Yesterday My Implants Were Removed

I am having implants (300) above the muscles for...

I am having implants (300) above the muscles for the last 10 years. I went from a cup B to a cup C. My nipples were a bit saggy and this result was kept if not accentuated with the breast implant. I am thinking about having a baby, and since my skin is not strong (I got yet stretches from a pregnancy which ended without giving birth to a child)I decided to take the implants first out before getting pregnant. after pregnancy and breast feeding (I hope it will be possible), I will judge what is necessary to do (either just lift the breast without implants, or add implants under the muscle).

I got the surgery yesterday. it wasn't painful at all, but I was very afraid of getting saggy empty breasts and my dream would be to find again my B cup. I came back the same day to my home after a 30 minutes operation. one of the implants was even ruptured and I remember that I started crying when I knew that :) but the doctor told me that there is no problem with this since he cleaned everything and since the implants were from a serious manufacturer.

I saw my breasts. they seam to be empty but they don't look dis-formed. I am positively surprised since I was expecting a horrible result. I will post here pictures for the ladies who are intending to take out their implants so they can see what they couls expect. at the moment I have pics with implants and pics 1 day after removal. hope it will help you girls, I was myself looking like crazy for such testimonials.

Hi girls, I just saw today all your posts and...

Hi girls,

I just saw today all your posts and your messages! because of your feedback I am even more happy that I shared this experience with you! our boobs are o important for us ladies that we get very emotional when it comes to them :)!
I remember how afraid I was when I decided to take the implants out! how will I look like? I felt I will perhaps not feel like a woman anymore!
on 14.02 my husband bought me new Push Up BH.
he asked me before which size I have and I said 75B (this is the size I had before the surgery).
the 2 BH were too small for me, and I went back with him to the shop and I exchanged them and got 75 C :)!

after 2 weeks i could yet say that I made the right decision! my breast are stil not feeling firm and still hurt, but only 2 weeks went after the surgery!
the skin of my breast ist the weakest skin quality I have in my hole body. almost the only region with strech marks! so I was afraid that I will get empty balloons!
after 2 weeks, they are not full and standing, but they are not empty balloons!

so girls if you wanna make the OP, do it! don't be afraid! if you have a good skin quality than they will be exactly as they were before the implants, even if you had them for 10 years and more, and if you have a not very good skin quality, like mine, than they will take time to get better, and you can discover with me together how they will progress.
i will be posting once a week my pics!

I hope it will help you and thanks again to all the encouraging ladies n this forum!
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HI Ladies,

well i did it! The big implants are a thing of the past. I ended up getting a lift. after all. I know how stretched out i was after nursing my kids so felt comfortable with doing everything at once. I had the most wonderful surgeon and it was so refreshing for a surgeon to not want to shove new ones in. I have drains in but should be able to get them out in a couple of days. It is weird to see my real body, but i think i am going to be very happy once eveything settles. Looking forward to wearing tank tops and and not looking like a stuffed sausage. Working out will be a amazing im sure and i cant wait to truly hug people for real. I will post my before and after soon. curious to know what you all think. They are cut up but the surgeon said to give it a few months and it will mellow. anyways...anyone on the fence considering doing it...dont hesitate! I feel like i lost 10 pounds also. Good luck girls.:)

