Had my first consult with Dr. Widder about a month...

Had my first consult with Dr. Widder about a month ago. He explained everything in detail.. He showed me several options of implant placement, to give me a clear idea of what I wanted.. after seeing the options he recommended that I had a higher placed implant because I was more full at bottom but not so much at top. He recommended 565 CC for a subtle look... but also said if I desired to I could go even bigger to 660/760. After seeing the 565 , feeling it, seeing several shapes and placing it on top of my buttocks where it would be placed, I decided based on my breast size 600cc (done by another doc because I did not know of Dr wider at the time) that I should go with 660 cc, that way my butt projection was slightly bigger than my breast.. The cost was fair at around 8$8900.00 ( I ordered custom implants so it was slightly more expensive) $8500 being original price and I booked right away.. He and his staff made me feel extremely comfortable, I had both Dr. Widders office and personal phone numbers as well as lynn's (assistant) numbers as well to call / text with any questions.. Today!!!! June 3 rd at 6 am I went to the office, took photos, got my IV (while being distracted talking to anesthesiologist , which made it sooo much better).. Afterwards Dr. Widder had me stand on a stool as he mapped out the placement of where he wanted the implant.. Keep in mind your butt flattens out when you lay down so it is really necessary for the mapping... Afterwards, I went in to the OR (totally not scary at all) and the anesthesiaologist began the spinal anesthesia.. You sit on a bed hunched over opening your spin and all you feel is a small pinch.. after he injects the anesthesia you are completely numb from the waste down (feels pretty cool actually, you CANT feel a thing.) of course they help you lay down and get comfy.. when the procedure began I slept for the first 20 mins and opted to wake up for the remainder period.. Mean while I had a great conversation with the anesthesiologist who sits infront of you monitoring as well as administers any naseaua meds (if you need them.. likelley not) ... The surgery only took about 2 1/2 hours maybe 3... The only thing I ever felt was the tugging of inserting the implant.. which was NOT pain at all.. more like someone sitting on bed next to you just moving the bed.. Recovery went well,,, you just have to wait for the anesthesia to wear off so you can stand and walk.. but you feel like jello from the knees down so its a bit difficult at first but the nurses are there to help you the WHOLE time.. once you can feel your toes again and you pee, you talk to the nurse about your follow up apt the next day and then go back to your hotel .. which they do put you in a wheel chair and help you to your car.. in my case they let me take the wheel chair with me because the hotel booked me on the 3rd floor (that's what I get for booking last min.. BOOK EARLY) and I will return it tomorrow morning at my follow up.. The recommended hotel "comfort Inn" is old but nice , clean , and cozy.. I recommend you request a bottom floor on the outside (not court yard area, less walking) and also request a King, and/or two doubles.. the queen is a bit difficult to spraw out... As for pain, its not really painful afterwards so far at all.. It feels more like you have worked out really hard on your butt and thigh muscles so they are sore with fatigue. Dr. Widder calls you several hours after surgery to make sure everything is going well and addresses any concerns or questions.. Fantastic experience.. Here are my before, post op photos, and wish pics.. I will continue to upload updated photos every week for 3 months (they say yo0u see final results after 3 months) ... I am swollen which is to be expected and the garmet is meant to push / support your implants so the shape of my butt right now is not what it will end up being in the end although I can already see my arch and a great shape, which I didn't have before... its amazing! cant wait for the final results... The drain tube (collects any blood or fluid so it does not store in your pocket) will be taken out a week from now... btw my thights are actually very tone fit and small as well as my waist so that gives you an idea of how swollen I am but that is to be expected.. feel free to contact me for any questions or pics I'd be glad to share my experience.. best of luck!

Days 2 & 3 post op

Got to see my butt without the bandage yesterday.. I was amazed at how round and big it is!!! I love it.. Over time they will settle and look even better .. Can't wait ! As for pain it feels really sore when you wake up in morning.. More of a dull pain rather than sharp pain like before... I have noticed less blood collection in tube although there was what I am assuming was tissue and or fat cells also in the blood

1 weeks 5 days post op....

