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After breast feeding three children, I decided to...

After breast feeding three children, I decided to have a breast lift last May. I am very happy with my results but now I am facing a small revision in two weeks and trying to decide whether or not to put a small implant in there to increase the upper pole fullness. My PS will be fixing the right breast as it is larger than the left and also will be fixing the inner bottom portion of both breasts as I feel like there was too much skin left there. I do not want to have more projection or be a larger cup size and don't want to have the "implant" look. Should I use low profile implant and will it enhance the lift to make it last longer?


I had my uplift with augmentation on 17th Jan and prior to op had agonized over whether to have implants - I had been wearing a 36b bra but didn't' t really fill them, I felt like my boobs were just loose skin with no stuffing and was totally flat on the upper pole. I had a very small 250cc silicone implant and am on my way to being a full 36b or c cup! I am beyond thrilled with them, they are round and firm and full and I'm so glad I got the implant. I understand there is less risk of complications with smaller implants too, and I am hoping as I have not gone too big they won't sag again too soon! Good luck and hope whatever you decide you are thrilled with your decision. Best wishes G x
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I would say you look absolutely fab as you are with decent size boobies...im looking to have my implants removed in 3 weeks with a lift and go back to tiny boobs...implants are not all they are cracked up to me...life time commitment..id of never had em if i could go back but thats me. xxx
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I second this!

Thanks all for your responses. I saw my PS last...

Thanks all for your responses. I saw my PS last week and he and I both decided to place a 150 saline implant underneath my muscle. Because I don't want to any larger with the implant he agreed to take more tissue out. This way I will be a little smaller but fuller in the upper portion. I am excited! I feel like with just the lift from last year, my breasts are lifted but very flat up top. I am very positive about my decision. I will post some pics after my procedure.


Hi there! How did it all go! Do you have some updated pics you could share with us?
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Please think carefully about havinh tissue removed...you can never put it back..and there is always the chance implants might not go well in your body and then xyears down the line you need them out..something to think over. Good luck whatever...id kill for boobies like yours...as they are now.xx
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Thanks for your comment. With any lift there is always a chance for a revision. Before I decided on a small saline implant, only for upper fullness which I do not have, I needed to have the extra tissue removed. There is extra bulging on both breasts on the inside. Even with the lift, over the past year, the tissue has bottomed out. Over time this will become worse. I looked at your pics and I agree with you on needing them removed. You should prob wait until after having more children. After that I think you will love the lift. Thanks for the comment but my pic doesn't really do justice. I will post another one not from the iPad.
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