Great Results W/lipo, Brazilian Butt Lift and Slimlipo

I am 30 years who had two c section. 152lb 5'4. I...

I am 30 years who had two c section. 152lb 5'4. I had the the Lipo done on my Upper and Lower Abs, Love Handles, Bra Strap, Lower back area. The fat was reinserted into by buttocks. That part felt like a deep tissue message. The lipo part felt like tuging and poking. Some parts tickle. The Slimlipo Laser was conducted after for tightening. That had a slight Stinging feeling.

The 1st Post up 24 Hours was painful. The painkillers really help. Definatly worth the pain. The 2nd Day I was able to work back on my feet. I can't wait for the next few weeks while my body heals to see the results.

I definatly recommend the procedure. It is a life changing experience to help anyones confidence.


Hi SC Unfortunately, I haven't received any pictures. If you would like to send me some pictures to go along with your height and weight, I'd be happy to give you my opinion. I believe 163 cm is about 5'4" and 52 kg is about 115lbs. So, it sounds like you are a little underweight. At 5'4" you should weigh a minimum of 120 lbs. So if these numbers are correct, There is little chance of coming up with much fat to transfer to your butt at your current weight. I would definitely recommend gaining some weight. Whatever you gain around your waistline, arms or thighs can be liposuctioned away and transferred to your buttocks. Dr Markmann
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Dr. Markmann. i am 163cm and 52kg. my butt is very flat and i just want some improvement, even small improvement. do you think if i have enough extra fat for that surgery? or i need to gain some weight?
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Thanks so much Dr. Markmann!
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Dr. Gilad Segev

Making sure I was feeling comfortable and not in pain.

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