Mommy Make over Getting Started October 15 2012

On July 25 2012 I will begin my Journey on getting...

On July 25 2012 I will begin my Journey on getting a mommy make over. I am 44 years of age. In fairly good shape. I recently had an Implant deflate doing boot camp work out. That gave me the incentive to do my abdomen and a little lipo on my back.
My Doctor wants to do a reconstructive surgery on my breast on July 25 2012 then wait to heal 10 weeks. ughh.. He wants to take more extra skin off so the new implants wont sag or drop.
Then I wait till October to get the implants put back in and do the Tummy tuck. Im gonna try for September... ILL keep writing on my procedure and healing process. A little anxious.

Thank you Blonde in bluffon.

Good luck on Wednesday! I have my surgeries in October- so if you have to wait until then we will be in the same month.:-)

From Hawaii to Canada. That's quite a move! Best of luck with your procedure on Wednesday. I hope it's smooth sailing for you. Please keep us posted!


Today im home just finished having a mastectomy....

Today im home just finished having a mastectomy. They cleaned me out... one had ruptured a month and a half ago. Im really happy that that's done. Now I have to wait 10 weeks to have my tt/ lipo and new implants put back in.

I was so nauseated coming out of surgery yesterday/ dizzy. Today is much better. Im taking tylenol and advil for swelling. The doc says Im at a b cup and will be ready to go back to d's later.

Im even more scared now to feel the pain of the surgery for the tt. Yesterday i had my hubby stay home and he had to do everything, i dont know what Im going to feel when i have the tt. O boy.
My surgery is scheduled for October 15, 2012.

Mine is oct 29th. I can't wait! Good idea with 5th wheel. Woohoo for us we are 2 weeks apart! I have been trying to eat clean but some days are better then others.
Clean eating very goooood. I have always been pretty disciplined with my diet after I had the implant deflate I fell of the wagon and now im eating kinnda bad. Oh well some times you got to just go with it. Well today is another day closer for us!! yay

Getting close!

Getting close!
11 days!!! Are you excited?
Hi Jade October 15 2012

Good night to all .Tomorrow is the Big day...

Good night to all .Tomorrow is the Big day finally!! TT....... lipo........ Ba...
How are you doing??
Im good!! How r you today?
Glad everything went well!!! I replied to the post you posted on my wall. Good luck with your hubby being away!!!

PO 6 days. All is going good. incision is low,...

PO 6 days. All is going good. incision is low, boobbies are kindda huge. Lipo doesnt even hurt. Tomorrow I have my 1st Follow Up visit with Ps. My question is my belly button seems to be closing shut. also do I need a tighter compression garmet. Hope to get drains out only filling to 25 cc every 24 hours. cleaning incision feels so unreal like out of body experience. Every thing still feels kinda numb. Posting pics.

New pics posted

new pics posted

Pictures posted one drain out!!! Yay

Pictures posted one drain out!!! Yay
Congratulations & happy healing....Did you get silicone or saline?
Im soooo bored!
Still at home I take it? lol You look great. What size of implants did you go with? They look beautiful!!

PO 10 days feeling good. Still got one drain in...

PO 10 days feeling good. Still got one drain in one to go. Draining at 30 cc every 24 hours. Boobies have dropped nice and incision ad Belly button look nice and clean. Happy

YIKES!!! Ok im sitting here rocooperating/...

YIKES!!! Ok im sitting here rocooperating/ hibernating for the last 10 days "ALONE" with my DOG when My husband calls from asia at the airport that he is coming home tomorrow and he is feeling "SICK" like he's coming down with a cold mind you he hasn't been sick in 4 years..... Yes I said SICK. Poor thing I feel for him and I know he works so hard for us but Dang what if i get sick. I cant imagine if I had to cough or sneeze i wouldn't be able to Handle.......I don't want to sound like im not empathetic but Im scared. We do have a 5th wheel outside would that be awful of me??? I don't mind going out there either.. one of us....hmm

OK now Im stressing...Randell

What does dog ear mean and what does it look like....

What does dog ear mean and what does it look like. I keep hearing that terminology?
Hey Flower! You look wonderful! Did anyone answer the dog ear question for you yet?
HI Cherrybabi! Nope.....not yet:)
OK I will try to explain it. A dog ear are folds of skin and fat that develop on your sides after a TT. They are called dog ears because they hang off your side similar to how a dog's ears look when they are pointing down. You can do a google search for images to get a better idea. Hope this helps! :)

Good after noon fellow TT's!! I am ready to go to...

