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Vela Shape Made It Worse !!!

I did 7 treatments of 4 areas using Vela Shape and...

I did 7 treatments of 4 areas using Vela Shape and not only it made it better - it made it a lot worse. My inner thighs are very bumpy now, and they were smooth before, my stomach, back of htighs and arms do not look any better at all.

I have spent 4000 usd for these procedures and not only I did not get any results - I got opposite .... I can't even look at my inner thighs now without crying.

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the provider was nice, but procedure is worthless

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What has anyone done about this problem?? I think bipolar RF is bad for thighs because it seems to randomly reduce fat, not uniformly at all.

The docs and spas should face up to this.

I had the same thing happen to my inner thighs and I still can't wear shorts this summer.

Any ideas... i've been thinking of some infrared tightening and a filler for now... maybe coollipo down the road or a better RF system to fix the lumpiness...

Please help...
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Try Viora's RF system called Reaction. It can reduce cellulite and tighten the skin uniformly in the very same treatment. Many docs use it for post-liposuction treatments too. viorareaction.com
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I am about to try the procedure and am being charged 4200 is that too much and does velashape really work?
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The same thing happened to me on the front of my thighs. I hardly had any cellulite, but I wanted to lose inches. I did not lose any inches and now the front of thighs are all bumpy. I don't know how to fix it.
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I did the velasmooth treatment last year with no results. Bu that didn't stop me. I just completed velashape this year. I got results this time. More cellulite !!! Not only did I waste money but I know have more bumps and irregularities than before I stared. This is so upsetting. It's one thing to not get results but to come out worse - devastating !!
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I've had one treatment and my legs look worse than ever. Any suggestions?
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