After 10yrs I Am Finally Getting my Stomach Back - Vineland, NJ

Less than 3 weeks to go, getting nervous but still...

Less than 3 weeks to go, getting nervous but still way more excited! 125lbs 3 kids, 10, 6 & 2. Been "tucking" my stomach in jeans since I gave birth to my son in the 10th grade. Yes I made some mistakes, but I paid for them, more importantly I learned from them!

Married and two more babies later, my stomach is distroyed. More than ready to do something that's for me. Hubby was not on board at first, but I didn't have to do much convicting. I just stated the facts, facts he couldn't deny and eventually got his full support. I go to the gym 3 to 4 days a week and nothing will help the saggy skin!

I did all the necessary blood work this week so...

I did all the necessary blood work this week so the last step with my PS is out of the way. I do still have to go for an Echo and stress test over the next week. (Which I think is complete b/s and my PCP is being way to over cautious) She is older and doesn't believe in "unnecessary surgeries" so after mentioning it to her through conversation at my last check up she gasp and said she wanted to do some test, lol. I will humor her and oblige.

Has anyone heard of Arnica Montana? My PS has me taking it, just wondering if anyone else has ever been suggested it.
Hi Heather NJ, I also live in South NJ, Jersey Girls are the best ;) I took Arnica 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after, It does help with swelling and bruising if you are having any lipo. I am 8 weeks post op today and it has been truly life changing in so many ways!!! Check out my pics and you'll see why lol Good Luck to you!

Here is a link to some information on  Arnica Montana

You should be glad that this lady at least is being cautious and did a complete check up before surgery which is a big one and it can't be taken lightly, I took Arnica montana (sinEcch) capsules but not because my PS asked me too, he knew about it and gave me the ok to take them ( even if he didn't I would have taken them anyways) it helps with swelling and mostly bruising which I can tell you that when i had my tt with lipo I looked like I was beat up really bad and in about 3 days later after the surgery my bruises were almost gone, so take it, I also took Bromelain with Quercetin caps (pineapple based) also for swelling and bruising and it worked as well...Good luck with your surgery and remember to rest a lot...:)

2 Week mark!! Feel like I literally waited a...

2 Week mark!! Feel like I literally waited a lifetime and here it is 2 weeks away! Heart doctor for my echo today at 10.
Good luck, you will do great!
I also do not need any lipo and he did tell me that it mostly helps if you have that. But it can't hurt me and he recommends it to all his TT patients so I figured wth :) They taste great at least!
Good Luck Hon!!! You will look great! Some people swear by the arnica - my doc didn't really believe and since I didn't have lipo he said it was really a waste for me. Who knows - they're all so different! I just trust my Doc! =)

A little upset by the fact that my normally...

A little upset by the fact that my normally extremely helpful family is kinda shying away from me right now. If this surgery was required like my tubal or ablation they'd be right there to help with the kids. Because this is "elective" to them their leaving me on my own to deal with the kid's babysitting arrangements. Mind you I scheduled my surgery for the week my (retired) inlaws were supposed to be in Maine with my yougest son & neices. Their vacation was canceled and they litterslly decided to just take the girls on day trips so I'm not crazy. The kids have never ever been watched by anyone than the family members I am referring to. My daughter (2) will freak if I leave her with someone she is not comfortable with while I heal. This is going to be a disaster and I'm going to take forever to heal with the little rest I am going to get :( I'm supposed to be getting excited... Not having 2nd thoughts :(

Geez I am sorry you are having to deal with this now.  Try to talk to the family and explain how important this is to you.  Also explain how you really need the help in order to heal properly.  

I know you can do this!   When you are recovering and do have the kids with you just go slow.  You can alter your schedule a bit.  You are not going to be able to do everything so just listen to your body and do what you can.  Let the housework go because you can catch up on all of that later.  Nobody will die if the house is a mess for a while.  Kids are also good at rolling with the changes.  As long as you are in the house with them they will be fine.  

Hang in there.

I think you need to have a heart to heart with your family. At first my parents were not on board but I explained the situation and helped them understand why I wanted to do this. They ended up flying out to help us with the kids for 2 weeks. If not I would bring the babysitter you ate going to have over a couple times before your surgery. Sorry your having to deal with this!

I took the advice I was given and talked to my...

I took the advice I was given and talked to my family. Things have come full circle and I am worrying a little less about my recovery. My in-laws told me Saturday that they were going to keep my son all week as originally planned. And my sister has volunteered to come to my house and stay with me to help with the baby.

Hello Everyone,
I want to say at this point I really regret it JUST because I am in so much pain at this time. I had my TT and Lipo Aug, 17,2012. My daughter tells me everthing will be ok I am just a big Sissy. I have to say my husband did not want me to do it, but I told him to support either way cause its something I wanted for the past 5 years.
Just want to say that my 15 year old son has been such a great help, along with my husband sat by my side all day Sunday and my 19 year old daughter and my mother have been an awesome help to me today.
I am someone who can not see things like this. This morning I fainted when I saw my wounds. My daughter found me on my knees with no strength.Seriously, Do not be alone for the first weeks.
I pray that the out come of this surgery is well worth it. I am hosting a baby shower Sept. 1, 2012 for my first grandbaby. I pray I am doing well by then.