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I am so grateful for this site and the women on it. I don't know how everyone else feels but I wish I could dissuade others from implants. .." but of course if someone had tried with me I probably wouldn't have listened.
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Does anyone know how to create some kind of blog for this implant removal business? I think its something women need support with and may not get it from.others.except, but its kind of hard to get all info in one place.
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mum1....I felt the same as you. Gotta say....I love my little boobs.....Was not sure how I would feel after all is said and done. Only wish I had done this long ago. Nice surprise of how I feel and my husband loves them much better too. Ha...He did not want me to do this. Now He seems even Happy that they are gone. Can not espress how happy I am to correct what I had done. Worth it for sure. Ellen
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Hi Mopsie did you just have them out or did you have an uplift too I have been told that an uplift will probably be better but not sure wish I could see how they would be without first but thats not possible I suppose I have trust the PS judgement although I have to say I am wary after realising just how little they care did you guys know that normal implants cost around £350 and the pips that were bought were £90 hmmm a no brainer I think are they all so greedy sorry bit of a rant there but can't believe it all really thanks guys xx
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Every one looks so much better to me.
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Got to say you do look Great lady1979. And yes thanks for shareing. So nice of you !!! Ellen
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My appointment is March 12th for a consult. I want my cohesive gels out ASAP! I was wondering if many of you were able to do it under just local anesthesia? I have sub pectoral implants but my budget would prefer the local removal versus going under anesthesia.
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wow lady1979, what have u been doing to them. They look well fluffed! pls share and im so happy for u, how r u and how do u feel?
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Hi Girls, I'm now 2 weeks post explant and very happy. When did you ladies who explantedbfully resume normal activity? I can't wait to start working out again and my next follow up appt with my PS is next Fri. What did your PS tell you about resuming exercise or normal activity?

Thanks for any info!
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Hi Chloe

I'm 5 weeks post explant. My PS didn't specifically mention anything about exercise other than no heavy lifting/manual work for at least 2 weeks. I forgot to ask as well! I am looking to start exercising gradually from next week (which will be 6 weeks). I have been walking lots but am looking forward to returning to running & the gym. x
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mcginty....Think you will be very happy in the end. : )))
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Well ladies, the decision to have my implants removed has been taken well and truly out of my hands since the right one ruptured.,,, Just waiting to see a surgeon. I'm almost relieved that they're coming out.
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I'm sorry to hear that you're going through this but am sure you will be happy once they are removed. Hope all goes well and that you can get your surgery scheduled soon. Keep us posted.
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Did you have an MRI? If so did your insurance cover it and is it covering the removal?
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Looking great lady1979, if mine look any thing like yours I will be chuffed ! , what size do you think you are now ? Im trying to get my head around what I might look like when explanted, !
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Congrats! You look great! Explant was the best descion i made for myself!
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Congratulation's cantwaittobenaturalagain !!! You sound very happy. I also went from a 32 AA to a C ..
For sure I am 100% that I also made the right decision. Just feels so good to hear other girls are feeling the same. I also was sooo nervous of the out come. What a nice surprise. I just feel normal and they are small but look normal. Still in the fluff up stage.Not sure how long till I am healed and can lead a normal life with out these fake implants. Just really glad I dont look bad after doing such a stupid thing. Every picture on this chat, looks much better than implants. Also I am gratefull for this channel that helped me make the right decision.
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thought it only right to change my name to naturalagain now -

took a bit of courage from us all to do this but I bet everyone that has is so pleased with their decision to be natural again :-)
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Hi Ladies, well I've had mine out since Thursday. Whew....harder than I thought psychologically but not with physical pain. My breasts look similar to how they did preimplants, and even a bit bigger. They look fine...some faded stretchmarks, some indention at the top for the one that had not deflated, and some assymetry. I have assymetry because one side is saggier and the other more pert because my saggy side always produced way more breast milk so the babies nursed mostly on that side for total duration of 3 years (1.5 year per kid). I kept nursing past a year because this got them to sleep and I was desperate for some me time. Anyway, I did feel the same emotional shock reaction as I had when I first got them put in. Crying, panic, heartsick, and shocked at how small they looked. This panic lasted for a few days. It was just that i had gotten so used to seeing these unnaturally large round full breasts that just do not occur in nature especially postbreastfeeding and on a thin woman. So I looked online at photos of small breasted women, and soon realized I now look like a normal woman rather than a booby sci fi character. plus my wonderful husband kept telling me he liked them and has always found petite small boobies to be very nice. He said he does prefer these small soft albeit saggier ones. The side that deflated a month ago has really bounced back from the concave top area it had initially. It's like there was a deep indention where the implant smashed the muscle and tissue down at the top of my breast area. But this has slowly fluffed back up. So I'm waiting now for the other side to also do this. Also, my back feels really weird and achy. I think my back, shoulder, and chest muscles are reacclimating to having those implants out and this will take time to rebuild me strength. Also, I notice I kind of bend forward and hunch and this is something I have done for the last ten years to compensate for having that extra weight in the chest cavity. It's like the muscles still are tight and compensating to accomadate the extra weight. I plan to talk to a yoga teacher to find out the best way to gently work them back to balance.
So anyway, no regrets here. I feel relieved, free, and happy to be back to a natural device free body. I'm 38 and now need to fcous on health, exercise, prevention and those implants did haunt me a bit. I was always a bit worried that they could be compromising my health or immune system in some way. I don't know for sure but it did make me worry a bit.
I am just very psychologically happy to be back to my small soft bosomed old self stretchmarks and sags and all. In a push up padded bra, my boobies look just fine in clothes and that at age 38 was my main concern. Hubby likes them and thinks they are cute and soft, and that's good enough for me.

