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I want to be proportionate and be able to wear a...

I want to be proportionate and be able to wear a dress that fits my top and hips. I am presently an A cup. He uses an endoscopic approach and assured me that my down time would be 2 days! I called him on it but he insists that his method, coupled with technology is tried and true. He encourages movement because he stated that the more active you are the quicker you will heal. I initially wanted silicone gel but after my consult I learned that with a history of breast cancer in my maternal line saline would be the best choice due to mamograms. Further more, if gel leaks the breast will get hard to protect the body from the foreign substance, where with saline it would just have to be refilled and the saline will expel from the body naturally. Annnd you will not know that the gel is leaking without a reaction, hardening, or MRI. My health is first. I am curious to know how the difference feels with gel and silicone after it is placed under muscle, breast tissue and skin. I want to feel natural without the expense of my health. You thoughts?

My girlfriend got saline and I got silicone. There is a difference between the feel. But my understanding is that the thicker your natural breast tissue and skin are the better it masks the difference. For thinner tissue and skin it def makes a difference to have silicone to feel more natural. Each have pros and cons but in my opinion the silicone feel much more natural. But you are right to consider health and family risk concerns.
Well I that is something to consider! I definitely desire a more natural feel. I don't have a lot of skin either. Are they sub muscular? Are the saline firmer or tough? I need to find some test subjects. Sheesh...I want it all.
Both of us have submuscular. I wouldn't say hers are tough it's just a different feeling. Were you able to play with the different implants in the office? If not, I def would. It gives you a good perspective of what the same size feels like in each. Also saline that is overfilled feels different. I read a lot about which to choose and one of the things I def read was about the thickness of the current tissue and skin. You can see what I had before. My PS recommended silicone. Another friend has saline not under but she had big breasts just wanted them full and hers don't feel bad either. I think regardless of the type they feel different than natural, but silicone is closer to natural than saline but comes with extra care, monitoring an risks. It's def a personal trade off.

After reading the BBL reviews I am very interested...

After reading the BBL reviews I am very interested...I submitted a consult for Dr. S. After I get my BA this winter I will schedule my BBL (allegedly). Just worried that if the date is too far out I may chicken out!
What is BBL?
Brazillian Butt Lift or Augmentation; a fat transfer from other areas to enhance the derriere.

I found Dr. Hedden and he had great reviews. What...

I found Dr. Hedden and he had great reviews. What I admired most was his responses to negative reviews and how he tried to accomodate these patients. I feel confident that he will stand behind his artistry. His team is down to earth and helpful. Heather is awesome and personable. I am scared but excited all at once. My date is less than a month and I am trying to get prepared. Any advice would be great.
Hey, I am coming from out of state also for a BA and have the same concerns. My surgery date is the 24th. I had endometerial cancer and that places me at risk for BC. But they said I could still get silicone and would need MRIs anywayd every 3 years. I have felt the difference and its over time that the saline feel more firm. My friend said hers was great at first but after 4 years she switched. Not to mention the silicone is 800 more. I have also noticed the saline give you a upper polar effect more so then silicone but thats the unnatural part of the saline but I kind of like that lol

I will keep you posted then. My aunt has silicone and hers feel natural. I went to a insult with a ps and he stated that could not tell the difference. I suppose that is determined by elasticity and weight. Best of luck to you. I am not familiar with "upper polar effect". What does that mean? All I know is that I cannot wait to try on clothes. It's like they will be revitalized! My breast are not proportionate with my hips so I am uber excited and grateful.

My aunt has saline and her breasts feel great! I believe that has to deal with elasticity. I asked a ps the difference and he stated that it depended on the individual. I wish you the best with your ba. I will keep you posted about my experiences.

I have 24 days until my BA and I'm not really...

