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Butt Implants!!!! - Vienna, VA

"A well informed patient is always a better...

"A well informed patient is always a better patient,” after speaking with Dr. Widder I am now completely comfortable with going through with the surgery because I actually did a lot of homework upfront, and he was able to solidify my findings, thoughts, and concerns.

Butt implants is something that I've wanted to do for years. I have researched to find the right doctor for several months. I studied the most relevant information available about the procedure on the Internet. I began by doing a search on the Internet for ‘buttock implants’, and found the buttockimplants site and also this site. There were a few surgeons listed, with a lot of really good information about placement of the implants, infection issues, and other patient concerns. It was really good. That’s how I found Dr. Widder. Other directory sites had listings of surgeons but passed you on to their web pages that had very little information.”

I am 5'7, 130lbs and based on my pictures Dr. Widder have suggested the 565cc oval implants! Im not interested in anything outrageously big just a nice rump! Im super excited, and will keep you all informed during my journey.

Before Picture... Back View


I had my procedure on Tuesday and everything went well. It lasted all but approximately. 3hrs. I had 565cc implants placed.

Surgery Day!

OK so im well enough to give you all the complete run down of my surgery and aftermath.
Surgery Day: I arrived around 6am met Dr. Widder who directed me to pre-op area, marked my buttocks, took my before pictures and also started my IV. I was shocked, being a registered nurse, I have never had any physician start an IV before.
I then met with the anesthesiologist who gave me the 411 of the anesthesia. We agreed on the spinal tap.
During my procedure I was also given something to sleep but I did wake up a few times, and spoke to everyone which made me feel very relaxed. It lasted about 3hrs. I was then taken to the recovery area where I felt nauseous. The Nurse Nadine was so accommodating that she went to the vending area of the building to purchase me some ginger ale. It was also very weird not feeling my legs or standing for the first time after. The nurse Jo helped me to the bathroom, to get dressed, and then into the car.
During the ride to the hotel I started vomiting although I did take nausea medicine before leaving the office. The nausea and vomiting continued all night long. I forgot I had implants. I guess it was all mental that I was preoccupied with everything else going on. I did take the pain medicine twice during the night though.
Post op day 1: I woke up with excruciating stiffness to my neck. I couldn't stand to keep my head up. I had to lay flat for the pain to stop. I also had an appointment at 6am because I was leaving early for my 2.5hr drive home. When I arrived to the office it felt like the longest walk from the car to the office door with the stiff neck pain progressively getting worst. Still again my butt was fine. Pain/discomfort being diverted elsewhere. I spoke to Dr. Widder and shortly after the anesthesiologist arrived who explained to me that Im experiencing a spinal headache, and to correct it a epidural blood patch needed to be done. I was completely hesitant because the procedure was similar to the spinal tap. And I really didn't want anyone touching my back again.
Here is more information about what a spinal headache is:

I opted to wait for it to resolve on its own, hopefully in 24-48hrs while drinking fluids especially caffeinated beverages. I slept the entire way home, especially since I was up the entire night vomiting.
During the next 48hrs, the neck stiffness wasn't getting better, although I was drinking caffeine constantly and resting. I could only make it to the bathroom and back to the bed. I couldn't stand it!

I then spoke to the anesthesiologist (Dr. Robertson) who told me to come to his office and he will perform the epidural blood patch. At that point 48hrs later I agreed! Especially since I haven't had a chance to even examine, or admire my butt implant results. After the 2.5hr drive got to the office the procedure lasted about 15mins and before I stood up I felt the tightness in my neck released. It was like magic!

Here's more information about an epidural blood patch:

I got back home and took it easy because I didn't want to blood clot to be dislodged. But the following day I felt amazing. I was able to finally admire my butt! and take the last two pictured I posted. Im satisfied with my results!!!

As of today Im 1 week post op. Still have my 1 drain in. Minimal serous drainage, incision site looks fine and intact. Slight tightening around the implants when walking but not painful. Still on the road to healing.

Drain out!!!!!

Hello all
It's been 1week and 3days today and im feeling great. No pain. Incision site clean and healing well. Drain was removed yesterd and the drain site is already smaller. im anxious to get back to the gym. Just taking it w easy... happily healing! !!!!