Yesterday day after changing my gauze I realized there was a slight opening in the top of my incision with some discharge no bleeding.. Dr widder and his staff advised me to take my antibiotics, keep it clean and dry and I see him in a week as long as I do not start getting sick or as long as it does not open anymore.. There is a clear stitch hanging out of it too..

1 week 5 day post op open incision

Forgot to add the pic

2 weeks post op.. Open incision

Well my incision is still open but no leaking any fluid any more .. It looks as if it's healing with a hole that will stay.. I've been in bed ALL day today and have only got up to use the bathroom and get food .... I am going to do this for he next two days (my choice) so hopefully this will let it heal together since I'm not moving too much and I wouldn't want to rip it open more .. Here is a pic.. Has anyone had this happen ?

Week 3-6 post op -it's been a loooonnng 3 weeks

Ok so to recap, at week two my incision had two dishecense (opening in incision) ... Everything was fine and seemed to be healing. At week 3 I had a hematoma. I felt very sick and started blacking out if I was standing. Within an hour my right cheek swelled twice the size as the other side.. Since we haven't had sex, The only thing we could think that caused this was maybe when my son was running around me , he may have hit my butt shifting the implant.. We immediately packed up and drove 6 hrs to virginia to be there for my appointment the following morning.. Everything was fine over night.. The next morning I went to my appointment and dr widder drained 650cc of blood from my right cheek, there was still some left over that the body would have to absorb. Still had the two holes in my incision but they were healed enough that blood was not passing through them.. We grabbed lunch and I spent the rest of the day in bed at the hotel.. The very next day I went back to dr widder to see if I was still bleeding (if I was still bleeding it would have swelled up again) .. As I was walking into the office blood started to run down my leg the bottom hole in my incision had opened where it was healed on the inside from the pressure of the remaining blood. Luckily I wasn't still bleeding on the inside so he stitched up the bottom hole and I went home.. Around 11 pm that night my top hole started to gush blood. We managed to stop it from coming out as long as I had gauze and laid still... The next morning I went to the er and the doc there put two stitches in the top hole and I was fine . He only agreed to stitch me up because he knew dr widder was 6 hrs away and he saw what dr widder had done the day before... But said normally they will not touch another docs work .. Oh and he also said all the blood was "old blood".. Anyways I am now at 1 month 6 days post op and on my way back to virginia to have both sets of stitches removed .. We will see ;)

1 1/2 month post op

My last visit at the docs went well.. He drained fluid that was from the blood clots dissolving from my hematoma. He also decided to keep he stitches in for two more weeks so they hopefully get removed the 25th.. At this point I am mentally and physically drained.. I can't resume my normal life yet so it's making me a bit depressed.. I miss bing able to workout and chase my little boys around.. As for physically, there's a constant pain just above my implant that had the hematoma.. Not sure if it's just normal back pain or what but it's horrible.. Any time I try to sit It feels sooo horribly uncomfortable .. I'm ready for these implants to feel apart of my body ... How long does this take to be normal again? .. As for my incision well took a pic this mornjng while cleaning and I don't think it's ever gonna heal.. It still has a hole even after it was stitched up.. Please tell me someone went through all this and it was worth it in the end.. Right now I don't know anymore pic below .. Btw that's not
Blood just color satiation of camera

Incision for 660 implants finally healed

I am finally all healed and the swelling has gone down! I absolutely love the size of my implants however I am a bit concerned about having lines/ sag at the bottom where it is not very full now.. My dr has told me that they should drop and settle a bit but we don't know how long that will take or if it will fully fill in.. Overall it's still a 100% improvement from what I had before.. I'm now able to get back in the gym and workout again so hopefully with working out, gravity and time I'll have the perfect booty for me.. But I am considering fat grafting to fill in the bottom or just have lipo in the bottom crease area and under my crease ( bannana roll) to give me that 45 degree angle that brizilian butts have .. We will see! As for dr widder he's amazing as always and took very good care of me from day one! I completely trust his judgement!

