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Like many the promise of a unwanted beard to...

Like many the promise of a unwanted beard to eliminate razer burn and save the time spent daily shaving sounded nice. I was told that it would take four or five quick treatments and that I would have nice results since I had really dark hair and had not greyed yet.

Well after five treatments I was left with about 1,000 grey hairs that did not exist before. Many of my dark hairs (around 200) still remain also. I will still have to shave daily and deal with razor burn the rest of my life as they can not remove grey hairs. While they tell you laser will not remove grey hair up front..they don't tell you the laser will actually create grey hair. Total waste of money.

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While the Doctor was very nice when there in person, it was extremely dificult to get answers from him as he would often leave and not return leaving his assistant to finish up with me. When telling his assistant I had questions I was told I would have to wait a least 30minutes to an hour till he was free(happened several times). Four times they cancelled my apointments. Twice at least a day before, once when I was 10 minutes away and yet after I drove there. I have never had such poor medical service anywhere before and the results were terrible. I also had chin lipo done there with no results. I do not have a before picture of my beard, but did not have any grey beforehand when I had a four or five day beard.

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I feel so bad for those who have experienced this outcome. I have had 4 treatments and no hair has returned, and my last appt was Feb 7th and today is March a month. Usually after a couple weeks the new hair cycle starts coming thru but so far (and hopefully forever) no hair has made its way in. Black, Grey, or anything in between. I do have some very fine blonde ones but I had that before the treatment as light hair is hard to remove. The last treatment was with a new machine and set at a higher level for the "peach fuzz" on my upper lip. Hurt like Heck!! I'm telling you if every treatment had been that painful it would have been hard to return. But with my outcome I'm so satisfied. I guess its true when they say "results will vary"...
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Dear joos. Before I had my laser treatment the doctor looked and said I'd have excellent results as I have absolutely no grey hair .I was told to let my beard grow in for 3 or 4 days beforehand. I was also unable to see even one grey hair. After several treatments there were several heavy spots where there were still dark hairs. The doctor set his equipment higher saying it was unusual to have to go so high. These heavy spots are now grey. Its definately a waste of money guys. Don't be fooled like me.
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Hi Gene, I can definitely understand your frustration. Paying for a service and not getting the results you expect can be very upsetting. I just wanted to address your comment stating that laser hair removal "caused" the growth of grey hairs. Unfortunately, it is soley our genes that decide when and where we begin to go grey. It is impossible for a laser to depigment the hair in that way.

I will admit that once I got the laser done, I noticed ALOT of grey hair too. However, the reason why I noticed them was because the black hairs were gone. I can recall in years past before the laser, when I plucked the hair, every now and again I would pull a really coarse white hair out and say to myself, where the heck did this come from?

Rest assured, the laser had no adverse effect.

Best of luck!
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Dave, you may want to do what it sounds like Gene will have to do, which is laser first (maybe find a groupon or deal going and give it a try for a fraction of the cost in a small area and see how you do with it) and then do electrolysis. I've done electrolysis and OUCH it hurts and then you have to deal the hour each session it takes you to numb up first. And the success rate on electrolysis is lower so you may have to repeat sessions at more money, more pain. I did a small area (upper lip) and I swear I looked like a monkey the rest of the day so electrolysis can be a great answer for blond and gray hair but laser to me was far less pain to do a larger area.
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I've now done laser over the same area and I have light skin and dark hair. LOVE the results. Some of the yelp reviews are mixed for the place I went to so look at where you want to go before you go. But I'm super happy with the results and it was a fraction of the price it used to be and I took advantage of groupon and deals the Dr. offered. There were two lasers at the place I went to and I felt like there really was a difference so you might think about that too. Overall, I am a huge fan of laser now. Fraction of the pain of needle electrolysis too.
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It's hard to judge your progress without clear before laser pics. And I never heard of laser creating grey hairs. What could have happened is that dense dark hair that overshadowed the grey hairs was killed and now the grey hairs are the remaining eye sore. You still have a solution to this problem if it bothers you a lot. Research electrolysis and with an electrologist that uses modern equipment will kill all the remaining hair of any color 100%. The remaining hair is not dense so electrolysis should go faster. Good Luck. I myself still researching laser v. electrolysis for my facial hair. Electrolysis is 100% results but can get very expensive on very dense beard.
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Hi Gene, thanks for sharing your experience with us. I'm sorry it didn't turn out well for you. Have you been able to speak to your doctor about your results?

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Yes, I was told that I must of over looked the grey hairs before hand. I was like really you told me I'd have excelent reults as I had not greyed yet and Its funny that the 3 or four day old beard I had before I started with his laser treatments didn't show any grey hair.
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