Vela-waste of Time & $$...

I had 6 treatments with the newer generation...

I had 6 treatments with the newer generation "Velashape" to the butt and thighs. My before and after photos look circumference reduction or reduction in the appearance of cellulite whatsoever. Also, it is painful and I got quite bruised each treatment. I am really disappointed.

Furthermore, if it does work, it is not permanent, as they lead you to believe on all of the TV spots they've done on Youtube. Save your money for lipo. This was an absolute waste of $$. I was supposedly a good candidate since I am otherwise thin and in good shape. What a disappointment!


If you're in NYC sign up for Pure Yoga's Figure Four six week studio membership $245 a month. I'm 12 weeks in and have noticed a HUGE difference with my cellulite. I have been going to classes at least four times a week, started drinking tons of water and eat healthy. I don't weigh myself, because I measure my results by how I feel and look BUT I'm 4'11 and was wearing size 26 jeans..27 if I wanted a liitle more room. I'm now fitting into 25's quite comfortably. It's tough (the classes fly by but leave you sore everytime) AND expensive but works.....I feel friggin' fantastic too.
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I'm sorry.... I meant to say six month membership, not six weeks.
Ur results r from the exercise u r putting in at ur yoga place. Not the velashape. Don't believe me. Stop exercising. See what happens. Then go for velashape. U'll have zero results w/out ur hard work. I suggest u keep up the great work ur doing and put the full credit where it is due!! ... On YOU!! U go girl!! U r an inspiration to those of us who have cellulite and want desperately to rid ourselves of it!! It's exercise and eating right!!
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