I got butt implants! - Vienna, VA- NOT SURE

Hi Everyone, here is my butt implant story. I...

Hi Everyone, here is my butt implant story.

I had my butt implant surgery yesterday (March 12) with Dr. Widder in Tysons Corner, VA.

I had 565cc silicone anatomical implants put in. Dr. Widder said this was good for my height and build (5'9" 140 lbs). I cant see the result so good yet, cuz theres a bandage going all around my butt and waist. But from what I can see it looks like I will have a nice 'bump' that is not tooo huge so it looks natural :)

Let me tell you about the procedure itself. I was given an epidural anasthesia, NOT general anasthesia. This meant I was awake the whole time but I felt no pain whatsoever. I was actually chatting with the nurse while the doctor wS working on me. Pretty cool. I was not freaked out at all. The advantages to epidural is that theres no risk u won't wake up (cuz ur not put to sleep to begin with), plus no tubes down your nose and its just way easier on ur body than the general anasthesia.

So anyway the operation lasted 2 hours then i went into the recovery room. I waited kind of long to be released cuz u have to pee first before they let u go. So i waited about 3 hours to get that trickle of pee! Then mt bf came for me and we drove home. I definately recommend when ur going home that u LIE DOWN, on ur stomach across the back seat. I chose to sit in the front passenger seat which I regret cuz it was like a 45minute drive back during traffic (4:30pm) and I was uncomfortable.

When I got home I was very wobbly on my feet so I used mt bf to hold on to for support to get from the car to my apt. Thankfullt there were no steps to climb.

Let me tell u about the first night. I will not lie ladies. It was SO PAINFUL. I took the recommended dosage of pain pills (hydromorphone 4mg every 4 hours) and believe me it was not enuff. Eventually around 12am I was like scew this Im taking another 2 pills even tho it had only been 1 hour since mt last. Now mind u Hydromorphone aka Diluadid is some STRONG pain killers. So then I was miserable but a lil better and i woke up every hour on the hour cuz it was so painful. All i kept thinking was ok the results will be worth it. Plus deep breaths lol. It like someone ran over ur butt with a truck!

Anyway, im a TINY bit better today (day 2). I will try to post some better pics when I get up to pee again.

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DAY 2 POST-OP The pain is sooo much better day...


The pain is sooo much better day 2 compared to day 1 :-D
However, lying on my stomach only is very hard. I didnt sleep well at all cuz my legs get numb and I have to get up every hour. Getting in and outta bed is also an ordeal cuz I dont wanna split my wound open. This recovery is no joke ladies! Heres a pic of day 2


Congratulations from England! The surgeons here truly dislike Butt augmnt procedures using implants!! However I am still on a mission, to have a realistic bottom. I have to questions if I may: 1. Is it possible to sleep on your side (Im not a tummy sleeper) 2. Apologies in advance for asking you an intimate question, but it would be of great help - how on earth do you manage to visit the Loo?? (sitting upright to manage this) I wish you huge luck in your future healing, furthermore, applause for your courage and stamina through your personal bottom augment achievement
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What size implants did you get? Do you have before pics?
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Thank you for sharing ur story. I'm going with dr Widder on the 27th. I'm nervous n excited all the same. I'm 5'3" and 123 lbs. he suggested the 565 cc implant for me... I'm concerned with the swelling. Did you swell a lot. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being worst, how bad was the swelling?
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DAY 5 POST OP dang ladies I am so mad with...


dang ladies I am so mad with myself today. So I woke up and I was feeling pretty darn good. a lot better and less pain. so I decide maybe I shud go for a walk, I mean cuz damn I been in da house the last few days and I goin stir crazy and shiz. so I go outside and I am walking very very slowly and go all around the block. right before I left I took my hydromorphone + Tylenol and maybe this is why I was so crazy but I decided to circle the block YET AGAIN.by the time I got in I notice my place was lookin like a pig sty so I decide to do a lil sweeping and bend over. then a put on the tv and back to laying on my stomach. ok.... I AM IN THE WORSE PAIN!!! A SHOOTING PAIN DOWN MY FRONT LEGS!!! this is really scary to me cuz im be damn if I f*** up my results :( or worse cause an injury to myself. moral of the story is you really gotta lie loW and don't be overdoing it cuz you will pay the price ur body aint heal yet. I really hope I didn't eff anything up. tomorrow we shall see cuz I have a post op appointment wth dr. widder. more pics comin soon I promise and thank yall for the support it really makes a difference :)


Looking good, girl! Do you have before and after measurements of your hips, just to get an idea of how it looks?
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thanks chica. I will post some before pics in a couple days so you can see the difference. is a huuuge diference I can tell even though I still have a tight ass bandage all the way around which is preventing me from seeing the true results. I don't have my measurements. but I can tell you I was flat as a pancake. like literally nooo booty; I had a little bit of booty meat at the very end of the butt like maybe the last 1/3 but everything above that was flat. what I notice is that the implant has lifted me so I have a nice bubble now. more pics soon.
as for HIPS I may be mistaken but I highly doubt butt implants will change the width of hips. doesn't seem possible cuz the implant is place inside ur butt cheek. maybe theres a special procedure for hips. of course there is always the BBL.....

UPDATE!!! NEW PICS ARE UP!!! Yall Ima keep it 1...


Yall Ima keep it 1 hunnred with yall. Today is day 7. My drainage tubes are out. ....but these things are HARD AS ROCKS!!! They better soften up cuz rite now Im like awww hell naw. Only time will tell...


hi I also got butt implants in Dallas two months ago also got lipo on my flanks and lower back and let me tell you girl this is by far the best surgery I ever had! Took me a month to be able to sit and still sleep on my side but my butt feels firm but I wouldn't say hard is just like if I were working out like crazy lol... like you I wanted long lasting results and I didnt have enough fat to transfer many doctors suggested bbl but I think butt implants was my best choice. I didnt go to big my implants are round 275 cc and believe me I got a bubble butt but my main concern was achieve the natural look... if you have any concern message me :) maybe I can help.
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Thank you soooo much! I really needed to hear that! How tall? Weight? Thanks again, helps a ton! So nervous!
im 5'4 130lbs... im do happy with the results and my man too! -lol.. :-)

DAY 14- results are barely noticeable. Not worth it.

DAY 14- results are barely noticeable. Not worth it.


My iPad is crazy u gained from
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Omg I was talking to u about but guess o block me off fom in boxing u thank god I had the confidence in myself to air weight almost 130 came fom115 yea for me my sx Day may 20 now all I gotta do is stop smoking bud imagine how much ill gain then lol good luk bubblesbdream
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I have a question I had my butt implants 3 weeks ago I love the results but I want to know whether I can make it even tighter and rounder by exercise! the heeling process for me was not that bad only first 48 hours were hell but still can't sleep on my back
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Iwell I sure don't look like da girls in my wish...

Iwell I sure don't look like da girls in my wish pics.... but that may be unrealistic to begin with! So like Karis said, ima give the implants some more time to settle and my muscle stretch heal before I make my conclusion According to the assistant in the doc's office they poke out more and more as the bandage comes off (it's still on for another week). I got some more pics for y'all in a minute. Let me keno way y'all think and be honest!


How are you feeling? The pics look great for your body frame
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Girl, I cannot see any butt implant. There is no butt enhancement considering all the money and pains or is it my eyes.
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Hey, are you gonna post some updated pics? Also, the girl in your last pics is photoshopped. The original doesn't have that high or bubbly of a butt. Also, I think your butt looks great! Very nice for your frame!!!
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