Perkier and Happier! 38G to 38 B/C

All these years I thought I was the only one in...

All these years I thought I was the only one in this situation! This site a huge lifesaver-finding so many sisters in the same place!
I was the girl who was called "Flatsy" until 9th grade and then the boobs showed up with a vengeance. I remember wearing those cotton undershirts and being the only girl in middle school gym class without a bra. I asked my mom for one and she replied,"when you show my something to put in them!" Little did she know at the time that the first semester of high school, we'd be at the bra store about every other week. By the end of the semester-i think i was a 34D.
Being a little slow to the world of boys, I had no idea boys were interested in me because of boobs. Honestly-what is it about sacks of chest flesh that drive guys crazy? College was college-away from home and did all those things that no one wants parents to know about. But I did well in classes, was frequently told by guys, "You're smarter than you look" Well, yeah, if you're looking only below my neck. Then the USMC-and that is when the boobs were really in the way. Exercising and fitness tests-the boobs did no favors. Marriage, a child, divorce, and a new life in a very competitive profession. Conservative looks are important in order to be taken seriously. After 10 years of trying to hide the girls, I am more than ready to leave the blouse gaps behind.

Until pursuing a reduction very seriously since the fall, I thought I was a 36DD/DDD because I could usually find something that restrained the girls in that size in the limited stores up here in Vermont. As I have come to find out, a 38G is closer to the truth. No wonder I have back pain from the neck to the tail. Sometimes at home to get a break, I take off my bra that's digging in the sides and just hold the girls up-a few seconds of relief! Powder underneath and then back to reality.

I think maggie g and I went to the same program-a group meeting to view a slide show and discuss the procedure and a short consult with the PS. During the consult, the PS estimated she would take 500-600 g from each side. After the photos and the questions and the whole shebang-I still wanted to procede. The next step was to submit paperwork to the insurance company and the folks said it could take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks. I went back to work, which had become extremely demanding and I didn't have a moment to think about insurance, etc. This was in May of 2011.

Back in March of this year, I called up the PS office to ask about where things were. The paperwork was sent in, but the insurance didn't know the status of the approval. So the PS sent it back in and a week later I received a letter from the insurance company-I was thinking 'this is too fast. they must have denied it' Imagine my absolute joy when the procedure was APPROVED! A week later? Holy smokes! It may be that in Vermont, there may be a new law that requires insurance companies to be public about any denials of service. I visited the PS, we redid some measurements since I had lost some weight. but she increased the removal amounts since my overall shape was smaller. Good news all around! I was offered a surgery date of the next week-but that was impossible to get off from work. Surgery is scheduled for next Thursday-May 24th. It's gone so fast and now with about a week left-I'm busy preparing. I had no idea what needed to be done until finding this site. Thank you all ladies!
Yesterday I found front closure cotton bras at WalMart that I hope will be ok. I'm going to clean the house spotless so that's done for awhile. I'm not planning on much help because I'm out in the sticks, my daughter is grown and can't take much time off from work and all other family is out of state.

I would like to ask two questions:
1. I did not purchase Bio Oil because the PS said to avoid anything with Vitamin E. Anyone else hear this?
2. I wondering if there are other ladies out there that have not had much help and what did you do to manage? My doc is over 2 hours away and that has me a little nervous.

Thank you all for your candor and stories. It has been such a mental relief to know there is an army of support and encouragement out there!


Since there has been much success with BioOil, I was surprised. Definitely something to ask the doc.
When I had my hysterectomy, my mom came to stay with me and she's a hover mom and a snooper. So i felt like she was watching me or exploring the house. I have three dogs that are happy to play in the yard, but they also like long walks off the leash. they all know when I'm out of sorts and tend to stay quiet-they will be my nurse dogs!
I'll post pictures when I have some after shots. The before photo is just some big old boobs! Can't wait for opening night!
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My grandma came to stay with me and I found that I really didn't rest as well as I should have while she was here. I wanted to spend too much time visiting with her. Once she left I was able to take more naps and relax a bit. Just make sure that everything is within easy reach and that you have someone you can call if necessary and you should be fine. Good luck!
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I understand that Vitamin E has no documented studies that say it is good for scars, and that the potential for side effects, such as rash, outweighs the low potential for benefits.
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I added this to a review of someone that was...

I added this to a review of someone that was freaking out. For all the sisters out there that haven't had surgery, stitches, or a broken bone-here's a technique to try: visualization.

