe it's some nerves starting to wake up. I, of course, imagined the worst and just KNEW my incision was opening :P Glad that's not the case!!

As far as sleeping arrangements go, I've stayed in our bed with three pillows behind me and one on either side to rest my arms on. It hasn't been awful. I set my alarm to take the pain meds during the night so I don't feel too terrible when I wake in the morning.

Next post-op is on the 31st and I should be getting the tape off by then. Anxious to see the incisions considering an anchor lift can be pretty intense!

Overall, loving the twins and so glad I went through with it :D
I have a 6 year old. I made sure I had a big shirt on or my robe do he couldn't see my bra. And you know how rough little boys are. I told him I'd been to the doctor and he told me to rest up. My son hasn't even noticed and I'm 7 weeks post op. I went from a 36b to a 36dd.
How are you doing? What is an anchor lift? I am sure I commented before on what to tell your 3 y/o but just in case ., nothing! Just tell your child you hurt your back .. They are too young to really notice. ;)
I'm doing great, thanks for checking! An anchor lift is what is used when there is severe ptosis and little tissue to cover the implant. There is an incision around the the areola then vertically where it meets the horizontal incision at the natural breast fold. It is a very detailed procedure that does leave some scarring until it fades over time. But I'll take the scars over the sag any day! I did end up telling my daughter I was having back issues! She never questioned it :)

Post-op Day 4- Feeling good and have a much...

Post-op Day 4- Feeling good and have a much greater range of mobility. I've been doing my exercises religiously but haven't been massaging. I guess that is something I should start doing! My main discomfort is from the pain killers- I can't go to the bathroom :(. Any home remedies you may know of? I've tried everything!
Hope you are feeling good!!
I am! Thank you :)
Yay!!! =)

Today was great! My PS changed out the tape over...

Today was great! My PS changed out the tape over my incisions (the anchor lift) and told me that I was healing wonderfully! She astonishingly enough, gave me the go ahead to pick up my infant son, hit the gym AND go bra shopping!!!! I've tried on several pre-baby bras that I've held on to and I think I'm going to end up a full, perky C. It's what I used to have (minus the perky part ;) I go back in a week to get the tape off for good. I can't believe how good I feel though. I thought for sure that I'd be out of commission for at least 3-4 weeks. But I've got a full range of motion with my arms/shoulders, my breasts already are starting to drop and feel soft, and I now I can get to exercising again. This surgery has been a life changer- recommending to ANYONE considering!! **My surgery entailed an Anchor lift with 300/325 HP silicone memory gel emplants**

Thank you for sharing! You look great. As Jeni009 said, they should continue to drop and change. Please keep us posted.

Congrats on your surgery, I had the same surgery on dec 12! I had the same concerns that you are having when I was 2 weeks out, mine have changed so much in the past 7 weeks and now I am completely happy!!!! Hang in there you will love them more and more as the weeks pass!!! good luck!!
Thanks Jeni1009! Congrats on yours as well! It's comforting to know that my concerns aren't absurd. Looking forward to seeing their final "resting place" ;)

It's been a little over 2 weeks since I had my...

It's been a little over 2 weeks since I had my BA/BL and I'm really liking what is looking back at me in the mirror these days! I had started a review under "Breast Lift" to get some feedback on ladies that had had the same procedure but I guess RealSelf didn't like that I had two going and deleted it :(

Anywho, I had been dreading the day where I had to remove all the tape from the incisions b/c I had no idea how I was going to react seeing the scars. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised! From what I could tell, everything looked to be healed. My main concern was how the vertical incision would look from the Anchor Lift. It's much lighter than expected with no scabbing or rough areas (course, I'm the palest I've ever been so I'm sure that helps with the coloring!)
As far as the size and shape of the areolas- I couldn't be happier! They are small and cute and symmetrical :) The right nipple has feeling, the left, not so much. I have hope that it'll come back though. If it doesn't, it wouldn't ruin my life.

I'm a little on the fence about the current breast shape. My right breast has dropped more than the left, which I'm completely obsessing over. I've emailed my PS to see if there are any special massages/exercises/strap wearing that I can do to get the left one to drop too. I'm hoping in the next week or so they'll match again!

I've been told I can wear any sort of compression bra during the day, and to sleep with a tight sports bra and strap at night. I actually went to VS the get measured last week too. I knew to take what they said with a grain of salt, but I expected to hear what I heard, so I'm not surprised. She said 34C or 34 small D. I was hesitant to purchase anything just in case I'm left with less than expected once the girls are in their final "resting place" :)

After week one, I was sleeping flat on my back again without using all the extra pillows to prop with. After week two, I was sleeping on my side for a bit (yay)!

I was cleared to start back exercising after my one week p/o, which was shocking but oh so good to hear- I was having withdrawals. I'm doing mostly lower body and jogging short distances, biceps and triceps. I plan on waiting a little longer to do any chest or back. (Although, I only have 8 weeks until our ADULT ONLY vacay so I'm not sure how much longer I'll want to wait before working ALL the body again)!

I haven't started putting any scar reducing products on my incisions yet, but if you know of anything fabulous- PLEASE SHARE!

