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To go from a 34c to 34dd using 400 and 450 cc to...

To go from a 34c to 34dd using 400 and 450 cc to even out the girls really hoping I'm going big enough I'm 5'2" 125lbs. I'm concerned about the settling part how settled do they get and if they'll still be uneven afterwards. I also have three dogs all huge boxer pit and Great Dane not sure how caring for them will go I will have a friend coming to take care of me for a week and I'm taking a few days off of work assuming I won't be doing a lot of lifting there is that long enough idk?
Very excited for you. Thanks for sharing!

Three weeks out

Well I had my second pre op ... and decided to go up 50cc I'm so afraid they'll be too small anyone else have that feeling? I'm worried they'll look to torpedo ish too bc the hp I chose idk what to do
Hoping you can find someone to walk your dogs the first week post-op. You wouldn't want an accidental tug on the leash to pull something and ruin your surgery. :)  In fact, here is a list of things you may want to set up for your recovery. Keep us posted!
I went 510cc if you want to check out my pics on my review. I will be added a couple more in my update tonight.

Second pre op

So basically today I went in finished paying for my 6400$ girls and brought in some more wish pictures but the doctor was headed home already... Y have me come in to show pictures if u won't be there? But thankfully his assistant was fantastic and helped my out ... I really want to try the sizers on again bc I'm wondering if I'll b big enough with the 550cc I was something similar to a christy Mack look I know I know pornstar go figure but her breasts r flawlessly perfect and I want them !!

It's officially over

I got my boobies!!! Their amazing the size is exactly what I expected I know it's swelling and the need to d&f but I love them already. We still went with the 550 silicone unders crease incision like I wanted. My surgeon was awesome and the team was even better couldn't have asked for a better nurse!
I had found I ride home just In time but I am home alone until my friend can come down from ny to va hopefully she's be here bye Monday.don't really even need the pain killers they don't make me sick either which is awesome.
I went in the got a urine sample and then hooked up my IV they put the cocktail in and next thing I knew I was being woke up by the nurse and I had boobs... I didn't remember walking to the OR or anything they gave me a black snap front bra and light gauge under heather no band

The right is till smaller looking but I'm sure that will change when healing is farther along
Cant wait to see what they look like! Im going for 550cc as well. But im wondering if itll be big enough. I keep thinking about maybe 600cc... idk. Lol. But u look great so far ((:
I'm really super happy with them I just showered I'll post a good picture to show them off a bit more
Congratulations! How are you doing while you're on your own this weekend? Hope you are doing well!

Seen them

For the first time I took a shower I felt down right nasty so I got a really good look at the girls my hubby says their to big but I'm in love with them already
How are you liking your girls? How are you feeling. What has your recovery been like? :)
I really love mine their getting squishy already when they drop theyll b perfectly what I asked for the most pain ive had was in my back from laying down and the added wieght on my front the pain pills I only take before bed now unless I need them I feel really good
You look great! I just got mine Friday too and today feeling a lot better. They just feel heavy like when milk comes in and my right one has more of a sharp pain and a lil more swollen. They don't hurt at all until I start walking around. How do you feel?

4 days post

They look super awesome! I'm glad you posted about the painkillers; I don't want to take them at all! Those darn things are addictive. Thanks for sharing your experience! :)
For sure!! :) still dizzy today tho. That can go away!!
I had that yesterday but today is sooo much better I felt so good I did some laundry and mopped my floor I'm sure I'll pay for it later but it had to be done

10 days post

So I had my 10 day post op ... Was hoping maybe to get stitches and tape off but doc said no it's unsafe to remove so early says it's a reason for bottoming out and says coobie bras are very unreliable as a post op bra in you first month of healing bc they don't provide support he called it a BA nightmare bra basically sooooo I'm sticking with my post op bra they supplied me until I can get to the mall I'd hate to see my boobs be a waste of money I'm totally off my pain meds sleeping on my side and even a little on my belly not too much bc it feels so weird haha . Took the dogs for a walk yesterday and had no pain during or after I'm so happy with them I have zero regrets best decision I've made !!! :)
I don't know if this is okay to ask but how did you afford to pay for your breast augmentation? I tried going through Care Credit, but I am too young and don't have any credit to my name. I am having the worst time finding a way to pay for mine, I have tried My Free Implants.com but my fiance was furious about that idea, and now I am trying GoFundMe.com but it's been 5 days and not one of my friends or followers on my blog have donate? any ideas or tips?
Hiya, I have two crazy rhodesian ridgebacks (together with two young kids ) so am really interested to hear how you coped with your fur babies post op? When could you walk them again? Did you have them home or put in kennels for a week or so? I usually walk mine for an hour twice a day and they still run and jump about in the house, so am worried about getting a paw in the boob!! I will prob need a lift too x
Glad you're okay from the fall. It's good for other women to know that you can feel dizzy and lightheaded a few days post op. The first shower seems to be a common place/time to feel this. Hoping the laxatives kicked in last week...good grief!

I can't believe you have 37 bras to get rid of. That's a lot of bras! I can only imagine you're going to go crazy bra shopping. But do wait for a while to shop as you'll change shape over the next few months and that will affect the way your bra fits you. You are looking great and I can see you're starting to drop and fluff. 
Dr. Rosenblum

Very nice and honest about what I should expect

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