I have 24 days until my BA and I'm not really grasping what's about to happen. I'm excited and anxious at the same time. Mostly excited. I have ordered sports bras from, I was referred to purchase under armor or champion. Enell is for endowed women. I really picked it because of the color, smh. I need a comfy button down for the day of surgery and the next. I've packed but purchased some VS comfort wear which is taking forever to arrive but may not even use them. I will probably use my hubby's shirt since he's deployed. I start my salt and sugar free lifestyle next week. Allegedly, the healing process is less strenuous if these condiments are eliminated from the diet. Of course the norm is eliminated...supplements and NSAIDs. I am looking forward to trying on clothes that I already own (fashion show)! I look forward to sporting an outfit proportionately filled at the top and the bottom. I've waited years for this. Thankfully my aunt/bestie will travel with me so she will be there to attend to all my (dramatic) needs. If you are going with Dr. Hedden I recommend the Wingate by Wyndym, they assure that your stay is quiet and restful by providing extra pillows, blankets, quiet areas of the hotel and are even flexible with checkin and check out times to accommodate Dr Hedden's patients. Heather is great, we had some communication failures but she eliminated that by providing her cell number to text with any questions or concerns that may arise. I cannot wait.
How do I rotate my pics and change my ps?
I am on this website via laptop, cell phone, ipod...I am very interested in any information that anyone can offer...21 days out and I am anxious to know about anything I may need since I am traveling out of state for my BA. I have read mostly all the recent posts to view healing pics and to learn anything I may have missed. I have noticed that some people have a lot of pain and others have mild. I need to find the common denominator. I have really bad cramps so I know that I will need strong meds. Anything besides Vicodin, not a fan. Makes me super nauseous. Today my sports bras came but I think they may be too small. They fit my back but the cup area is soggy, hilarious. I cannot wait to fill them out! Are the bras supposed to fit snug or what? I think I will purchase another one just in case.

I'm down to 18 days. I'm so elated, scared,...

I'm down to 18 days. I'm so elated, scared, nervous...what if I don't like them. I'm getting cold feet. But can't see myself backing out now. I'm recently learned that if you add another procedure you'll save some cash. Was thinking about a little maintenance in the abdominal are. Like a one hitter quitter, since I'm already out! Has anyone ever had multi procedures at the same time? I just don't want to gain weight during my six week hiatus.

I am concerned about weight gain after surgery. I...

I am concerned about weight gain after surgery. I used to teach a class part time and run faithfully but when my husband was ready to deploy I resigned because I'd have too much to manage alone (and of course that quality time). How long after BA were you all working out? I was thinking spinning is great cardio with out the bounce. I need to know what to do to maintain. Your thoughts?
Hey I just back from Dr. Heddens 3 day stay last night ( I'm in NY). I will tell you the candle wood suites is the way to go. They are closer then the wingate and have a kitchen and a Recliner. That recliner saved me. It's hurts too much to sleep flat and having your own kitchen to put drinks and even a microwave to heat up some popcorn
That's great, glad you made it home safely. How are you managing?
Not bad at all. Just need to take it easy. Navigating through the airport the next day and taking care of kids today has wiped me on my butt. But it's so worth it. I can't stop looking at my new beautiful breasts. Let me know how journey goes

So I'm ten days away and I'm having a myriad of...

So I'm ten days away and I'm having a myriad of emotions. Excitement. Anxiousness. Fear. Wonder. Paranoia. Second guessing myself. Mostly Excitement. I've never had surgery for anything. I've wanted this for years!!!! Now that it's real I'm thinking 'what the hell are you thinking chick'. Am I ready for this? I can't focus. I am consumed with what if's, on the other hand I'm imagining that I'm gonna be hot as the dickens! Ha!
I am feeling the same way... 9 days out for me! I have had surgery before though, and I keep telling myself that this will be a walk in the park compared to having a chest tube in my side for 8 days! LOL. I think it's helped me to keep going over my checklist of what I need to do before the big day, that's been keeping my mind busy at least. I'll keep you posted of my experience with Dr. H when I'm "on the other side"... he was awesome during my consult and answered every single question I had. I also called their office today to ask a question about what supplements I can continue taking and they were very helpful as well. Best of luck and safe travels!
Thanks so much! It's great to know that he is empathetic and open to answering any questions. I need to make a check list because I don't have one.
Look at my results. I had no bruising or bleeding. Are you getting silicone?

Soooo ladies I'm only hours away from Operation...

Soooo ladies I'm only hours away from Operation Two Cups! I am very relaxed which is awkward since I'm so dramatic. I have a curvy frame, I'm 5'2" 142lbs. I have a pear shape for now.

After talking with Dr Hedden yesterday I was reassured that I am making the right decision. He is very personable and humble. I didn't have that experience the first few consulta which is why it's taken so long.

I am officially headed to the other side...

Now I'm having butterflies



I'm resting yet awake, going to sleep shortly. I...

I'm resting yet awake, going to sleep shortly. I am staying hydrated and am struggling stay seated. I like to move around. However, I am heeding the advice of my experienced RealSelf sisters. I feel great. Except that my L breast has a burning sensation. OUCH! Anyone experienced this?

We shall see what tomorrow holds...