Incision had reopened

Well when my incision was all healed I went to my last dr appt and was told I had a small cyst on the incision right beside the lSt hole to close.. Dr widder said it may bust on it's own or go away.. Well my luck is always bad so it busted on it's own and so did the freshly healed dishecense hole .. So I'm now back to having a large hole in my incision and leaking the same fluid as before .. I swear this is never ending ! I'm feeling really depressed about this whole thing now.. My incision won't close , my butt used to be full at the bottom but I had nothing at top hence why I got implants, but now they are full at the top ( which I love) but now I look so empty and saggy at the bottom... What else?.. Oh and it doesn't matter if you see me standing straight up, bent over from the side or back, you see the implant everywhere..except when I'm bent over you see this huge rump of implant over the top half of my butt and then it just drops off flat as can be ! I wanted my full butt done not just half of it! I'm to the point I'm probably going to call my dr and ask to have them removed before my skin stretches too much and I'm stuck with saggy skin and no butt..I know my dr says wait , give it time ... But that's not saying it will settle (like breast implants do)..... still think dr widder is a great dr I just think I'm " one of those cases" where it clearly just doesn't work for you.. I really wish there was someone who know what the heck went wrong.

Incision open again cont.

Forgot to also say along with everything else my butt is rock hard and painful again because all of
The fluid sitting in the bottom now.. FML
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

amazing bedside manner, answers all questions, gives all options, shows you the actual implants, great staff, clean facility, he even answered questions about my boob job from other doctor and gave better solutions..

