Cutera Fractional Laser: Don't Bother - Vaughan, ON

I have had 2 laser treatments prior at a laser...

I have had 2 laser treatments prior at a laser therapy company, before contacting a plastic surgeon. The surgeons office did a full face limelight treatment first with absolutely no change. It was decided that I should go the cutera fractional laser route.

At great expense and time, I did just that. What a mistake. I have brown marks now where there were none before, my few wrinkles have become emphasized and I even have new wrinkles below my eyes that were not there before. The original brown marks are still the same other then a slight improvement of one over my eye.

This to me with the downtime, bleeding, and constant care for 4-5 days is nothing more then a scam. It is not the doctors fault, I blame the laser manufacturers for advertising something that obviously not just in my case does NOT work. The final result I got, I actually was able to accomplish exactly the same prior to the laser with makeup. What a total waste of money.

Hi thunder, 

Oh the downtime and bleeding sound horrible, I'm so sorry. Did you go in to take off brown spots, wrinkles or both? Please let us know how things are progressing. 



I actually went in to get rid of the brown spots. The wrinkles I was told was a bonus as they'd improve. Now they are telling me it takes at least 9 months for results to show. I find that a little hard to believe. I am totally disgusted !!

It has been 6 weeks, and no change in my skin. I...

It has been 6 weeks, and no change in my skin. I was told by doctors office it will now take up to 9 months to see improvement. I am very doubtful, but will go to their office in a couple of weeks to be assessed and find out what the problem is. They did recommend another limelight treatment.. but that just isn't going to happen. I've spent enough money on something that has made me look worse.
So, 4 months in and no change at all other then I now have milia which I've never had in my life. If I thought I could file a law suit I would, but being gullible and at the mercy of these quacks that manufactured these machines is my fault. I tried hydroquinone and kojic acid all before any of these procedures and that didn't do a thing. I have no more options so growing old gracefully however under protest is something I have to get used to. Smiling now is not an option either as the wrinkles below my eyes are so emphasized. They weren't even there when I started this procedure. I had a face lift 7 years ago, and my eyes were done at the same time. Thanks to this horrible experience, now even that money has been wasted as it ruined my eyes below the eyelids.
Thunder I agree. I had this procedure done in Dec 2011 (in Melbourne Australia) and I believe it has done NOTHING. In fact it may have enhanced my pores? I don't really even have bad skin - I just did it for extra smoothness. Now I am down $1000 plus the $400 in skin care products the dr made me buy. Oh and it's supposed to be the gift that keeps giving with collagen production - I seriously doubt it now. I have never written on a blog before but feel pretty strongly that people should be wary when deciding to do it. Oh and yes I have pigmentation too now. So disappointed. I am pretty convinced that I just bought a very expensive ticket on the Cutera hype/marketing train...
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