Very Disappointed - I had threadlift done to the lower half of my face - Port Jefferson, NY

I had threadlift done to the lower half of my face...

I had threadlift done to the lower half of my face.This was 6 years after a face lift and upper and lower eyelid surgery just as a freshen up sort of thing. I have never heard anyone complain about my problem.At first it looked terrific.A little unconfortable with just locals but well worth the results.But over a few months with normal use (sleeping on my side of my face and such)I looked like I had never had anything done.I had to wait 6 months for it to completly heal before my Doctor would do another one.More pain,but once again worth it if it had stayed the way it looked when it was first done ,but in a month or so, again it looked as if nothing was done.I am left with small bumps at incision sites and chronic pain in my right temple.My only other option is another facelift at this point.I am very disappointed.I wonder if others have had this problem.(Also spent over 3,000 on Thermage.Another waste.Why don't they wait a while and have more data before putting these procedures on the market to the general public?).
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I went in for a neck lift and left with fishing line poking out of my neck through the skin. It was so painful, I've hesitated to go back and have them removed, but am working up the courage, because having them near my ears gives me chronic ear aches and lower headaches anyway.
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You paid wayyyy to much for the Thread Lift and I agree these fly by nite procedures should be BANNED when no one get the results that are promised time & time again!
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Yes if a procedure doesn't deliver the goods it should be banned but it doesn't negate the responsiblity of the buyer to beware. A little research could have saved you the money and anguish.
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