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Tummy Tuck (Extended) and Breastlift W/Augmentation

I had gastric bypass surgery four years ago. I...

I had gastric bypass surgery four years ago. I lost over 100 lbs. Uncomfortable with the extra skin and the droopy breasts, I am scheduled for a Breastlift with augmentation on Monday, 23 August. I will then have my (extended) tummy tuck the following Thursday, 26 August.

My doctor does not do both procedures at the same time. He is concerned with the length of both surgeries and prefers to do them separately. I had my pre-op appointment last week. That appointment lasted two hours in which Dr. H and one of his assistants went over every detail about both surgeries. We discussed at length the size of the implants and concluded on approx 280cc's. I used to fill a D cup when I was heavy and would like to have the same size, but up where they are suppose to be! Therefore he understands that I want them lifted and larger than they are now. They took about 15 'before' pictures. I can't wait to see the 'after' pictures. Everyone in his office has been very caring and attentive. I am feeling pretty confident and comfortable with all of them so far.

I will update with some "before" pics the weekend after the surgery when I hope I will feel up to getting on line and updating all of you who are interested. In the meantime, please feel free to comment and share some of your experiences that might be helpful to me during my recovery.

One small concern I have is that I have read many diaries and seen many pictures and watched many videos and I have not come across anyone yet that did not wear compression garments. My doctor does not require them. I am not sure what the pros and cons are regarding the garment. Please share if you wish.

Ooh sweetie sounds like your going through alot I'm still healing but it does get better I'm 5 weeks PO but I Remember what your going through hang in there n just keep thinking new year new body take care
I want to post some pics, but don't know how. Do I put them under the profile pic? I have b4 and after pics.
11 & 13 day post-op Update!! It has been a rough two weeks, especially after the tummy tuck on the 26th of Aug. The breast lift and augmemtation was not as painful as the tummy tuck. Breast surgery lasted about 4 hrs. Lift and implants; some lipo was performed under the arm pits towards the back to removed that fatty roll that forms back there. I was in recovery for about two hours and home early afternoon. Implants felt like a pair of bricks for over a week, but I am happy with the outcome so far. My breasts were wrapped up in an ace band for several days and then I went straight into a wireless support bra to hold them up. They seemed to be dropping too fast and my main interest is to keep the fullness up top. I do the breast excercises three times a day, pushing them up and into the pocket created for the implants at the top of the breast. Tape over the scars was removed after one week and replaced with brown/tan color tape that can be replaced every five days. The tummy tuck was a whole different 'monster' to deal with. The pain was pretty serious. Surgery lasted about 4 hours, 7 lbs of skin and some fat was removed. Lipo suction on the sides and top center of the chest area. My pain meds which were to be taken every four hours (as needed) was running out after 1.5 hrs, I would tough it out for another hour and take the meds again. We changed from pills to liquid and it helped control the pain much longer, almost into the four hour mark. I find that liquid is absorbed better by my system due to the gastric bypass. The two drains were removed after 10 days and that was a very weird feeling, not painful, just strange. There is still a lot of swelling from the tummy tuck and that will take time to go down, so I'm still hopefull that it will look much better than it does not. No compression garment was worn at all and I was fine with that after all. I have a follow up this coming Wednesday to remove the tape from the scar. I've had a bit of seapage/bleeding from the center part, I think due to some coughing I've been having that is driving me nuts! I have been sleeping on a recliner since the tummy tuck. I tried the bed for a few minutes the other night but I have to use my stomach muscles too much to get in and out, so I'm still in the recliner, maybe for a few more days.
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After going to four different plastic surgeons for consultations, Dr. H made me feel the most comfortable and his attention to detail and concern for my health was a plus. I will write more and update on him once I actually have the procedures.

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