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Maybe he should put it under the muscle.Anyway I like how ur lookin
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Wishing you quick recovery and hoping you heal quickly ..... I was thinking of sending him my pics until I read several reviews and had a change of heart.
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I wish you the best of the luck and your incision to get healed in no time!
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Morals would not let me sue him even if I wanted to.. Plastic surgery does not guarantee results.. It's like art... Some times it's great other times it's not.. He did not do anything that would fall under malpractice and he has been nothing but helpful to me since day one ... We are working on a solution .. It would be one thing if he finished the surgery and never addressed any of my concerns or helped me further but he has and continues to do so.. I do believe the results that I have seem intramuscular from another Doc is amazing and if / when I decide to go with an intramuscular implant I'll definetly be going with that doc..but for other personal reasons i chose to have subfCial implants .. It Will all work out I'm sure with no need to sue anyone.. Thank you for all the help Though girls! I'll defiantly keep it all in mind
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Any doctor knowing and willing to place that size of implant, specially under the skin knows that the patient will have a higher chance of complications b/c the skin cannot close/heal. Too much tension to close properly. Ask the doctor to remove & replace implants with new set intramuscular. That's what I had done. Doctor should not charge u much. Maybe small surgical fees? He should not have a problem to correct this before ur skin stretches more and to put an end to all this pain and suffering. If he can't provide u with a solution to correct then consult with an attorney. I know one that can help u, here in California. You can have a free 30 min phone consultation. You have 1 year to sue from the date u discovered the injury due to malpractice due to negligence. That's why I said earlier to get a consultation from another PS. If he mentions it's b/c of placement of implants then that's all u need to know!!
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That is great advice! I 100% agree with mynewbutt. If I were in this situation, I would follow that advice. He should KNOW that those implants are MUCH too large for the skin to hold and for it to try to close that incision. Any decent surgeon would know that!
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Exactly!!! Doctors know this, the bigger implants=bigger problems!! You don't look like a girl with wide hips, even myself that I have wide hips got 540ccs. Im at 48 inches hip/butt. U look way smaller than me in the hip/buttock area. Really u should take my advice. I'm speaking from experience not just out of my ass! Seriously..
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Well thank you.. I was advised to have 565 cc instead of 660 like I chose.. I wanted larger implants because I wanted a lot of projection which I did not have before.. As for the skin healing I have other medical reasons which may be playing in not letting it heal.. My incision was completely fine the first 2 weeks after surgery until I had a hematoma.. At that point not only did I have 660 cc implant in my butt but the doc had to drain 600 cc of blood/fluid... After that is when my incision opened and we have had a hard time since
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Oh no....I am sorry it happen to you... May be the size of implants was too big for your butt cheeks? I heard that could be the reason for what you going through .... Any idea?
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Hi doll, Listen as bad as it may sound-I would 100% go to another Dr and get a recommendation from them. You may think Widder is a great Dr, but from the reviews and things I have seen on here, I would NEVER go to him or Salama. If I were you, I would probably have them removed, wait 6-12 months then go to a Dr who specializes in this procedure and who goes in the muscle so you don't have that awful result again. I would say with FULL confidence the reason your implants look like that is 1. They are way too big, 2. they are on top of the muscle and when they sag they will look worse. You have that "dirty diaper" affect going on and in time it will get worse. 3. Your incision prob keeps opening and keeps having so many issues because there is only 1 incision for 2 huge implants and it's WAY too much pressure on that single incision. You look like a beautiful girl and I there is no way he is going to tell you that your results are a lost cause because then he has to admit his fault. I would just move forward and save my $ and get with a Dr who can fix this and give you the results you SHOULD have gotten in the first place. Good luck hun!
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I agree with everything said by AngelMB2009! Move forward, no doctor will admit fault. Get an attorney asap! 1st go see another doctor asap for a consultation!!! Look under, Legal Match.com. Yes PS can be sued for Malpractice! Mention everything going on along w a few pics. Best of Luck to u!!!
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Yes get an attorney, A GOOD ONE!
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Thank you for the advice... Which doctor did you go with ?
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I went with Dr. Stanton in Bev Hills. I know it's so cliche to go with a "Bev Hills" dr but I did my research, and took my time finding him. He has hands of a God. I am not kidding. I did not have ANY issues at all with recovery, in fact I have NEVER found anyone that used him that ever had issues. All his patients love their results and no issues with recovery. I don't live in Cali, however it was WELL worth the trip for me. I would go back to him a billion times over. You will make it through this, and everything will be okay. But I know that girls who go in for surgery and end up with an outcome that is NOT what they were hoping for is devastating, and can do so much emotional damage the longer it takes for them to fix it. The sooner you fix it the easier it will be to fix, I promise. You can still have the results you want just fix it asap before more issues arise. If you ever need anyone to talk to, you know we are here for you doll!!!!
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Thanks for all the info.. I'll be trying to fix it ASAP but may be few years before I can since it took a few years to save up the money .. Luckily I was able to save around 12k instead of just the 9 for the surgery since I have had to travel back and forth so much.. Hate knowing I've blown that money
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I love ur results.. It will just get better :) dont pay attention to minor things and enjoy them :)
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Omg why is the implant so visible I'm sorry babe I'm going to be honest those implants look wrong Hun! They really look fake the implants are high up with that line under you need to show this pic to dr wider you aid for this wtf!
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Agree on this one .. she has a "double bubble" now. . :/
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Yep I do.. But my dr told me it should settle in time if not we can always go back in and make the pocket lower.. With that being said I will not remove them since there is a guarantee (even with surgery) that they will be able to be dropped more
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Hope everything turns out the best for you! They will definitely drop the only question is when.. after all, it's only been two months post surgery It's all super-fresh now; let's hope for the best ;))
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Yes but if they drop I think it's going to look even worse hun, because it will look even more saggy and just like you have a heavy weight hanging from your backside. Don't wait, get it handled asap. Get a lawyer and get fixed. Widder WILL NOT tell you the truth. He isnt going to tell you it's going to get worse. He will tell you time will make it better, that way you will wait until legally you can't do anything at that point then you will be SOL! Be proactive with this doll before it's too late!
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they will drop within the size of the created packet...that banana rolls will never blend nicely with the implants
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Heeeyyyyy girl!!! I was just thinking abt you the other day!!! I'm so glad your doing better and you look great! And you would prolly look perfect if you got the fat grafting done!!!!
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Is perfect!! I told u the incision was gonna close.. Is just a matter of time... You look great. :)
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Looks round at the top. Maybe the implants are a lil too big for ur body/frame? Don't get me wrong bigger is better. At least u healed completely. Maybe with clothes u won't be able to see the lines? Give it more time, everything does go down!
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