24 Year Old with PCOS Weight Gain - Vienna, VA

I have always been very active and athletic but...

I have always been very active and athletic but began to gain serious weight the last 2 years (15 lbs) even though I was still exercising and eating healthy. I have never had a flat stomach so this is a surgery I had been considering for about 4 years now but always wanted to try and lose the weight myself. Last September I was told I had PCOS and that losing weight would be nearly impossible but they got me on a medication that would stop the weight gain. So after that fab news I decided that it was time to get the surgery that I was sick of looking in the mirror and feeling disgusted with the way I looked. So last Wednesday I got lipo on my stomach and back areas... I'm supposed to be swollen but even with that I look effing amazing!! Dr. Widder told me they took 10lbs of fat!!! Although the healing process is very painful and I am very bruised that is to be expected I mean lipo is no joke! But seriously I love them!! I was referred by a friend who got a different procedure done and I am so glad she told me about them because they changed my life! I was treated so well by the staff and they were there to answer all of my questions at any time. This is the only place I would recommend for plastic surgery Dr. Widder is a freaking genius and his staff are just dolls!!!
Congratulations on your procedure, sounds like Dr. Wider did an excellent job. Thanks for sharing.
Keep us posted on your healing!

Are you willing to share some progress pics?  
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He was sweet and very truthful which I appreciated! I knew I was going to get the surgery no matter what so I didnt want to hear the fluff just tell what I need to know, and he did! He was amazing!

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