15 Year Old Implants Are out After Deflation - Vermont, VT

15 years ago I was the proud recipient of Mentor...

15 years ago I was the proud recipient of Mentor textured saline implants 225. I was 32 years old and this was a knee jerk reaction to a bad divorce. I was always self conscious of my size 32AA breasts. I was 5'3 and 100 pounds at the time of implantation. They actually were a nice size - large B small C cup - and I had no problems with them. Fast forward 15 years and I am now 47 years old, 115 pounds and have one child who I breast feed for a year.

On December 23, 2012 I noticed my left breast was smaller in size. Over the next couple of days (yes, over Christmas) my left breast deflated significantly. I was not able to see a plastic surgeon until January 8, 2013. During my waiting time I considered all of my options. My husband really encouraged me to have them removed and not replaced. After finding this site I was able to see that was a definite possibility.

I had the implants removed yesterday under local anesthesia. It wasn't painful but definitely felt strange. I did not need drains and have only been taking Advil for pain. I had a difficult time sleeping last night. It wasn't so much the pain as it was just not possible to get comfortable. I was able to shower today. However, when I removed my sports bra to shower I was devistated. I knew they would be small but they have caved in. I know it hasn't even been 24 hours but I just can't stop crying. I am going to have to get used to them as replacement isn't an option at this point. All I can do is pray the "fluff" fairy comes to visit in the future. I had purchased a Handfulss bra in advance and put it on after my shower. It is SO comfortable and has enough padding so I don't look deformed. I was instructed to wear a light sports bra for 3 weeks. I have ordered 2 Coobie bras which are on their way but I may order another Handfulls bra.

Thank you all for your stories and photos. They have been so helpful during the last 2 months.

You look amazing and your husband is great for encouraging you and supporting you in this decision. From all that I have read they do fluff out and in a couple of months they won't be looking like that. Take care and remember you are still beautiful no matter what.
Thank you. My husband has been very patient with me this week. Maybe someday I'll let him see them:) This is the first day that I didn't cry. My daughter was home sick today so it took my mind off my breasts.
Hi smallagain, You look great :). give it some time to heal. And I agree with nervousgirlie it takes a little time to adjust with your new you! But I bet you will notice or have notice that its worth it. Take care!

Today is day 5 post explant and nothing has really...

Today is day 5 post explant and nothing has really changed too much. My breasts might actually be a little smaller as I think there was some swelling in the day 1 photo. I will post new photos in a couple more days. The pain was gone by Thursday, which was nice, and yesterday was the first day that I didn't cry. Hopefully it was a turning point.
Hi Small agian...I agree with everyone else; you look great! I've wanted to have my implants removed as well and was wondering if your implants were under the muscle and if insurance covered the removal?
Hi Susan, Mine were above the muscle. Unfortunately, insurance did not cover the removal. It would only cover the removal if they were for reconstruction purposes resulting from cancer.
Hi, you look good after explant. I think you're going to fluff up beautifully. I hope I look as good as you when I get mine out this summer. Fingers crossed. Congrats to you x

So it has been one week since explantation. I...

So it has been one week since explantation. I think they are a little smaller then the day one photos but they are perking up a bit. I still haven't had the courage to show my husband. I am feeling better about my decision to explant.
Aww it took me 6 weeks to show my husband. Mine were very caved in first 2 weeks. If you look this good after one week, you should expect great results over the next weeks-months. Hope you keep feeling better about your decision :)

It has been a little over two weeks now and not...

It has been a little over two weeks now and not much has changed. They still look very small, deflated and empty. I am getting used to it, though. My ps said I could wear regular bras at 3 weeks post op so I went bra shopping yesterday as I had some free time. I started at Kohls. I tried on styles that were similar to what I used to wear, only smaller. However, I could not get one bra with real cups to fit. I think it is because I am so wide and shallow now. I finally got a Warner's bra size 34A to fit. I felt disappointed as it isn't a very pretty bra. I then went to Victoria's Secret and had a fitting. I was told I was a 32C. The first bra she brought me fit like a glove and I definitely felt much better about myself.
Chin up. You look lovely x x
I also felt much better after a trip to Victoria's Secret!! You really look fine, at 2 weeks I wouldn't have dared snapped a picture mine were so empty and deflated. There will be so much improvement in the next 2 months, wear the sports bra!! I am 2 1/2 months post op and still wear mine all the time. Best of luck to you, I hope you're feeling great!
The VS bra looks like a great fit!
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I live in a very remote area with few plastic surgeon options. My original surgeon has since retired so I had to go with the only other surgeon available.

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