Very Happy with Eyelid Surgery

I am 42yrs old and 7 days into PO. No Pain at all....

I am 42yrs old and 7 days into PO. No Pain at all. My eyelids are going to look great once the swelling is gone. Will take another week or so.

As you can see from my pics I am healing very fast, I am lucky to be able to work from home but if you have to go back to work in a office or so, give yourself 14 days. I went to a Doc who does only eyelid surgery and Face lifts. Nothing else. So try to avoid those doctors who do it all. Have it done by a specialist!


Jen, I talked to the ladies in the Doc's office about resurfacing and decided not to do it. I did Botox (which ROCKS!) and Perlane. And I am using Obagi. Obagi works for me.
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Obagi? OMG, I am soooo new to this that I have never even heard of this. I had very crepey skin under my eyes prior to the bleph and although it's not as bad now I am still not liking the look when I smile. I want a longer lasting procedure such as laser or chemical peel. But do tell more about Obagi...PLEASE =] Oh, and I am definately sold on Botox after seeing my sister's results.
Hi Jen. I never knew about obagi before going to see my Girl for the Botox. Everyone claims it's by prescription only, which is not true because you can get it on Ebay :)And let me tell you something Obagi at the Doctors office is EXPENSIVE. About $300 - 500 for the starter kit! Ebay $136 factory sealed and authentic. I also got the Day and Night cream, another $45 each and after 21 days I see results that I never saw with any cream before. (And I tried them all, spend lot's of money for lot's of creams.) Even my husband is using it now, he just got his own kit. How cute :) check them out on the internet. What are you using now ?

Photo Update


you look great, i healed fast too. congratulations. it's all over but the continued good healing now.
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Day 14 and you look amazing. Do you have a before photo too? I'm over one month Post-Op and still swollen. Although, I'm living in a hot climate and I work 40 hours a week mostly on computer in airconditioned office.
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looking really nice
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