I chose 400cc saline sub pectoral. Think I love them cannot wait till they drop. They aren't too big; they're just the right size for me. My post op appointment is at 8am. Then I'm back on a flight home.

l love Dr. Hedden and his staff. They are fun, down to earth, and compassionate to patient needs. He is highly recommended for that southern hospitality. He is in and out..but his craftwork is great and he's sure to get all your questions and concerns answered.
I hope everything went well! Get some rest & take it easy!
It did thank you so much, SuzieQ.
Prayers for you!

Day 2: Meds are your friend, don't shy away from...

Day 2: Meds are your friend, don't shy away from them and seriously relax. Your body has incurred a trauma let it heal itself. I am hard headed and want to do things because I am (allegedly) feeling okay. BIG NO NO! I woke up around 3 am in serious discomfort. There was pressure on my chest and that burning sensation, which is normal. Dr Hedden says that there may be feelings of being stabbed. I'm dreading that being that I've never been stabbed before. Wtf! Danger!

Day 3: Woke up feeling minimal discomfort. About to take pain meds to maintain this feeling. My mom bought a husband (pillow) that is my new best friend. I started icing yesterday but that was cold as hell so it didn't last long. I will do it in few cause it has to be done. I need to purchase some bras with lateral support to train these girls to stand in the right position. No side boob for me, thanks much!

Overall, I feel really good and if you are concerned about pain there isn't any, only discomfort because your mobility is limited. The valium really helps with this. I'm used to being independent so needing help to get pajamas from the top shell in my closet is annoying.

Can't stay out of the mirror... Should have went...

Can't stay out of the mirror... Should have went to 450 cc, hopefully they'll drop and have the fullness I want. Hmph

When I iced mine, I used frozen peas & wore a really thin t shirt so they weren't directly on my skin. Then I would put a hoodie on & zip it bc I was chilly & I could usually nap a little bit with them on like that the first couple of days. That might help! Glad you're feeling good!
Thanks. I'm on ice. This works great... Back to sleep I go!

Thanks so much to all the ladies that shared their...

Thanks so much to all the ladies that shared their experience, offered advice and insight while I was on this journey. This was a great experience. I am looking forward to filling out my clothes and (moderately) flaunting my final result!

One week post... My life changed! I'm walking a...

One week post... My life changed! I'm walking a bit more confident and I'm very comfortable with my new breasts! They're still swollen and I have a rash. Probably the meds. I'm back at work and have back pain. Tylenol does not help me at all, I have severe cramps so those are comparable to sweet tarts. I need real live meds. I am down to 4 loratabs so I am rationing those out. A good nights rest is very important to me. I notice I get winded if I talk a lot. I had a presentation today and noticed that. My nipples are super sensitive and sore. The swelling is going down but I had to go in the bathroom today and let the girls take a breather. I do this twice a day. When I get home as well. I only 100% comfortable when I'm home. If I'm out my comfort level is shortlived. So no heavy duty shopping for me. Not yet anyway.

I am concerned... My front view, I totally love but the side I pray will drop into the pocket perhaps it's the swelling that makes my nipples look low. Not winning!
I think we all go through boob greed! For me I so easily am able to handle these 457 ccs that I wish I went to 500! ;P
I did listen my original size was going to be 350, glad I chose 400 but should have gone 450. Maybe next time
My PS originally said 425 ccs and I went with 457's. I wish I went bigger but he acted like 500 ccs was unheard of LOL! (I wish I found this forum before my surgery). I know everyone says to go bigger and I thought 25 ccs was bigger enough but I think I was wrong. Who knows - maybe my PS knows what he is doing and if I had gone bigger they would have sagged more. (I had a lot of extra skin.) For now, I'm happy and am not going to make any decisions for a full year. Plus I don't want to spend the money again for quite some time or have several weeks where I'm not my usual self (mentally). xoxo

My nipples are evil! My sports bras are not kind...

My nipples are evil! My sports bras are not kind either. I put lotion and cotton rounds to sooth the sensation, no dice. Other than that I do fill the "stabbing" sensation that Dr. H informed me of. I sent him my one week post op photos and he assured me that I was healing properly! Gold star for breast health home care...but due to lack of support I am still uncomfortable. My husband is deployed so I have no help presently during the week. And I'm back to work, the doors are heavy so i asked for an extension on my scripts since Tylenol is not sufficient. He kindly obliged!

I am looking forward to wearing a regular bra this weekend. My weekend will be spent celebrating my 3rd anniversary with my bestie! Shopping bags shipped to the doorstep.