18 days post op

18 days post op and still feeling great! Drain site conpletely healed and the incision site looks clean with no sign of infection or opening noted. It felt so great to finally take a complete shower! As opposed to washing up!. I havr resumed all normal activities in moderation except for the gym & sex (lol) .... I can wait to work out but I did buy a waist trainer.

updated pictures

It's been 5wks as of yesterday. ..and im still feeling and looking great. ... I tried my best with the pictures. ... unfortunately I have no one to take them for me. Please feel free to inbox me if you have any questions.
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

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Hi Nik Rose, I just had my consultation with Dr. Widder today, and your review of him was one of the many that helped convince me to go see him. I was also considering a doctor in ATL but after visiting with Dr. Widder I am completely at ease about the procedure. I am 5'7 and 135lbs , and he recommended 565cc for me as well . My curiosity got the best of me because I wanted to feel what the implant actually felt like in my hand and he brought one in and I was able to hold it and dispel some of the myths that are floating around regarding the implants. I am not exactly sure what 565cc looks like but if you can see my profile picture that is one picture of many dream butts. I shared that with the Doc and he informed me that they also can specially order larger cc's and he took my measurements again and suggested 660cc would perhaps be good as well. I know this is very personal but if you would be grateful enough to share you end results as to what 565cc's looks like I would be very gracious. Thank you & Respectfully, Confident1
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Hello, have you read his reviews?????? He does the same size implant in everybody.. Please read his reviews before you make a decisión...
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Hi Naye10 I have read his reviews and for the most part he seems to be the most desirable in the VA area. I have been doing lots of research about sizing and placement. In my first consultation he took my measurement and suggested I would be a good candidate for 565cc or even as big as 660cc . After looking at the results (after healing)of the 565cc I decided I wanted more projection.Therefore, I am leaning toward the 660cc or higher ... but with this in mind and my health and money involved, I want to make any I go with someone that has my best interest in mind. I want the doctor to tell me yes/no based on my body size if what I want is feasible. So I am doing lots of research... I another consultation with Dr.Widder because based on my research I continuously find that most doctors suggest and perfer to do implants intramuscular or within the glute muscle whereas he says he prefers subfascially (which is like fatty tissue under neath the skin). I have seen the results of a few of his patients but for some reason it always comes back to how his patients start off good but end up bad(ieCheck out Hannahsargent on here)Another person is painistempscarsR4ever, she had HORRIBLE results from him. Another is Secret85. Hers are uneven and having to have them redone. BubbleButtDreamz ended up not liking her results. Miladoll doesnt like her results - my health and money is to precious for that .... so I have a second consultation with because I want question answered but I am also looking at ATL Dr. Jimmerson and Dr.Stanton in Beverly Hills
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I am glad you did your research, it is exactly what I found, they start good and they end bad. The implants are too big and heavy and they end with complications. The best way to place them is intramuscular . I will advice you to stay in the country in case some complication develop. Good luck in your research!!
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Thanks..I have narrowed my options down to two surgeons. Dr Stanton in Beverly Hills or Dr.Jimseron in ATL.Have you gone through with the procedure?
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Do you know your measurements before?
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Great job after reading your review and looking at your pictures perfect I called my doctors office to cancel my appointment with them. My doctor was Salama he is not rocking the implants to good at all that would have been a big waste of 8000 dollars. Thank you so much for your information...your body is fabulous I salute : )
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Is your butt foreal GIRL it's to perfect!!!!
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Hehehe!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!
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Thank you ;)))
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glad it went well you look good. I am still hoping to get around implants though, and that the sx can sort me with fat only. xxx
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Best butt on here!
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*blushing* thank you!!!!
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Yessss lol I told her that too @AllieGB
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Hi. So I am thinking about this. I don't have enough fat for bbl either but I would love a butt. Yours is perfect. I'm just wondering what it will be like. I just had a tt and I've been thinking about breasts too but I'd take a booty over breasts any day. What does your scar look like?
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Your results are amazing, absolutely beautiful body and perfect shape. Congrats! xx
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Thank you!!!!
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Nice results. I'm new to the butt procedure, so forgive me if this is a dumb question. I first looked up BBL, than I found this site, Butt implants. It seems that this procedure is so much less pain and bruising, so why would a gal go through the trauma of the BBL if your procedure is so less invasive?
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I think its a matter of what yiur a canidate for. For example BBL means Brazilian butt lift...which is a fat transfer. I wasn't a candidate for a fat transfer because I have none ;), hence why I had the butt implants. At the end of the day it's what results are you seeking in the end!
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@puppydog girl, trust me i had both done And BBL is by far The easiest one. Ink rose doesn't have bruising cus she already had a shaped waist and back but if u don't u will need Lipo to contour ur back so u get the projection or the implants will look obvious n fake. The pain is real with the incision inside the "butt crack" and the stretching of the biggest and hardest muscle of the body and it bet she felt it too even thou pain is different for everybody. If I have a lot of fat to be harvest (like 30lb+) bbl is the best one. Like Nikrose I didn't have enough (only 15 lb) and dr only got 1000cc (500 per side) and that is nothing on bbl. You need at least 1000cc per side to see good results. But i was an idiot and did it anyways so I lost my $ n pain on bbl. My advise to u is go see an experienced in both procedures board certified surgeon for a consultation and if he says u have enough fat or u think u can put on the amount of fat needed, consider the bbl. But if u r like us who don't have and can't put on weigh go for the implants BUT prepare yourself for a painful long recovery time. Just trying to help from my own experience. Good luck :-)
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You look AMAZING! Congrats doll ! I love the shape! :)
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;) thanks love
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