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So Excited After my First Treatment with PicoSure! - Vernon Hills, IL

Tanning and acne have taken their toll on a tattoo...

Tanning and acne have taken their toll on a tattoo that I got when I was 18. It looks like hell and I want it GONE. When researching my options I came across information about the PicoSure laser and how it was so much more effective than previous tattoo removal lasers. I found the closest office that had this laser near me, read a positive review about this particular place, and booked an appointment.

Is it cheap? No. But it seems like a bargain to me because I will finally be rid of something that has bothered me/affected my self esteem for years.

I decided to not opt for the anesthetic cream before my first treatment. It did hurt, yes-- but I saved $30 by sucking it up for the 3 minutes it took to go over the tat. PicoSure felt like little rubber bands snapping the skin continuiously and/or like being hit by hot grease repeatedly. My doctor also used two older layers after the PicoSure in order to give me better results.

Day 8

Pics I took this morning. I'm happy so far :)

Day 8

Day 8- again

Sorry, I can't seem to delete the other two "Day 8" entries. All I wanted to do was add a close up pic to the one. So, here it is...

Day 16

Some discoloration from scabby areas. Not sure if those were from the laser or acne. *sigh*. It's okay though, I'm still digging the results so far :)

Round 2

I had my second treatment with Picosure on December 27th. This time I opted for numbing, which may or may not have to do with the severe blistering and weeping I had for the first 1-2 days before I drained the blisters. As you can probably see from the pics, this time the tattoo area is much more irritated and raw-looking than it was after my first treatment. Not a big deal though--I'm keeping it cleaned, creamed and bandaged.

The woman who prepped me and Dr. Ritacca were both impressed at how much the tattoo had faded in just one treatment. At first, they thought I had had more than one. Ritacca estimated that once this second treatment heals, it will be 95% gone. I'm super happy about that obviously, but will be miffed with myself if the whole thing is gone after 3 treatments (I paid for a package of four). Oh well, I can't complain--I feel like I'm reclaiming a part of my body and that is awesome. I can't wait to be able to wear upper-back revealing shirts, dresses, and swimsuits. And I'm so excited that I won't have to explain the tattoo ever again--it will no longer be an unwanted topic of conversation.

The minor pain and the inconvenience of having to drive 3 hours out of my way (with an ungodly number of tollbooths *chaching*) is totally worth it. At least, so far. I have high hopes for this second treatment :D

Second treatment results--Day 15

The scabs have healed and now I'm waiting patiently for the red skin to turn back to its normal flesh color (hopefully it will). I would really love for the remaining gray marks to fade even more in the six months I have until my next treatment. As you can see, there are some stubborn areas where the pigment was a little darker/more embedded than others. At this point, it's hard for me to see if any of the colored ink remains. Overall, I'm still very pleased with the way things are going.

Second treatment results--Month 4

Here's what it looks like today. I'm going back for treatment three in late June. I'm still very happy with the progress. I honestly don't think the tattoo will ever be invisible, but I'm just thrilled that people won't be able to tell what was there. Blobby scar areas > bad tattoo. Still, I'm eager to see this thing fade even more.

Third round with Picosure, Day 16

I had my third session on August 1st. I didn't bother posting pics of the first couple of weeks because it was the typical scabbing/ugly phase. This time around, the doc only hit certain areas. I guess he felt that the most faded parts didn't need another blast. He told me that I should wait AT LEAST a year before I go in for my final round.

I think some areas might be darker than they were prior to getting zapped, but I'm pretty sure it's temporary as I seem to recall noticing it before--but maybe I'm just crazy.

I won't lie--the red areas are from where I picked/scratched a little. I know, I know--I tried not to, but oh well. Dermatillomania's a bitch.

Well, that's all I've got so far. I'm still less than a year into the removal process and so far I'm quite satisfied. It's worth the money.

I'll probably update again in a month or two (or three) :-)
Chicago Oculoplastic Surgeon

The whole office seems to run very efficiently, which I appreciated. My appointment (which included a consultation) was at noon and I was out of there by 12:45. Awesome! The staff, nurse, and doctor were all very friendly and professional. I feel like I am in capable hands and I expect to see great results due to their competence. So far, so good. Hopefully my other appointments with them will be just as nice.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You made me so hopeful! Great results!!!
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Amazing results! Really nice progress!
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Thanks so much for keeping your review up to date, your results are so encouraging...fantastic fading! 
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Looking good. I had two tattoos removed so far with 100% removal. I am hoping for good results with this one as well. I think it has to do with you not rushing and putting enough time between sessions.
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I don't think I have seen anyone with such great results after only 3 treatments!
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Wow, just wow . Amazing results
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Thanks! I think I might be able to wear a tank top next summer. I haven't done that in eight years...
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You've had great results! I go for a consult July 22nd for my 'tramp stamp'. Can't wait to get this thing OFF ME!
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I know the feeling! About a month ago, a new friend of mine saw a little of what remains of my tat peeking out of my shirt. She thought it was marker at first. When I let her see the whole thing she asked me what it had been. That, for me, is the definition of success. The fact that people can't make out the design any longer is awesome.
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I'm really excited and happy for you. I know this process will take awhile, so I will learn some new found patience. That is amazing that your friend couldn't figure out what your tattoo was :-) Thanks for the reply!
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Absolutely--good luck!
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Simply amazing. You're pictures give me hope and strength!
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Thank you! I think it helped that my tattoo was 1) older and 2) faded from years of me not giving a fuck about sunscreen. I had a bit of a head start, you might say :D
  • Reply
Well, that's not so good news for me since mine is brand new... F*cked up really bad both in color and size... I just still, still hope that there is hope for me...
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Hey there, just checking in to see when your next appointment is.
  • Reply
August 1st. I've had to put it off twice because I've been doing a lot of traveling.
  • Reply
You're so close!
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Thanks for sharing EK! Do you follow any type of diet or do any supplementing of any kind?
  • Reply
You bet. As far as supplements I take a multi daily as well as calcium, chelated magnesium glycinate, and chromium. Occasionally I take zinc in liquid form. My diet is what I would consider to be a mix of paleo and low carb, but I'm not 100% strict about it. I'm pretty serious about avoiding sugar and dairy, however, because those make me breakout like whoa
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Thanks for the info!
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Incredible results for only two treatments. Really hope number three seals the deal for you, it looks like it might!
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Thanks, me too!
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Hey, your tattoo looks almost gone, so encouraging! How's it looking now? Thanks for sharing :)
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It looks about the same as the last photo I posted, which is why I haven't updated yet. I will upload another pic before my third treatment, which will be in June. Maybe I'll upload one sooner--we'll see :-)
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Impressive results for only 2 treatments!! Do you know what setting the laser is at?
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