I love them !!! 34A with Hopes of a Full C -

My Procedure is in 2 weeks. Not sure if I was...

My Procedure is in 2 weeks. Not sure if I was going with Silicone 350 CC or 400CC for my body frame . 4"11 and 105 Pounds. That was my dillema untill i started reading about how much its going to cost me over the years for MRIs with Silicone. Im freaking out now. Is saline implants a better option? My Doctor said since i am small that silicone would look more natural and less rippling. Didnt even bother to ask about the long wrong.

2 Week Post Op Appointment

2 Week Post Op Appointment is tomorrow and I'm just feeling like I'm doing the wrong thing? I hope this s just me being paranoid. This is like literralty 3/4 of my savings. Ahhhh. My boyfriend was suppose to go with me tomorrow but I decided it was best to have my mom goes since my Boyfriend is not being supportive of my BA to begin with. He would just ruin the experience LOL. I also ordered a sports bra that hopefully works out. I feel so unprepared. I don't know what I need?

So long Small boobs

34A. 105 pounds and height 4"11.

They say to go big or go home right?

So Its done, I've choosen 400CC. I went in there with the mind set I was choosen 350 but when I got there they seemed so small? Nurse told me they will look.smaller once they are in so that gave me some sense of relieve. I got home excited to at least show my boyfriend the picture of me with the breast implants on but all he did was just tell me how he can't believe I'm actually doing this. He's so unsupportive and being so close to surgery he rather not even talk about it. It sucks, I feel like a trapped little boy in this body and he doesn't understand that :(

Just received my sport bra

So it fits pretty comfortable. I ordered a 38C and the nurse said that might be to big but i think it fits perfect. She told me to grip my hand and stick it in the bra. It should feel tight. I'm going to order a 38B just to be on the safe side because she said it needs to be super tight. It feels very comfortable. Ordered it on walmart.com for 11 bucks

375CC it is

I love my Doctor! I called to change the breast size and the nurse said they could squeeze me in for another consultation. I tried 350CC and 400CC and the 400cc was so big but the 350 was so small Si we went in the middle 375. I was able to snap.more pictures so i can make my final decision. They where so nice literally thay the receptionist was my exact body type and frame and she got 400cc that she showed me her breast. I appreciated that and her boobs look awesome ! Im excited now and I can't wait.

Goodbye small boobs youve been good to me.

Well.... Tomorrow is the day. Im really scared. Kinda thinking wth was i thinking? Im deff crazy but ive always wanted this so i got to think positive. I just cleaned my whole house and dropped my daughter of with her grandma for a week. My bf has been really nice lately. He wont talk about it but i think hes just realizing he cant stop me anymore. My Birthday was this weekend and he was sooooo good to me. I just wNt tomorrow to be over. I will update more as the days come. Ive been so busy with work and my Birthday i havent been able to. Time for a shower and bed. Good bye small boobies you have been sooooooo good to me. Ahhhhh

Last pic of my small Boobies

I got Boobies !

Wow... Its done. Im so relieved and boy was i nervous for nothing. It was Easy Peazy ... The staff was so professional and kept my mind of things. I got the anesthesia and they said in 15 seconds you wont feel a thing and they werent kidding. I woke up and it was all done. So fast. My pain level is a 3 out of 10, not bad. I sneaked a peek at my boobs and they feel perfectttt. I also noticed i could feel my nipples so i didnt loose my sensation. Thank god. I will post pictures tomorrow. Im scared to mess anything up right now.

Took a sneak po show yalll lol

Sneak peak. Showed my sister and she says they look small. I hope not :( I just showed her this much and I havent see the upper top so we shall see. It's swollen though.

Ahhh Franken Boobs

Oh boy :( I took of the bra and band and boy do they look ugly LOL... I just wish they where perfect already. They are so up. Almost up to my colar bone. I tried on an old bra and it fit too so I don't know. Maybe I just need to wait.

