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Hy! i am 25 years old and i had my first fraxel...

hy! i am 25 years old and i had my first fraxel treatment yesterday.
i suffered my whole youth from acne and i have now very bad acne scars on both cheeks and also some scars from "windpocken".

so i was looking for a treatment who can help me. i went to different skindoctors and they all wanted me for peelings and microdermabrasion. nothing seemed to work.

so i searched in the web for laser methodics. the normal co2 laser is nothing for me because i am too much scarred and its not possible to be at home for 2-4 weeks.

i heard from the fraxel laser and i was now thinking one year about i should make this treatment or not.

i had first some questions and the doctor was really very nice and helpfull with all of my questions. so three weeks later, yesterday, i had my first treatment.

first a had a cream on my face, that i cannot feel the pain too much. about 50 minutes the cream was on my face before fraxeling.

the fraxeling with the fraxel dual laser was very very painfull. i thought there are thousands of needles put into my face and it feels very hot like fire.
the doctor went 8 times on my cheeks and the scars on my forehead.
i think it takes about 10-15 minutes, then she put a cold wet towel on my face and i could relax for another 10 minutes.

after the treatment and the cold compress i became a sunblocker on my face.

the next 2-3 hours my whole face feelt like very bad sunburned and it was red (not as bad as i expected).

at home my face wasn`t that bad and it just feels a little bit hot.

today, is the second day. my face is swollen a little bit, but it doesnt hurt any more. if i would, i could go out and i think nobody does starr at my face.
now a little bit of my ski is turning to light brown areas. it looks like little brown points (the points from the laser).

so i will post in a few days and share my experiences with you.
i hope that i could watch in a few weeks or month on a better skin.

my next treatment is in about 3 weeks.

Day 4 after treatment: i feel comfortable and i...

day 4 after treatment:

i feel comfortable and i am doing well. my skin start to peel off and its dry. i wear my sunblocker (la roche-posay anthelios 50+) every day in the morning. the little brown spots i am covering with makeup and powder from eau thermale avene. before going to bed i clean my face with cleanance gel from eau thermale avene. its a gel without soap and for sensitive skin.
in work my collegues see little results. maybe because my skin is a little bit swollen. some areas start to peel off and there is very fresh and smoth skin underneath.

i post this and write this review because i want to share my experience with other people, but its not easy for me to post so much photos. hope i can help anyone with my reviews.

One week ago i had my second treatment. it was...

one week ago i had my second treatment. it was more painfull then the first time with a higher setting. i was very swollen after the treatment, but now i think most of my skin peeled off and my skin is just a little rough.
i have to wait know minimum 2-3 months before the next treatment, but i decided to wait for 5-6 months, that i can be sure the most of the collagen rebuilding is done.
now i am sure that my skin is a little bit better. i can cover my scars much better then before and my skin is smoother than before.
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How do people in Austria treats others who have acne and acne scars ? How is the Austrian people mentality towards acne? Do they look down upon them or comment on their skin or is acne problem common in Austria ? By the way I'm a guy and thinking about mocing there but heard Austrian People are not very friendly and are very cold
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Thank you so much for posting this. I am a 22 yr old female struggling with acne. It has scarred my face too. I'm researching different treatments to talk to a dermatologist about. However, I am still trying to get my acne under control. This post was very helpful. I wish you the best.
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thx, i also wish you the best for your future! most important is to think very good about any acne treatment. you are on the best way, decide after a few weeks or months, and when you are sure, then do it. i think fraxel can help, if you find a doctor you can trust and you have a good communication with him/her.
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Hi, I'm from Germany and I had my first fraxel treatment a week ago. It did none but little improvement. Will have my second treatment in June. Would you say your skin looks better now? I'm so looking forwars to seeing results. I hope I will. I'd say, my scars are about the same as yours, maybe a little bit worse.
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hy! my scar (windpocken) on the forehead is a little bit better now. it is not as deep as before, it feels better when i put cream on and i can cover my scars better with make up. the scars on my cheeks are also a little little bit better, i can feel it, when i take my cream on my face, but you dont see the big results now. i also stopped with my hormons (anti baby pille), so i have now problems with pimples. i have to look forward, drink lots of water the whole day and i try to eat healthy food. so i hope to heal my acne completly now and in september or october (than its half a year since the first treatment) i will go to see my doctor again, maybe for a 3rd and 4th treatment. but the most important thing now is to wait and stay calm.
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Hii!! Please update us on your fraxel restore journey! Thank you.
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You don't look swollen enought to of had full Fraxel...... I know people who's face was beat red.... After it for around. Week.
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You should add the place you had it done at to the info.
  • Reply check this one out. She had "real full strength Fraxel".
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i also had real fraxel with the dual. but for my acnescars its deeper, so the bronzing effect is not so much than in the link you postet. deeper -> less points on your face (acne scars), not so deep -> more laser points next to each other. they are red, then brown, so the bronzing effect is more visible
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Ok. My friend and my mother both had Fraxel done. There faces where beat red for like 10 days. My mom had acne scaring. They had great results , my friend was in a car wreak and had glass fly into her face that left terrible scars that a no longer visible. I just so from there experiences I think that maybe the Fraxel in the states must be stronger. We are in totally different county's. and being in Houston with the leading health industry. I would say don't give up find Somme with a better machine and keep shareing. I hope you know I wasn't trying to insault you in anyway. I just feel like you might be able to achive more results with a powerful mechine.
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May i ask where in Austria did you have this done? thanks!
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in a little city near vienna
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Hi.. I too had a fraxel restore 3 weeks back! Good to see your post! What were your settings? and what instructions did your doctor give you for the sunprotection? My settings were 60-4-8. When are scheduled for the next?
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i dont know how the settings was. instruction for the sunprotection is my daily cream in the morning (la roche-posay anthelios 50+) and not to go to the sun 6 months after the last teatment. so it`s not possible to not get sun on your face but you have the sunblocker 50+ in the morning, so i think i am fine then
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next time is on 2nd of april
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Thanks a lot.. Do Keep us updated. All the best for ur progress!!
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So after the first treatment, do you think that fraxel did any improvement to your scar.
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i am not able to say anything at this moment but my doctor told me that the deepness of the scar will improve normaly very quick and you can see this improvement. but to say a total resume i think i want to wait for a while and my skin is now peeling off, but underneath it looks very good and smooth
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Thanks. Please keep us posted after your second treatment. Good Luck!
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Thank you for sharing your journey with us.  It sounds like you tolerated this very well.  I hope the results are what you were expecting and wanting.

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yes, i hope so too. until yet i have no pimples, just little whiteheads, but not too bad. i was very anxious about a acne breakout. hope my skin is doing well the next few days
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Keep posting the updated pictures:)

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