A Male Friend Who Prefers Natural Refers to my Breasts As the Holy Grail of Implants.

[The amount spent is the total of two separate...

[The amount spent is the total of two separate operations combined.]

I first got saline implants back in '93 - I went from a droopy A cup to a modest B. The surgeon, who now practices in Dubai, was very conservative in his approach. He did a very nice job but I still envied other women who filled out larger bras. However, no one was able to figure out that my breasts weren't real. It was that natural looking.

[I'd like to add that the pain was severe. The whole weekend was spent in agony. I couldn't even lift a fork to my mouth to eat.]

Several years later I decided to take the "plunge" and increase to a mid range C cup. I'd seen the doctor's ad in the Yellow Pages and arranged an appointment. Deciding that he was the one, I scheduled surgery and weeks later I awoke to gigantic sized melons!

[Let me quickly add again that the pain this time around was nothing like the first time. Definitely manageable.]

Freaking out, I couldn't believe he made me so huge. I was assured that it was temporary swelling but, but, the doctor decided to make me a small D because he felt that he needed to fill the pocket space to make my chest more aesthetically pleasing. I was a tiny bit miffed but I got over it because after the swelling went down and weeks and weeks of intense massage to battle the scar tissue, they looked good. I mean DAMN GOOD! They finally fell to it's respective position and ever since then I've been turning heads.

Not a week goes by that someone - male or female - doesn't ask if they can touch them and they are always amazed at how squeezable they are. I think people are so used to seeing bad breast jobs that look and feel like bolt ons that the're blown away by a good job.

Honestly, I would love to go even bigger, maybe a full D because my body has gotten thicker with age but the doctor refuses saying it would look out of proportion. He told me to go on a diet instead.

I feel I've got a discriminating eye for breast jobs and am very critical of other people's work. I can say that the Washington DC area is blessed with doctors who are very skilled in that area.

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I got mine done in Vienna also, was it Dr.Widder? I had a complicated surgery and they look good, except i'm depressed about having no nipple sensation :(
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Hi there, Yes, it was. I have some sensation and most of it is in one nipple. It is a little depressing, I feel you on that.
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Is tis in Virginia state?
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Yes, it is.
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Did you have yours put under, over, or partially under the muscle. I have had mine for seven years, size C over the muscle and they were perky at first, but now have fallen saggy. I am considering making a change but don't know what to do about my problem. Be sure to always where a bra to prevent sagging. My doctor told me that they would never sag, I guess he didn't really know. I am glad you are happy, I just wish I could find a solution.
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Mine is under the muscle. My doctor also suggested a lift not too long ago. I told him no way, I like that they sag a little because natural breasts do, especially if they are on the larger side. You might want to consider doing some toning exercises for the pec. Ask a trainer about it.
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thats exactly the size im wanting to get. ive been looking for a good suergon without any luck. could i get the contact info for the suergon who did yours. email: xxx@yahoo.com. thanks so much!

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I think I responded to your email, it not, please email again.
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hey jane. i live in the dc area and have been looking for an amazing doctor (i'd like LARGE breasts lol), but haven't had much luck so far. could you please give me the name of your doctor? and if you don't mind, do you have any photos? my e-mail is xxx@aim.com. thank you so much!

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hey again jane. thank you so much! i just have another question: did you end up with saline again? or did you get silicone gel? thank you again:)
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Hi, My implants are saline. This particular doctor does not silicone.
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