Good after noon fellow TT's!! I am ready to go to the super market ....Buy myself..... im in sweats and still have one drain inn. Please nobody hit my stomach.

OFF i goooo.
This will be the first time im driving since TT October 15. PO 13 days..........Is any one-still pretty numb on their belly? It feels so bizarre.
You look awesome. I can't feel anything yet when I touch the tummy is really bizarre! A few of my girlfriends had the MM and said it took 6 mos to get feeling back! When thighs swell from lipo...can't feel those either. You look great!!
@3 kidsmom! Hello Thank you! OMGOSH 6 months. Thats going to be soooo weird.
You look amazing!!!

PO 15 days!!!! WHUU HUU The last drain is finally...

PO 15 days!!!! WHUU HUU The last drain is finally out! Feels so much better they removed it even though it still was draining at 30 cc every 24 hours. 2 weeks is long enough.
Got a new compression garment looks like a panty girdle "step 2". Much more mobile and cant wait to exercise.

I have a hair appointment tomorrow I hope we can get through the day ok........ Driving is no problem, cooking no problem, and grocery shopping no problem. Yay its the small things that you get to appreciate again.... small steps gang one day at a time.

Oh and the hubby came home with a cold he's still in a separate bedroom and we are both in 2 different parts of the house... so sad........ maybe this weekend we can have some fun:)

New pictures po 15 days. Last drain out yesterday....

New pictures po 15 days. Last drain out yesterday..Still swollen but moving around a lot better.
Hi . I just want it to comment on you Look sooooooo good yey for you . Everything looks great the incision super low jour breast fits you perfect . What size where u before . I was a 34 b before my BA I got 475 cc now am a 34DD
Hi stepk, Right before the surgery i was probably a 34 c I had my old im[plant rupture and deflate so on the left boobie it is deflated on the left side it is a old 450cc. I have had 480's in 1995 then went to an overfill to 550cc 2000 that was to big I wore them for 6 years then did a reduction 2005 and Lift to small c big B I hated it. Made them 480 cc 2007 Then they delated Ruptured i ripped a pectoral muscle...... sooo I am @ 480 and I am the most comfortable here. I still dont know what size yet as far as 34 dd?? some bras will be DD some will be just D depends on the bra. what a crazy journey.... and the crazy thing is when i turn 60 im taking um out again and just having another lift.... if nothing goes wrong with these.
You go girl in the jeans..Results look great...did you end up with silicone or saline?

5 weeks post op and feeling 90% . I am having no...

5 weeks post op and feeling 90% . I am having no dump truck feelings in which I know what some of you were talking about. It is when this tight feeling comes over you abdomen mostly the upper gets tight and it is a very heavy feeling very awkward but not sore just bizarre.

The tiredness and shortness of breath is gone and I can actually go hiking and do arm work outs again.

Using the Bio-oil once in a while and sometimes I just leave it natural. I love it and I would do it again.

Pictures to follow. Happy healing gang...

3 Months post op from Tummy Tuck, Lipo on flanks,...

3 Months post op from Tummy Tuck, Lipo on flanks, Breast lift and Augmentation.

Its getting better everyday! Yay the tiredness is gone the out of breathness is gone and life is back to normal. I can actually say at 3 months you finally feel Good.

I am able to jog, work out, and get the deed on...... just fine.

The healing is going good.... some days I have the tightening in my upper abdomen and in the lower abdomen, right above the incision under the belly button. It is still hard where the incision is right in the middle,
Im assuming that will go away. I sill have the SLIGHT numbness on my right hip/ thigh just a little.

Nothing I cant deal with. I know it's slowly going away, compared to the first few weeks.

My belly button is cute pretty tiny. Its all good... I do-not wear a compression garment or a bra to sleep in. I am going solo.

I know everyone is different and this works for mua. I do have a follow up in January with my PS.

Tomorrow I am of to Hawaii cant wait to wear my bikini lay in the sunshine and just relax.

My opinion is if anyone decides to go with this type of procedure make sure you have the time to heal and stay calm/ positive.

Happy healing to all and good luck to those who want to be on the flatter side. Its a beautiful thing:)
You look amazing I hope mine turns out that good.
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Doctor was so attentive and staff was so awesome Pam Thank you for everything you are terrific. Staff came to my home to check on me 3 days in a row to help with cleaning of incisions and meds. Money well spent. If you are in Victoria Canada he's your Man...

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