So Excited! Getting Lipo of Flanks and Upper Back Fat, then Gonna Save Up for Tummy Tuck Next

I am 31, 5"5, 180 pounds. So, far I have lost 20...

I am 31, 5"5, 180 pounds. So, far I have lost 20 pounds. I have always had what appears to be two sets of butt cheeks. As I have continued to lose weight it becomes more and more evident that it is not going anywhere. I have always dreamed of cosmetic surgery and can't believe my time has finally come. My pre op appointment is Nov 5th and I hope to reach my goal weight of 160 pounds by then. I have been exercising and eating healthy ahead of time because I want this to be a new way of life. Has anyone ever read about anybody who had work done and then gained weight back? I can't imagine wasting the money - that's my fear, don't want it to happen to me. I recently found this site and have been obsessed with it ever since. My plan is to have my back side taken care of first, then the front. I will post from time to time to chronicle my weight loss before surgery as well as what I will look like after surgery.

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I took some before pictures but I guess they...

I took some before pictures but I guess they didn't load. will try again tonight


Dear mytransformation,

Please check out the forum on weight gain 1 year post-lipo before your procedure. And post message me if you have any questions. The aesthetic and health risks of liposuction are very real - fat redistribution and endocrine issues are the biggest problems and the least talked about by plastic surgeons, unfortunately. Hey, if I were a PS, I most likely wouldn't tell patients how horrible lipo was on the body if I were making big bucks off it or my salary depended on it (actually I would now that I know 1st hand what happens but still). As someone who weighed 125 llbs at 5'4", is an athlete, eats extremely nutritious meals, and got the tiniest amount of liposuction, my fat still re-distributed and in very extreme ways (upper arms, upper abs, upper back, practically my entire upper body) plus I developed thyroid issues. I'd really encourage you to either a) reconsider getting liposuction all together and take up life-long exercise, while spending the money on a personal trainer and making long-term health goals (i.e. running a half/full marathon next year or competing in a bikini contest, or b) get a fat transfer/bbl if you really want to change your body quickly and with instant gratification.

Good luck to you and feel free to ask questions,
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Hi have a shape similar to mine...i'm 5'4 190 now...I had lipo on flanks, mons pubic and bra roll (underarm only) on May 15 1500cc removed then on July 24 went back and had my stomach done...I have always had a budda belly (larger above the belly button) this time I had 3200cc's been nearly 6 weeks and i'm still swollen and sore and lumpy...I really didn't wear the compression garment like I should have ( maybe just about a week) it was so irratating (itchy) I will probably take longer to see my results...dr. said around 6 months or so.....hoping to see good results if I do i'm going to have the back side done.
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I hope everything turns out well for you. Almost everyone complains about wearing the compression garments. I hope that I can keep my mine on as long as reccommended when the time comes. Did the Dr. say it would help if you start wearing it again?

Had my pre op on Mon 11/5. Everything went well...

Had my pre op on Mon 11/5. Everything went well Im on for Nov 19th at 745am. Im so excited I could burst. I have been doing well with working out and eating right. I've lost five more pounds! (I'm down to 175, my goal weight is 150) Yay me! I got my perscriptions filled (something for nausea, percocet, an antibiotic, and a pack of arnica. Im uploading one more pic today to give a clear shot of all of the back rolls and the huge flank area. I will post again on the day of the surgery which is 11 days away. Im not in any way nervous, I hope I stay that way. Good luck to everyone.


Did you ever have this done? How are you? Thanks!
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