Velashape Sucks.

I had 8 treatments of velashape done on the back...

I had 8 treatments of velashape done on the back of my treatment per week which is what they recomended apparently they said I had lost an inch or 2 in my thighs..yet saw no results whatsoever, there is still cellulite there, the same amount as before, and thats what I was most concerned about, not really the circumfrence of my thighs...biggest waste of money.


the place is called {edited}.

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Can you tell us where you went so that others in Toronto (like myself) DON'T get ripped off too? Thanks!
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I didnt get any bruising, but they did warn me that I might, I had some redness and soreness but thats about it. The bruising is probably just from the suction, they should go away in a few days, nothing to worry about!
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