I Am a Nurse- I Would Not Do This Again - Victoria, BC

I had Fraxel restore dual on Thursday last week,...

I had Fraxel restore dual on Thursday last week, along with Mixto to remove a few small growths on my face. It is now Monday. I have to say that I had very good skin with no melasma or acne prior to treatment. The reason I did it was for tightening of the skin and the Dr recommended this would help. Yikes, I would not recommend this.The itching post treatment drove me snakey and I have rough patches and small acne spots all over at this point. It doesn't appear infected but it doesn't look good. There is mild peeling starting. If you already have good skin, DON'T DO THIS.Stick with Retin A at night and Cellex C in the a.m. and be happy with what you have. I repeat, don't do this and mess up your skin even more.I would not even consider further treatment.

I agree, don't let any doctor talk you into doing this procedure, good skin or not. It's not worth it and could be your worst nightmare, like the one I'm living. My life has been a nightmare ever since I had this procedure 10 months ago. You will be one of the lucky ones if your doctor helps you after he screws up your face, but like my doctor he probably just won't want to treat or help you or won;t know how to. I see a lot of people giving there doctors good review after they ruined there faces, if they are helping you, please post what they are doing to get your skin back. I really need to know. So if anyone has any help, I really need some advice on what to use on to get my skin back, something that works. Thank you
I too was damaged by this laser, I think this company need a lawsuit or something too many times I seen this happened to good people. The laser cosmetic industry only cares for profit, and shows good pics not the negative ones, for example awalk she was damaged from fraxel laser. Talk to lora33 I want to form a lawsuit against fraxel
I also have been damaged and if you talk with lora33 I would be interested in going with her to pursue a lawsuit. My face is ruined.
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It's just not worth it. do other things that aren't burning your skin. You are taking a big chance if you go through with this. Nothing bad about the clinic or Dr's but I believe the procedure in general is Russian Roulette for the skin!

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