So if you are thinking about doing it, my advice is to prepare yourself psychologically by looking at lots of pics of attractive sensual women with small breasts. This way when you see the change from big manmade boobs that do not occur in nature a lot of the time, you will not be inutter shock when they are gone. It's like you need to help yourself psychologically switch mental gears from going from this full bosomed persona you had to being smaller and petite. And embrace the fact, by seeing PLENTY of other women with small breasts, that it is still attractive, sensual, and lovely but in a different way. Just look at Mila Kundis, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss, Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, Gisele, Cameron Diaz, Charlize Theron, and many many many other lovely ladies with small busts. It is nice and pretty in its own way, and afyer breastfeeding, nature allows our breasts to deflate even more. Plus, if you still feel insecure and in shock, google men who adore small breasts and you will see that many many men actually love and prefer them. Nothing against the bigger breasted ladues but we small chested ladies obviously felt so unhappy we went under the knife to fix them. Bigger is NOT better, by any means, and small petite breasts occur on MANY women and are lovely too.

Sorry for the rambling. Just wanted to help encourage you ladies who are explanting, and let you know it was a psychological shock for a few days. Plus the anaesthsia made me a bit loopy and overly emotional for several days.

Good luck ladies. Just wanted to post some thoughts to help anyone else who is going to explant.
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thanks, have enjoyed reading this - I had mine out yesterday, still in bed now!

although a bit nervous of how they are going to look eventually I am already 100% sure that I have made the right decision. Went from a 32AA to a 32C and back again. I look so much slimmer now!
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You have echoed everything I felt since my op seven days ago. Psychologically before the op I was petrified. Then when I had them out and looked at my breasts post explant I was quite shocked. Also, there as swelling at the top of my breast so when you look at your boob from the side there's this swelling then the nipple goes in and then there's nothing so it looked really wierd. It's already changed and I no longer feel like I look freaky. Now they's just small soft ever so slightly droopy little boobs and I feel better psychologically already. I am really relieved to be natural again. I could kick myself for implanting in the first place but I am not going to waste positive energy on dwelling on regrets. Life can only get better. Sending love and support to all the other girls who are in the same boat, or who still have to make the decision. This site is wonderful and a great source of support and encouragement. Hugs xxx
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Glad you are doing ok both physically and mentally. I also was upset with myself for getting them in the first place. But what has helped me not regret it and dwell on it is the realization that if I never had them I dont think I would appreciate my natural small breasts like I do now. I would have always wondered what it would be like to have implants and not been happy with myself. Now that we all have had them we can appreciate our beautiful natural breasts more than ever. Best of luck to you with your continued recovery.
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Hi thanks for your post I have been looking at small breasted woman trying to see what I will look like again just found out I have pip and want them out asap gonna try for this month or next fingers crossed can't wait hopefully will love my little boobs
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