Did I mention that I'm getting sized this weekend so I'll learn my true size, hoping for a small D.

Fingers Crossed!!!!
Glad you are doing well!  :)
Thanks so much!

Week Two Post Op: My recovery has been better than...

Week Two Post Op: My recovery has been better than I anticipated! This I am very grateful for. My nipple woes have subsided and no one has really noticed the change unless they were in my work circle. But I did change my hairstyle to detract attention away from my that's what everyone focused on! I am glad I went with my gut and had this surgery. It has changed a lot about me internally. I never suffered with self esteem issues but I feel renewed! Also, I'd like to thank the very supportive ladies in the community who keep it 111% about their journey's. This is a site that provides well rounded views of each persons experience but yours may be different, keep that in mind if you are considering a BA.

Today, I'm going to get sized and purchase my first bra! I'm eager to find out my true size because im in an XL Under Armour sports bra. I'm celebrating my anniversary with my "wife" ( best friend). Looking forward to debuting the "girls" tonight! Tune in later for updated pics
You look great!!! Congrats!
Congrats! I'm glad you're happy with them! We all deserve it :)

I got sized on Friday, weighing in at 36D but I'm...

I got sized on Friday, weighing in at 36D but I'm getting a second opinion. They are dropping as well, the left more progressively than the right. I can still fit an xl Under Armour sports bra. But it is loose around my arms. I have a large so I plan to try that on to increase lateral support.

I celebrated my anniversary this weekend and looked super hot! It felt so great to fill out my clothes. I was so comfortable, confident and carefree. No worries about my bra shifting, dropping down, showing... Just 100% enjoyment!
Wondering how you like your results 3 months post op? Im going 475cc's saline moderate plus and think my pre boobies are very similar to yours Im a bit heavier then you and taller so I think my results will be very close to yours. So excited!!!
Looking good thanks for sharing your story I have 2 more days super excited and nervous at the same time :)

Back on the scene

It's been over a year since I went to Dr. Hedden. I must admit it was the best decision that I've made and I am still in love with my girls. Although, I will admit that I should have went 450 or 475 instead of 400 but nonetheless very pleased. From time to time I do experience chest pains, but had them prior to my BA...stress I guess. And when I eat ice cream and become super cold, I have spasms. Ha! Im greedy.

My only gripe aside from this is that life has taken over and I have gain like 7lbs since last year and am too busy to work if off. It doesn't look bad mainly because I have the boobs to balance me out. I do work out minimally but nothing has changed (because I love to eat). Victoria's Secret has the best maximum support sports bras that eliminate bounce so I am able to run and feel comfortable.

I will try and post my year plus pics.


I went to get sized and was given a measurement of 36C. This was not the right fit, I had a lot of space in the cup area. I suppose the associate was a bit inexperienced.

I'm in a 34DD and loving it!!!
Thank you so much for updating after a year that's more rare....thank you. So my first question is how do they feel? Can your hubby feel them or say he has felt the implant? Do you have ripppling? Are they natural or do you want SILICONE now?
You are welcome. I would have liked to post more frequently but that didn't happen...Anywho, they feel amazing. Since they are under the muscle your natural breast tissue is what is felt most the implant adds volume. I'm always touching them just to gauge how they feel. Along my incision I can feel them but its not anything that's noticeable, like I said I am always touching them. I'm an advocate for knowing my body. My husband, who was initially against them loooovvvveessss them. He said that he hasn't noticed a difference; perhaps due to the natural breast tissue on top. I do not have rippling and have gotten several compliments from two other doctors who asked to see them when they noticed that on my paperwork (weird, but okay). No I wanted saline, still would not trade them. My decision was heavily based on the fact that breast cancer runs in my family and if that should occur with me it would be easier to detect. I also chose saline because for some reason one burst it would expel through my body. I consulted with other doctors who stated that they couldn't tell the difference during follow ups. My aunt has silicone but there is no difference. I think this also depends on the amount of tissue you already have. Not sure which doctor you are considering but Dr. Hedden in Birmingham is the best. I followed the directions to the letter and had the best experience. He is very hands on, personable and the staff was amazing. All the best to you!
Ok thats good to hear...and I was considering this doc last year but I would have to travel a long ways so I dunno but overall I'm glad u happy n I think after viewing your posts I will go with saline too

1+ Year Pics

A few one+ year pictures of my results. I chose moderate profile, 400cc AND LOVE that they look natural. Although I could have went bigger, I initially wanted 350cc and got 400cc, should have went 450cc.

Sincerely, Never Satisfied

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