Implants with DR.Widder cant wait !!!!

Well ive been wanting imllants for about a long...

Well ive been wanting imllants for about a long time now and found a doctor here on realself Dr.widder and he only does implants above muscle but can somebody tell me is this going to look fake ???? Btw I will be getting 565cc implants please help anybody ?? Hopefuuly everything goes well ive seen reviews that he does a good job.
Hey love.... I'm going to Widder... He's awesome! I haven't had time to post my review and before pics but I will be.... I LOVE him.... He's soooo sweet and I've seen him twice because I want him to do my tummy tuck also..... Clearly they will have to be done months apart but by March/April of next year I'll be brand new!!!! Will probably get the booty done 1st since recovery time is less probably around Aug/Sept... Should be less everything.... Less pain and all....
Aww thats good I havent been able to meet him cuz I live in long island but have been emailing with him and spoken with him.Good to here this about him from you. Im scheduled for June 9.
Girl!!! I cannot WAIT to hear how it went for you!!! He really takes care of his patients..... I'm scheduled Sept 9!!!!

Yay got my date cant wait !!

So I got my date and paid my deposit I will be going to Dr.Widder for my 565cc butt implant hope all goes well now looking for a near hotel cheap lol any help will be posting before and after pics...

Before pic in a dress flat !!

My wish pics ..

I want a booty like this !

I want a booty like this ...;)

My flat ass on the left and my wish pic right. This was done with the plastic surgery app.

My flat butt

Flat !!
Why did you change your mind about Gongora??? I am schedule to go with him on July. I read great reviews. Who did you talk to??? Please help!
Sorry, wrong pist
Post! Sorry! I dont know why this keep switching !

Omg almost

Cant wait im almost there.....cant wait....
How are things? How do you feel? Any pics you feel comfortable to share? And I am noticing he does tell everyone He told me that today !
He tells everyone 565 lol
He sure does lol

I send him pictures and he said he will be able to do the 565cc implant he sounds nice and best of all his work looks good !

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