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Dr. Widder performed my breast lift this past...

Dr. Widder performed my breast lift this past month and I am just awe-struck at the results! I had this procedure done following a weight gain/loss that resulted in the natural volume being taken out of my breasts. Before this procedure I was only happy with them when they were in a bra-out of a bra they looked saggy and deflated. Dr. Widder gave me back the breasts I had when I was 18! The results are so perky and youthful I couldn't be happier!!!
Wow. I love your results. I absolutely love your dress.too :)

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6 months later and I love my new body

My surgery date was on July 16th, 2013. Post-surgery I alternated between wearing a bra with no underwire and a snug sports bra for about a month. I also cleaned my incisions daily with bacitracin zinc ointment and hydrogen peroxide to speed up healing. It's been nearly six months and my results have just gotten better and better :) My scars are beginning to fade and I'm totally in love with the texture of my new breasts! I was a saggy 34-DD prior to my surgery and now I'm a Full 34-B or a small 34-C. I never had the option of wearing anything strapless before, and "triangle" bikini tops (or any kind of bathing suit tops without a built-in underwire) were my worst nightmare! Dr. Widder re-shaped my breasts and left them perfect! When I go bra-less (which I wouldn't have dreamed of doing before!) I often get asked if my breast are "real" because their fullness almost makes it look as if they were implants! :-D It still shocks me how much of a difference getting a full-lift made on my appearance! I look more youthful and I have no more back/neck/shoulder pain. I can also wear halter-tops now! (these used to dig into my neck and leave big red marks on my shoulders!) I've always been a fashion risk-taker, and my smaller and more manageable cup-size has allowed me to make clothing choices that wouldn't have been possible before. Thanks Dr. Widder!
Looking good
Wow! Congrats you look gorgeous. Did you start Using the ointment and peroxide after stitches were out? That's really helpful! You're an inspiration! Hope mine heal as beautifully as yours!!
Thank you for your 6 month update along with your fabulous pictures. You look great! It's nice to hear you can enjoy strapless tops, triangle bikini tops and even the sexy dresses in your pictures....without a bra! All this without implants too. Congratulations!

Almost 1 year after surgery! And a word or two about Scarring...

Although most of the people I consulted with told me to wait a year after my procedure before considering scar-revision surgery-I wanted the scars gone (Yesterday!) After having done much research I began MY OWN scar correction therapy about two months ago. I bought silicone scar shields (available at Walmart and CVS) and began applying them to my scars and leaving them on for 12 hours at a time. (You will have to cut them to cover your particular scar-as these are designed to cover C-section scars) The results were unbelievable! The T-scar from my breast lift became significantly flatter and less bumpy. I saw the texture of the scar begin to change within two weeks! After the scar became flatter, I began to address the discoloration and hyper pigmentation of the tissue. I had bad acne as a teenager-and I had some success in the past using Obagi Nu-Derm products to fade my acne scars and discoloration. I applied the Nu-Derm regimen to the scars for one week straight. After applying, I would cover the scars with gauze pads to keep the product from rubbing off on my bra and clothes. After application my skin would look red and sunburned for a couple days (youch!) But after this redness passed and the skin began to heal, the skin underneath was new and (low and behold!) NOT discolored!
I'm pretty sure this tip won't work for everyone-but it definitely worked for me! I still have a long ways to go in order to fade my scars to the point that I'm comfortable with-but I'm happy in the direction I'm headed. A Mastopexy is by no means a scar-free surgery, but it doesn't need to leave you with extensive scarring either.
Good Luck-and Happy Healing!
Hi. I'd never heard of obagi products before. Can you tell me specifically which one(s)/you used and how long post op you started to use this with the silicon shields? Your information is really valuable and I'm so very thrilled you shared!!! Thank you thank you!!!!
I am an esthetician and work in a medical spa. I have been doing the Dermapen micro needling treatments since November and have seen great results in my client's who are doing it for surgery scars, though most women come in for facial rejuvenation. If your scarring still is a concern after Obagi, etc., you may want to try this treatment. For surgery scars it takes a minimum of six treatments. Hope this helps.
My scar is an upside-down T. So I guess that would be an anchor incision. The horizontal incision is the most visible and the scar still has a raised somewhat bumpy surface. The vertical part of the incision faded with continued use of the Obagi products and the texture normalized with the silicone scar shields (I saw drastic results using a combination of both after about 6 weeks). The vertical incision (from my nipple to my breast fold) has faded almost completely now-you can just barely make out the raised vertical "bumpy" line in the photo . The horizontal scar is hidden by my breast fold-but it still has some lightening to go before the color returns to normal. According to what I read-this horizontal scar takes the longest to heal correctly due to the moisture environment created by the "draping effect" of a woman's breast.
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