do not get implants from dr widder - Vienna, VA

Ive read other reviews that say dr widder insists...

ive read other reviews that say dr widder insists on doing 565cc implants on everyone
this is true i told him i thought they would be too big but he assured me all would be ok
he was WRONG i know things happen but not this many complications discoloration lumps etc had to remove them looks horrible!!
Sorry to hear your not happy
Thank you for sharing your experience but it also it's the fault of the surgeon. I have been looking into getting butt implants for some months now and can't find a ps n my area because everyone I've went to said they do not do butt implants bcuz of all the complications that comes with them. I had my breast implants done by a well known ps n folsom ca and he said the butt implants have many complications of moving, scar tissue, and hitting the siatic nerve if placed under to far of the muscle and if placed over the muscle it is likely it will move or flip cuz u sit on them everyday. So it is kind of harsh u can blame it all on the ps. I can see being mad about the size u should have gotten a smaller size if u wanted but even then here is such high risk factors n getting butt implants. U seemed to have all the complications that my ps told me can happen and I'm thankful to u for putting your story on here bcuz I'm going to think twice about getting them now. I think I'll go with a bbl instead. Hope all is well with u now that they are out and u have a better recovery.
Best wishes Hun!!!!
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