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Ok...so my journey begins. I thought long about...

Ok...so my journey begins. I thought long about sharing here but everyone here is so supportive that I figured why not. So I have been on three consultations and all had similarities and a few differences. All of them suggested a tummy tuck. Well after helping two friends recover from that I wanted no part of that. I will deal with the saggy skin. I am not a small girl. I'm 5'7, 187 pounds. I expect to have some loose skin. My areas of concerns are my back, abdomen, hips, inner thighs and presacral area. My butt is so funny shaped that the surgeon suggested the brazil butt lift to contour my figure and make me more proportionate. Out of the three, one didn't do the the procedure, he only did lipo. but he did smart lipo and the laser " less pain" aspect was appealing BUT it was more than what group #1 charged for the BBL. The second group was also more BUT the surgeon was FANTASTIC! the only problem was he was an hour away and with follow-ups I didn't want to be that far so I went with group #1. I wasn't dissatisfied. They didn't do as much hand holding but both friends had procedures there and they turned out great and they are board certified so I am ok with my decision. My problem is after looking at DOZENS of pictures I don't want to have unrealistic expectations. But I'm just starting so stay tuned..


@seattleprincess Ok so what is Arnica gel and where do I get it? I have all the vitamins and laxatives and have I just filled the prescriptions for my pain meds ( they start with "D" I don't have them with me but they are pure narcotic) I also got the prescription for the sleep med. I go get the compression garmet today.
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I got mine done a week a ago my best advise would be star taking vitamin C , the day before do all your shopping, foods wipes, laxatives and all that stuff, PLEASE don't forget to get the ARNICA GEL and the BROMELAIN is a enzyme extracted from pineapple, because the first day is just perfect you are in wonderland......... the second day you need your doctor to give the strong medication not ( hydrocodone , it's too weak) Believe me if you don't have the right one it's going to hurt! my Dr. was nice gave me the good one and I felt barely not pain , 3rd day get ready for the swelling it's soooo awful specially if you don't have the right garment , then Arnica is needed and a lot of water , your butt will not hurt at all only where they got the fat from. I never stayed in bed all day long I was always walking around the house. I had some pictures posted but my sweet honestly I pay too much money to give them away for free anyways my Dr. office is not thankful that I want to do my nose there and give me a better price. I wish you good luck and and I promise it doesn't hurt at all
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What surgeon did you choose? I live in Virginia beach and I haven't been able to find a good surgeons close by
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Pre-Op appointment

OK, so I had my pre-op..First let me say..What is up with the panties they give you to take the pics in?? Those things barely covered me.LOL. But my nurse was AWESOME. I know my questions were crazy but she answered them. Also, DOC spent a lot more time with me and we discussed my "wish" pic. He pointed out a lot of things I missed. Especially the fact that the girls waist wasn't showing in the before pic but was clear in the after. I chose that pic because her shape was similiar to mine and she had that fat part at the top of her butt like me. He discussed lipo that out and actually adding more fat to my hips and sides of my butt to make it less " boxy" which is exactly what I want, not the "big bubble" look. We also discussed the saggy skin on my tummy. he was very honest and after having a baby I know I wont have the same results as I would if I were to have a tummy tuck but I just want it flatter and to look good in my clothes so I feel that my expectations are realistic. So now all I do is wait...and read more post..

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OMG, I can't believe it less than A week to my procedure - so I've gotten the arnica, silicone tape, and garment. What am I missing


hey girly. so u know ivenever been under so the anesthia was horrible waking up to even tho they gave me the phengren in my iv....he said he lipoed the max and injected 800 cc in each cheek. that was fine cause o didn't want. w bidonkadonk. just shapely and i love my butt but my stomach and back. not so much. i keep telling myself that im swollen and to give it time :( i want results now dammit lol. imwearing my board and gotta tighter garment. but i am happy about the butt simce that wasnt their area of experience. posting pics now
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Hey Chic!!! Just checking in on you. Hope all is well and you're feeling OK. Happy Healing : )
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here goes. let me know. im still hella swollen

first few post op days. ..hells swollen amd a little disappointed


Why the disappointment??? Don't get down about results if that's the problem. You're just days out, still swollen and won't see the final results for weeks. Be sure to follow the massage instructions because its my understanding that they really really help with the swelling an releasing of the trapped fluids. Look up!!!!
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needs encouragement

ok i am sad and depressed it seems myresults we best right after surgery now its going down hill


U need a tummy tuck bc u have loose/hangin skin. That will give u optimate results. Im surprised ur doc didnt tell u
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he did but i didn't want to get cut
Damn but i mean in order to get those results that u r hopin/lookin for u need to have a tt. Is not that bad if the doctor does nice tts u scar thin n nicely some gals even get a tAttoo.. If u go for another round it will be a waste of $$ if u dont get a Tt. Nothing but a TT can fix loose/hangin skin. The excess skin has to be removed. I recommend u Dra Cardenas her incisions are very thin and low in the vagina


ok i know ive been down but i had abreakthrough today. i tried on a swimsuit and my daughter said wow. all i needed to hear. only two weeks post but its coming together


I think u look great
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thank u it feels good to havesupportive responses
And your daughter is right!! You're looking good to be such a short time post op. Are you getting massages? And wearing that devilish garment, LOL?
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my view from the back

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Feeling Good

this healing thing is certainly as much psychological as it is physical. ive had a few drawbacks. one of my lipo sites i thought was infected and the the numbness in my back makes it hard to sleep and with 90 degreeweather this compression garment ismiserable some days BUT i am finally really seeing some results. DR. Alspaugh did everything he said he would and was very up front. i knew my stomach wasnt going to b board flat because i didn't want a TT but he took a good deal from it and he handled my back boobs great. i really like the way he shaped my waist and butt even though i was it was a little fuller. can't really tell this early on the inner thighs since thats one of the longest places to yield results and its still early. Overall I'd say I'm coming around. i would definitely recommen.d Dr. Alspaugh if your in the Va. Beach area. I wore jeans to work for the first time today. pics posted


Keep up the good work Ma..... Looking good
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5 weeks


Anyone find a satisfying dr. in Virginia??
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I had Dr. Alspaugh as well, and he was wonderful!!! Aftercare was second to none!!! I just had my 6 months checkup
hey...im going to look into him...do you have a current pic of you?..i really need someone who can visualize the small waist bit butt and hips...not to many can..
John Alspaugh

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