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I had mesotherapy in my chin 4 weeks ago,but still...

I had mesotherapy in my chin 4 weeks ago,but still have lump,burning,stifness and itching where it was injected. Is this normal? When will these symptoms disappear? The mesotherapy was done immedeately after I had ulthera in the same area.

Doctor suggested meso immediately after I finished ulthera and was still sore, he had the injection in his hand and quickly proceeds without talking to me enough to know the possible complications. When I saw him one week later with a very puffy and swallon chin he said it's normal! It's 4 weeks now and My chin has lump that's itchy,burning and painfull.

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Is ulthera a non surgical skin lifting? If u went thru ultra sound skin lifting, u shdnt be going thru mesotherapy. I went thru meso bc I wanted to reduce more fats, not building lumps. For first 1 week, it was a nightmare. My lower face was so swollen, but after 1 week my swell went down. The 1st week my skin was very itchy, tingling and painful.

I heard from another doctor that over injecting meso into the skin could create undulating skin. Perhaps for your case. That is why meso treatment is only cater for small area and the best area to treat is the face.

Suggest u should see another doctor for 2nd opinion.
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