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I have battled a belly my whole life.  About...

I have battled a belly my whole life.  About three years ago I read an article that said if you want to get rid of your belly you need to do an hour of cardio most days.  I did this.  I got on my treadmill 5 nights a week for an hour and I started running in 5k races for motivation.  My body was strong and I felt great.  I did lose weight, and my belly did get smaller, but it never lost its original shape.  I am 5 ft. 5.5 inches and my weight has been between 140-145lbs for years.  At the height of my running phase I was consistently weighing 138.  My waist has always been thick.  I grew very frustrated.  Everytime I shope for clothing I have to take the belly into consideration.  I am 34 years old, have one child, lost all my pregnancy weight and decided I wanted to try vaser.  I felt vaser would be safter than traditional liposuction and cost less and be less invasive to my body.

I had my procedure done on Feb. 6, nearly 2 weeks ago.  So far I have to say that I am totally happy that I made the decision to do this.  It has not been as easy as some people have had it, though.  I was not up and back to my normal self a couple days later.  It took me a little longer than some others.  Even today, at about the 2 week mark I am sore in the belly and a bit fatigued. 

Most people who have their abs done need to have their sides done as well, but my doctor agreed with me that I didn't have a problem in my sides.  When she was doing my procedure she noticed that I work out a lot.  She said I was very fibrous and it made it harder for her to do her work, but we made it through.  At one point I started to feel a lot of burning around my belly button.  I told her and they added more numbing agent and I felt better.  I took the pain meds she prescribed to me before the surgery and a couple hours later at home when I felt the numbing start to wear off.  The meds kept me comfortable and I was glad to have them those first couple of days.

My stomach no longer juts out like it once did.  My belly button area is actually flat and the thing I didn't expect really is that I am much narrower in the waist and so I have a much more girly shape than I've ever had before.

I'll be glad to post pictures if anyone would like to see my progress 2 weeks out.  I will really be glad to post pictures after all the swelling is gone and I feel I am completely healed.

2/20/08:  I am going to go ahead and post my...

2/20/08:  I am going to go ahead and post my before and 2 weeks after pictures.  When I was researching seeing real people's real pictures was really helpful so I hope these help you too.

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Dr. Pratha Atluri

I would definitely recommend my dr. She has a small office and staff so they really know you and are very friendly and helpful. She did an excellent job with my surgery.

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