Vi Peel Review

Hi All, To whoever is in assumption that one...

Hi All,

To whoever is in assumption that one vi-peel is going to change ur looks dramatically,Please read this...

As the doctor explained i started peeling on my 3rd day till 5th day like snake but though underlying skin is new,I still had all acne scars and leisions even in my new skin.So may be it works for people who have minor problems Vi peel works. I also heard from couple of derma specialist that one peel will not need to do a series of 3-6 peels to get to the deep layers of skin..

If any one can suggest a good procedure which will give reasonable results in long run but with out downtime it will be great!


Yes. This is not a one-time-fixed all treatment. I had my expectation managed and was happy to see that the VI peel (and later on VI Precision Peel) was able to delay my need for filler (around nasolabial). It gave me a good collagen boost and helped tightens my pores. But I'll have to admit that this thing requires maintenance, probably once every 3 or 4 months. Removal of sun spots is a hit and miss. But all in all, it does help fade the spots, albeit a little too slowly.
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I had a Vi medium peel a week ago, the peeling and itching on my face has all but stopped, but my neck is a mess. It's red and raw and looks terrible. I think I have had a reaction. I have Aquaphor all over and coconut oil and cortisone cream and it will not stop itching. I have call the doctor and they tell me this is normal??? Never again, ever!
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I took a Benedryl and it helped!
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