I've had a few surgeries that were very painful and unwanted. Hysterectomy in 06 and a dog bit a finger off in 01 that still gives me problems. I've had many broken bones which are very painful. Times have changed and the philosophy about pain management is very liberal-no doctor believes a person should suffer. And they are willing to try different meds until finding the one that works for you.
During the time of my dog bite, I did visualization of the area healing. I would close my eyes and imagine the nerves, capillaries and such reattaching and healing and everything working as it should. My doc was surprised at how quickly everything healed-what should have taken weeks only took days. I plan on doing the same thing this time-visualizing healing, the scars diminishing, the pain off my back gone, and new breasts that won't be in the way when I exercise. This may sound really hippy-dippy, but it works for me, doesn't cost a thing except a little time, and helps with the pain because I breathe it out.
Also, every doctor is different. Each doctor has things they tweak because it's worked for them. I was the same way before the hyster. I listened to my doc, listened to my body, and followed common sense.
It's hard to clear your mind of the nagging doubts-but try! And focus on all the positives on the other side. Happy thoughts and good luck!


The visualization is great Maizie. Wish I would have known about that before my surgery. I would have liked to have given it a try!
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Two days away-and I'm so ready! Was doing yard...

Two days away-and I'm so ready! Was doing yard work-cutting the grass and my back hurts, shoulders, and there is going to be a rash under the boobs later. I Am So Done with Tits!


Now that made me laugh! We should have t-shirts made that say, "I am so done with tits!"

Good luck tomorrow Maizie! I will be thinking of you!
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Three hours out of surgery and cant believe the...

Three hours out of surgery and cant believe the boobs are gone! The area where the drains are burn a little, but other than that- things are great! Time to nap-follow up appt tomorrow and more update!


Big naps for sure! Rest is your best friend right now!
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Glad surgery went well. I like the visualization idea.
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Feeling great! Back and neck pain gone! Big naps!
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Good morning! A little sore and looking forward to...

Good morning! A little sore and looking forward to having the drains removed. They're stinging a bit,but everything else feels good. Have a follow up in a bit and will know details about how much was removed. There is a lot of padding where the drains are, so cant tell ow much is boob and how much is gauze. Another interesting benefit: I am a mouth breather, especially on my back and could breathe through my nose without feeling labored. Yippee!


omg congrats i go on in on june 4th to find out my surgery date and i hope and pray all goes well anyway congrats to you please keep us posted on how you are doing i cant wait for mine and please send some before and after pictures ok godbless.....
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Day 2 post-op. still sore and feeling bruised. ...

Day 2 post-op. still sore and feeling bruised. swollen and can't raise arms. but mostly feeling good and looking forward to a great recovery. not sure what the final size will be due to padding and swelling, but I do know I went from more than three handfuls per side to one! Taking it easy and visualizing healing.


Even with the padding I can see a big difference!
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good wishes your way mshill. put up a couple of photos. underneath the bra, things are looking a bit scary, but the boobs are off my stomach. yippee!
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Today had a good look without padding and bra. ...

today had a good look without padding and bra. I'm lopsided and the nipples aren't centered and the stitches look all pulled and ugly. i know it's too soon to know the final outcome, but right now things aren't looking real pretty. I'm so relieved to have the weight off and need to be patient and visualize the final result.


so how are you feeling girlie hey im kinda booomed i found out my surgery date is way in Nov 9th thats so far away omg but i have to just be patient for five more months but i know it will come soon im hoping and praying they will call me earlier my back is killing me right know but anyway i seen the pics you look great god bless...
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I have to say at 3 days post op they are looking great!! Imagine how they will be after a month! And more!!
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thanks for the support. i'm anxious for the final result-just like i couldn't wait for the surgery, now i can wait to get past this part and to the ending! Patience! when the drains were in, the left side had more than twice as much drainage as the right.
i don't know how much was removed. I'll find out at the follow up on June 6th. the PS was trying for a C and i asked for a B and the PS said she'd go as small as she could.
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Yesterday I had a followup. It's been two weeks...