Feeling Ugly

Ok in regards to my boobs they are still swollen and look the same as yesterday. Probably a tad bit softer. But whoa let me tell you the Bloating is real. I feel like I'm 5 Months pregnant. I feel huge. Feeling ugly today. To much info but I haven't even pooped Since Monday. Im going to take a shower and get ready see if I feel better. Today I have barely felt the need for my meds. I don't feel any pain just soreness in the breast area. I slept very good last night. And one thing I'm so thankful I purchased and has helped me thru the night's is my travel pillow. Only 7.99 at Walmart.

Day 4

Day 4 and I'm feeling much better. Yesterday was just weird LOL. So many mixed emotions. I think it was the meds so I stopped taking them. I was crying and I was so bloated. I took some Milk of Magnesia yesterday and thank god it worked lol Sorry to much info but I felt much better after. I also have no type of pain anymore I'm so happy. I take Advil here and there. My boobs also feel a tad bit softer. I Dont feel like they are up to my neck anymore. Yay. Cant wait for them to drop.

Day 5

Day 5 and I'm feeling like my normal self. Can't wait to find out what bra size I am. I happy with the size I got.

Back to work Tomorrow :(

My Vacation is over wahhh. Time to go back to work tomorrow. I feel great. No more Advil or meds. Im so happy I took a week of work. I feel like no one will ever tell anything. So I recommend if you plan on getting BA at least take a full 5 Days off. I will let you guys know how tomorrow goes. Good night RS Friends :)


1 week today. I made it LOL... Although I seriously cannot wait till I'm able to get the ok to not sleep with the wrap or bra. That day will be heaven. I miss wearing cute bras too LOL I do notice a difference from Day 1.

Waiting Game

The waiting game sucks. I hate wearing this bra and band. Went to the doctor and he wants the band on for another 3 Weeks. With the Holiday Festivities approaching I have all these cute things to wear but my boobs are still crazy. Probably around the Holidays is not a good timA LOL... He said my boobs were healing good and no infections. Got to go back in 2 weeks. He didn't say anything about messaging them yet though. ? So far its been week. When does the messaging start?

Boob Greed !

Dammit i wish I would have least gone with 400CC. My boobs seem small. I will post a pic tomorrow but i deff wish they where bigger. My opinion for small girls is just go with your gut instict and dont think because you are small you will look unporportioned. I guess i just have to wait to see the final results.

2 Weeks

So I've been eating my life away since I havent been able to work out but yesterday I decided to walk on the treadmill at a very fast pace and I woke this morning with my right incision hurting. So I'm going to not work out until I'm given the ok. I don't want to open my cut up for being hard headed or start getting complications because I think I'm super Women LOL. Lesson learned. For most part I'm back to normal and I sleep very comfortble on my back or side. Also sorry i have not been updating but I'm back to work and back to being a full time mommy and full time gf and maid LOL.

old bra

Just trying on old bras and i can finally say they are to small. Yayy. I'm also starting to notice them drop and fluff a bit.

1 Month Update

I'm really hoping my boobs impove. I feel like they are deformed. My nipples I've also noticed are really low. It's bugging me. Am I overreacting? I also bought a wireless bra from Walmart and it was a 34 B that saddens me. Other then that I'm feeling good and working out again. I can work out and do everything completely the same. Likes good and I can't wait till they improve because they haven't.


I recently wore this dress to a Holiday Party.

Boob Size

Ok girls please read carefully if you are planning to get boobs. Apparently just because I'm Pettitte I thought going 400CC or more is way to.big but its not. I went with375 Cc and boy do I wish I went bigger. Remember your paying lots of money make sure its worth it. I will post pics of my boobs later. Just so sad wahh


