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At 58 and after waiting 4 years for surgery date I...

At 58 and after waiting 4 years for surgery date I am now two weeks post op
I am happy with the left breast unfortunately the right is larger and it appears I have to wait 6 months for a revision to sort That out :(

I know once that is done I will be much happier because the left one is so much better and the weight off my back s fantastic .
Has anyone else out there had this issue and are revisions any challenge?


Hello - I am in Ontario and chose not to wait for OHIP to schedule my appt. with a plastic surgeon for breast reduction so I paid out of pocket for my procedure. I recall I was told it would take a year or longer to get an initial appt. and then after that ???? for the actual surgery. I am currently 56 and in December it will have been 2 years since my initial breast reduction surgery. Like you, I ended up with one breast larger than the other. It was not possible to live with it -- as my nipples are quite prominent (sadly) I looked rather cockeyed with one nipple 2 cm. higher than the other, as well as one breast larger than the other. Also the smaller breast ended up with an inverted nipple. So - there I was with one nipple protruding at times, and the other less so and higher. It was very discouraging. I went back to my ps and he kept telling me to give it time. I did - but I finally went to a second ps for another opinion and it was there I learned how things were measured and how off scale my breasts were. I then went back to my original ps and spoke in terms of the necessary revision. It had been long enough and "things" were not going to settle in any way that would make me balanced. I had to make a decision about whether to trust my original ps to do the revision - which he finally offered and agreed to -- but only after I took my husband with me into the examining room where I spoke in very clear terms about outcomes and expectations. I was very concerned about my second surgery as my first was so god awful to recover from - not from the breast reduction (I think) but from the liposuction done to my stomach. So - I did allow the original PS to correct my breast size and attempt to correct the nipple inversion (both PS's told me that the nipple inversion was not a certain fix). I can happily say that my breasts are quite symmetrical now and close enough to the same size that I am happy with them. The nipple inversion is better, I may have to live with it as it is. BUT - the mess left on my stomach from the lipo is really sickening. I cannot believe I look the way I do. So - my advice to you is to go to another plastic surgeon, pay for the appt. and get impartial advice and do not tell the second doctor who did your original surgery. I did not tell my second doctor who had done my breast reduction surgery as I did not want there to be any issue about "colleagues". And I was asked more than once who did the surgery - I just stated that I preferred not to say. After a bit of research to determine who would be the best doctor to go to for an assessment I discovered my original PS was a mentor to almost all in this geographical area. I knew he was very prominent, that was why I chose him, but I think it helped get an impartial second opinion about necessary corrective surgery to keep the named person out of it. If I want to pursue anything otherwise I always have the option. Get another opinion!!!!!! You will feel much better. Good luck and keep us posted. xo
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Dr Chris Taylor

A friend recommended him Try me six months from now after I get balanced out I may feel a little less discouraged

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