Good Luck to everyone.
Hi Sissy!! is OK to feel like that, you regret it just for the fact that you are in pain,uncomfotable, useless and so on, depression will set in but it will get better, I might sound like a broken record but BELIEVE me!! it will get better,with this surgery you need to take it day by day, where today is better than yesterday and so on, what you need now is to rest as much as you can and don't start doing house chores if you feel a bit better that is a trick your body will do on you and then you will really regret it because you will end up with lots of pain...take your pain meds as prescribed even if you are not in pain because if you try to be brave then when the real pain comes it will be hard to bring it down......hang in there and please no more regrets you already done it!!!
Thanks Pocahontas12,
Your words mean a lot to me. I didn't know it was this bad or I would have waited till after the baby shower. I will take care of myself. Just cause I want to be healthy for a long time. Thanks again for your words.
Sissy Mom

Surgery Day Moved up 2 days! I am now only 6 days...

Surgery Day Moved up 2 days! I am now only 6 days away from my new flat tummy! I have been waiting so long I can't even wrap my head around it yet, I have soo much still left to do and now that I lost two more days I am really feeling the crunch!. I want to have enough dinner pre made to cover at least the entire 1st week. I think that will be really helpful for my hubby. So exicted! :)
SWELLING can last up to 18 months but usually is alot better at 3 months post op. I will be 3 weeks post op Tuesday I've been reading alot as I sit here recovering and yes sex should be slow and gentle should wait 6 weeks
Just moved bed out if living room and will start sleeping upstairs again tonight! I've been in my living room for almost. 3 weeks now!. I am so ready to sweat in the sauna at my gym! I usually workout hard everyday but I will start off slow starting with light swimming and the sauna hopefully. 4 WEEKS post op nothing hard then moderate exercise at6 to 8 weeks then back to heavy exercise by 6 months
Can anyone tell me how long before I will notice a flat tummy?
How long do I wear the girdle for?
Is it normal to feel tightness all around my tummy?

Last night going to bed with my sagging belly...

Last night going to bed with my sagging belly skin!! So excited :) 12 hours and I will be getting prepped for surgery!!
Day 19 post op here can cough a little deeper! Did some light housework and laundry
One more day!!!! yay

I did it!!! Surgery went as planned, don't feel...

I did it!!! Surgery went as planned, don't feel that bad. (no pain pump) Taking my meds as scheduled. I can't wait to see results tomorrow when I get a shower.
Hi!!! We did it!!! My pain hasn't been as bad. Thank God I just hope it stays like that... I am at the wellness center still hopefully If I feel good I will go home tomorrow... I can't wait to see my new tummy... Glad to hear u are doing good.. Keep me updated on ur progress, good luck and the hardest part is done, we did it now we just have to relax n her better... Yay

Has anyone ever passed out cold after removing the...

Has anyone ever passed out cold after removing the binder?? I took it off, got in the shower... Told my sister who was bathing me that I wasn't feeling so good. By the time she got me out and dressed I woke up on the floor with absolutely no recollection of how I got down there. It was awful :(
HeatherNJ - my PS told me to lay down for at least 15 minutes after taking the binder off before standing to let the blood pressure normalize. Otherwise you can pass out. Sorry you had to go through that!
Thank you... Thank u so much! Would have been nice to know :( if it weren't for my sis my drains would have ripped right out. The night before all this happened my binder came loose from all the moving around and I told my hubby he had to get it on quickly or I was going to pass out! I knew it was the binder!
i have to wear binfer at all tines only off for quick shower! i feel weird and nauseous when ny garment is off!

6 days post and pretty miserable! I absolutely...

6 days post and pretty miserable! I absolutely hate these drains and because it's a holiday week I'm stuck with them longer than usual. I haven't slept in days and the pain meds make me dizzy :(
You already look nice and flat!!!
New pic added!!
hope all is well Tuesday I will be 28 days post op hubby still has to help me in and out of bed and he help put on binder still very swollen in ab area and under belly button arnica montana helping :)

Getting my drains out today!!! Thank god, they...

Getting my drains out today!!! Thank god, they have been the root to all my problems with this surgery. I have had little to no pain except for my drain holes constantly burning and pulling. No pain meds since Saturday so I feel a lot more level headed now. Overall, minus the drains.... The pain has definitely not been as bad as I expected. (just don't sneeze or cough! Lol)

Don't know how I am going to explain this to my ps...

Don't know how I am going to explain this to my ps in the next 2.5 hrs but today... In the shower at 9 I pulled out my drains! They were absolutely unbearable any longer. Has anyone ever done this?? With or without drs consent??
Wow! Your tummy looks so flat! Congrats!

When to apply scar cream??

When to apply scar cream??
looking good!
Added a before & after shot...... 8 days post op in pic.
5 weeks post op this tuesday went clothes shopping tops only will shop for pants in 3 weeks I am exhausted legs are swollen from all yhe shopping but had to get out of the house

6wks post op and sooo ready to get back to...

6wks post op and sooo ready to get back to exercising! I'm still sore internally in the area around my belly button. So I have tried doing anything abs. My stomach is super flat!! Scar is a little higher than I would like but I scar really well and if it is anything like the others you will barely be able to see it in a year (hopefully less). ScarAway patches are amazing btw. Ill add pics this week!

You look great :) I don't know how anyone goes on having to take the drains home. My surgeon doesn't allow it but there is another where I had it done that does and apparantly they come out on day 6. They drove me mad and were painful and so glad they came out before I came home. Re applying cream/oil, I've been told from 6 weeks I can start to rub cream/oil in. I've bought bio oil which can be dear and I got it on offer. My mate had an accident where her eyebrow got separated and after rubbing in bio oil its now it back in one straight eyebrow as apposed to 2 when she had stitches applied. So I'm going with bio oil. Hope this helps. X

11 month Post Pics

I just wanted to share my post pictures!!! Still the best decision I ever made :) (I'm in the fitness industry and train 6 days a week.. The abd are mine and archived through hard work.. No lipo received in that area.. Or any other area!)
U look amazing!!!
Amazing!! That is exactly how I'm hoping to look!!
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