34C Victoria Secret Bra

Just purchased this Bra from VS. It has light padding. Its a 34C. Happier now LOL, I just want to be a C dammit. I purchased 3 other Brascan't wait to get those. It's the Semi-Annual. sale Take advantage ladies LOL
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So thankful for your post I want 400ccs and I am also 4'11 but was getting scared it was too big but after reading yours I'm thinking I should keep to it! Yours look great btw (:
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I think it depends on what kinda implant looks your going for... In my opinion I like the size you got. Nothing too crazy but good cleavage especially for being petite. That's the look I'd go for. I want to look curvy and proportional. :)
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Lucky I couldn't find any nice bras in my size!!! I got re-sized and I'm a 32 DDD. That is a hard size to find boo and my sister size 34DD is too big on the band. You look great!
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everyone was telling me that 400cc were gunna look huge cuz im only 5ft tall (: but I did not listen and I went 450cc & now I am so happy I don't have to wear padded bras currently a 32DDD.
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Yea you look so gorgeous on that dress:D xoxo
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BTW, Your Boobs look amazing(: cheer up they will grow, they say it takes 3 months or even a year to completely see the results, HUGS!! xoxo
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Your so lucky. Im hoping i see better results in my future. I was hopping i didnt have to wear push ups but i will still have to a bit lol.
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Lol, I'm having the 'wha wha wha' moments too, what a couple of goof balls we are! Ya, ok...maybe I could have gone bigger, but you know what? I look at my b4 pics and my now pics, and I'm just so happy that my skin stretched far enough, lol and that so far so good with healing and such. You are looking good and holy moly, that dress is HOT! (-: Let's both stop worrying so much about wishing we went bigger (ya, I know it's not easy) but hey! We look great! Hugs
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I agree at least i have some boob now lol. Just sad because I went from an A Cup to B Cup. Wish i was at least a C. We live and we learn . Wah lol ;)
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You look smokin in that dress! I know what you mean about size,though. I totally would have gone bigger myself if my ps would have let/recommended itmfor me. 350 seemed big at first but my shape could handle more; but my breast/chest couln't fit more: I'm only 10-11 cm :( maybe I'll stretch over time, and in 20 years (hopefully it will be that long) I'll be able to go bigger if I choose. You got great results hon
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Love that dress!!! What bra did you wear? You look great and remember you have more than what you had before. I think they look proportionate to your frame :)
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I didnt wear a bra with the dress. They where still swollen so they looked nice and big but they have deffinetely shrunk since then. Ive been trying on Bras and im a B. Just wish i was a bit fuller.
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I know what you mean, I'm almost 3 months and I feel like they have shrunk but I have more than what I had. Also this as big as my PS could have gone on me safely.
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Those don't look small! I think you look great! Just give it more time, you still are pretty full in the upper pole. Once you drop and fluff more I think you will be happy with them! I think yours look like mine at this stage!
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They look bigger in pictures. They are small but i will keeo hoping. Thanks for the encouragement :)
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Oh! I meant to tell you that at 5 weeks post-op I tried on bras and fit a 34C and am now a 32DD. So it will get better! Wait until the 3-4 month mark to see your final bra size. That's what my PS told me to do! I even have one 32DD that I pop out of a little bit now at 5 months post-op!!
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Don't be sad. Things will get better for you. Wait til they d & f. Happy healing. Best wishes
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Post some new pics! You can't be stressing about these yet! My 375cc turned out great! Just be patient as hard as well all know it is and get to that 3 or 4 month mark. Mine are still changing at 5 months!! I think you are looking great so far!
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You look gorgeous! A previous poster was right - you haven't dropped yet - wait and see, they are going to keep morphing! xx
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Im as short as you & I went 450cc, I really wanted 500cc but 450cc seemed too big for me, so I sticked with 450cc :D
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Lucky! I seriously wish I went with 425 at least. You can barely tell I got implants. And they.are shrinking by the day.
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omg dont worry about the size! You can tell from your pictures they havent dropped and fluffed yet so you cant see the real size. YOU know better than your sis what getting a BA does to your boobs :P SO far they look great so just look forward to them dropping and getting even better looking !!
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You look great!!
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Boobs are looking great. Once they drop and fluff they will get bigger. I'm 6 weeks out and I think these things are huge. Hahahaha not that I'm complaining.... But I def. came a long way having Frankenstein boob at first!!
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That side profile pic looks just like me at that stage!! Your gonna look great! In 2-3 more weeks you will see a big change in them (at least I did) and hopefully you will be happy with the size! I love my size and we got the same style and size implants and we are practically the same body proportions! Your gonna look fab! :) :) glad your feeling back to normal! I'm jealous that your already sleeping on your side! It took me almost 2 months before I was comfortable sleeping on my side! Lol can't wait to see your progress!! :)
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