Yesterday I had a followup. It's been two weeks and things are healing nicely and becoming more even. The PS says the right is more swollen, I still have a ways to go. PS removed 870g from right and 850g from left-almost 2 lbs from each! No wonder I feel so much better! I'm switched over to a compression bra which should help the swelling. I have some weird stitches on the left breast-it opened up a bit but is healing. I have a strange protrusion that looks like an outie belly button that I have to push in and tape. As others have said-the sides hurt the most-like being punched repeatedly. While standing up I saw my toes and that was so weird. Progress!


glad to hear you're doing well- i love the tattoo! if i didn't work in nh, i'd definitely live in vermont :)
i was reading your previous posts and saw your question about the Bio Oil. I truly think that's what caused the rash that I got-I stopped using it. It's probs different for different folks, but for me, it wasn't good at all.
keep me posted!
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Sounds like you are doing pretty well. I'm sure that with all of the care you are giving the area under your left breast, that it will be healed up in no time. I was looking at your before and after photos and was intrigued by the difference in space between your tattoo and nipple in your pictures. Truly helps you to see the vast difference! Have you noticed a difference in the way your back and neck feel?
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Back/neck/shoulder pain and soreness were gone immediately. Crazy! And awesome! One of the reasons, a rather small reason, for the BR was because my tattoo (it's the state of Vermont) was beginning to look like a stick of gum-all stretched out. My PS said the skin "rebounds" since the weight would be gone. It is remarkable! Thanks for pointing that out.

Hello everyone! It's been awhile since the last...

Hello everyone!
It's been awhile since the last post. Today is about 1 month post-op. Much swelling has gone down, some of the incision looks perfectly healed over, I've had some sharp stabbing pains which my doc said is nerves reconnecting. My right side seems to be doing better healing. Left side still numb in places.

The big news today is that I kept a bra off for a bit of time and can tell that I can no longer hide pencils under my boob! In college this was a silly thing we did-"Can you hold a pencil under your boob?"I could hold a whole box under there! (j/k, i don't really know the number, definitely more than 2). what a relief! It's crazy hot here today and not having the weight on my chest and the heat is such a relief.

Can't find a camera for updated photos. The girls are smaller than the last photos and have evened out quite a bit. Don't know my final size yet-still have to wait two weeks to go bra shopping, but I'm guessing a C. Wearing a Genie bra right now and it's like being FREEEEEEEE!

Thinking of y'all and hoping life is good for everyone, or about to be.


Sounds like you are doing perfectly! Congrats!
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I have on a 3 dollar walmart bra and I'm not...

I have on a 3 dollar walmart bra and I'm not falling out all over the place! I am so happy to be rid of the boobage! It's been awhile since I've updated. Here's what's new: sleeping on side (but not tummy yet), stitches are healing and softening, sometimes still have sharp pains but hardly ever. Having less on my chest this summer is awesome! Not sure yet what final size will be, something like a b/c. They are smaller than they look in the photo with the gray sports bra.

Speaking of bras-next week is the week I'm officially allowed to wear something other than the bras the doc gave me in the hospital. But I am anyway because those bras are too big. The swelling has gone down nicely. I did go to a bra store today, but don't know what size to try. and felt awkward and found myself looking at little bras and thinking, "those will never work for me" not yet used to the new me! So then went to WalMart and said, for 3 bucks, this'll work. So nice not to wear an industrial strength sling!

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I saw the hospital and doctor bill sent to my...

I saw the hospital and doctor bill sent to my insurance: over 30K. My insurance paid less than 1/3 of that. I'm thrilled to have coverage, but it just makes me think that our health insurance needs a drastic overhaul.


I was so happy to read your blog! I am meeting with a consultant in 2 weeks re: reduction - Just can't wait :) I have been wanting a reduction for more than 15 years, as it is I am currently between 36/38 g/f (totally depends on the bra. - I am sure we all know that fun game)! In any case we have very similar stories / background, I did the reverse of you though, went into the US Army, and somehow (could have been the German water) I had more boobs than I knew what to do with! and it just got worse - (I loved your comment about seeing your feet - and the blouse gaps LOL - (that and the just not wearing fitted shirts, and or buying no dresses, because you have to always get the looser size for the boobs (which means looking like a major frump, or belting it and looking like a Dolly Parton impersonator LOL). I am curious though I know a few women who have gotten reductions, but not going down so drastically - I really would be fine with a c cup. If it is ok I would really like to ask a few questions now that it has been a year :)
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Surgeon's fee was 30k? Wow. Mine was $16k. You are right. Insurance needs overhaul.
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surgeon plus hospital. i think doc was 11k. hospital 19k. unbelievable! if uninsured people could pay what insurance companies pay-it would be a start.
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