All in all, recovery thus far has been much easier than expected.
You're really looking great! As far as scar treatments, when I went back for my 3rd post op, I think I was almost 3 weeks out my PS said I could start using something as soon as all my glue wore off. I had dissolvable stitches & glue on my incisions. My glue was almost gone at that point. I have been using Mederma in the morning & at night & then using vitamin E oil a few times during the day. I also had the surgery the revise the scar from my melanoma done at the same time as my BA & I can't believe how much better that scar looks after only a little over 4 weeks! So that's working great for me!
SuzieQ, thanks for the advice! I've used Mederma in the past on things and it does work great. Hoping I get the go ahead Friday to start using something. And yes, your scar looks great!! Just imagine what it'll look like in a couple of months! Happy Healing :)
Thanks! I'm hoping so, hubby & I have no kids vacay in about 7 weeks! We're going to St. Thomas for my birthday, so I've been using the E oil too hoping it will look a lot better by then! Have fun on your trip!

Like myself, I'm sure most of you ladies are still...

Like myself, I'm sure most of you ladies are still having to wear a compression bra. Well I was tired of trying to find tops to hide my sports bra and my tube top bras were to small to cover my entire boob...so my PS told me a little secret and IT'S WONDERFUL! She said to take a pair of control top panty hose and cut the legs off. Then just wear the " control top" part over your breasts like a tube top. I've worn this today since 7 am and LOVE it!! Why haven't I done this before even without boobies?! I posted a pic to show what I'm talking about- give it a whirl!
Wonderful idea about the bra!
Interesting idea! LOL! I can't wait for my 2wk appt so I can start wearing something else... I'm basically to wear this lovely "medical" bra 24/7 (except showering) for the 1st 2wks, then they'll tell me what to do next. Part of the time this bra isn't too terrible; part of the time it drives me crazy!
It's the best news ever when they say you can try out different support bras. My PS actually said I could bra shop but I'm still so hesitant- really don't want to get my hopes thinking I'm one size, and then once they fully drop, be another ;P. Keep me posted on your p/o!

Wow! I'm four weeks p/o and things have really...

Wow! I'm four weeks p/o and things have really started settling nicely! They have both dropped, and the vertical incision from the anchor lift has finally healed. I've started bra shopping and although I can wear a 34D, they look HOT in a 34C! The cup is completely full and the upper pole fullness is very prominent. I'm really pleased with the results, however they've recently started itching like crazy!! I keep telling myself its just because they're healing but man, it's awful! Has anyone else gone through that this late in the game? And what did you do to soothe them?
Youre scars look really good! Especially the vertical scar! =D
Thank you!!! Have you started putting anything on yours yet, or do you know what you will use? I haven't, but my 5 wk p/o is wed and I'm going to see what my PS recommends. I really want to start being diligent about putting a cream of some sort on them to get them to fade faster! Odds are it'll be Mederma unless she suggests something better.
I'm not as far out, but oh boy do they itch sometimes!!! I've actually got a line of dry/dead skin about an inch above my incisions that gets wicked itchy! Hope the cocoa butter helps!

Not too much to update other than the fact that I...

Not too much to update other than the fact that I only have ONE more week to wear a compression bra day and night!! Yay! I'm so ready to get in to something cute! I'll still have to wear something tight at night, as well as my strap to get my left to lower a little more, but that's certainly tolerable.

I'm going to start putting Mederma on the scars just as soon as I can pick some up tomorrow. I'll do before and after pics to see if its really making a difference a few weeks down the line.

I've posted some 5 week pictures (I swear they're looking bigger as the weeks go on!) Maybe it's just wishful thinking though. The 300/325 HP has certainly been perfect for my active lifestyle: running, weights, babies, etc, but when I get dressed in "big girl" clothes I would LOVE to have more to show off ;).
So glad you are happy with your twins. You look marvelous. Give it some time before bra shopping but go try some things on, tops, dresses, bikinis, you will have a ball. I'm 3 mon post op today and so in love with my babies. You will be in awe when you reach this stage. Oh the dressing them up..... Fun, fun,fun. Continued happy healing and look forward to more updates and pics.
Congrats! I think that size is perfect for you and it looks good!
...I will be five weeks PO on Tuesday! I guess we had similar timing :)

6 months p/o

It's been six months since my lift and implants and I couldn't be happier!! There were a few times between the 3rd and 5th month where I was questioning my decision to have the procedure but mainly because I wanted them bigger. It's crazy too how they settle at different rates and in turn, looking lopsided!
Now at 6 months out, they seem to have found their "home." I've done every activity I used to do and feel comfortable, and sleeping on my stomach is an option again :)
This was definitely the best thing I could have done for myself after having children. If you're on the fence- just do it!! You won't regret it!
I live in the area....would you mind telling me which PS you went with. I want to choose the best one with great reviews.....so nervous!
I haven't been on here in awhile! Are you still looking for a doc?

1 yr. Boobie-versary

I had my lift/implant procedure a year ago today and could not be more satisfied! Going through with this life changing surgery has given me the ability to love myself inside and out again. After having two children I felt like I was "renting space" in someone else's body. Now I have my "old boobs" back and feel just as feisty as I did in college! Who says you have to look like a mom to be a mom?! I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you're on the fence, yet have the means to do it and the help during the healing time, JUST DO IT!!! You will NOT regret it!
I should have added my stats in my update: I'm a 32DD in Calvin Klein or 34D in Victoria's Secret ...I'm 5'2" 125lbs. Hope this helps!!
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I researched online and went to two office consultations with a third lined up. I felt so comfortable with the fist doctor that I canceled my third consult and went with my gut instinct. I'm feel 100% comfortable with the surgeon I chose. She was very detail oriented and mentioned things that the second doctor didn't address on. Her before and after pictures were stunning and her staff were warm and welcoming!

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