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I have battled a belly my whole life.  About...

I have battled a belly my whole life.  About three years ago I read an article that said if you want to get rid of your belly you need to do an hour of cardio most days.  I did this.  I got on my treadmill 5 nights a week for an hour and I started running in 5k races for motivation.  My body was strong and I felt great.  I did lose weight, and my belly did get smaller, but it never lost its original shape.  I am 5 ft. 5.5 inches and my weight has been between 140-145lbs for years.  At the height of my running phase I was consistently weighing 138.  My waist has always been thick.  I grew very frustrated.  Everytime I shope for clothing I have to take the belly into consideration.  I am 34 years old, have one child, lost all my pregnancy weight and decided I wanted to try vaser.  I felt vaser would be safter than traditional liposuction and cost less and be less invasive to my body.

I had my procedure done on Feb. 6, nearly 2 weeks ago.  So far I have to say that I am totally happy that I made the decision to do this.  It has not been as easy as some people have had it, though.  I was not up and back to my normal self a couple days later.  It took me a little longer than some others.  Even today, at about the 2 week mark I am sore in the belly and a bit fatigued. 

Most people who have their abs done need to have their sides done as well, but my doctor agreed with me that I didn't have a problem in my sides.  When she was doing my procedure she noticed that I work out a lot.  She said I was very fibrous and it made it harder for her to do her work, but we made it through.  At one point I started to feel a lot of burning around my belly button.  I told her and they added more numbing agent and I felt better.  I took the pain meds she prescribed to me before the surgery and a couple hours later at home when I felt the numbing start to wear off.  The meds kept me comfortable and I was glad to have them those first couple of days.

My stomach no longer juts out like it once did.  My belly button area is actually flat and the thing I didn't expect really is that I am much narrower in the waist and so I have a much more girly shape than I've ever had before.

I'll be glad to post pictures if anyone would like to see my progress 2 weeks out.  I will really be glad to post pictures after all the swelling is gone and I feel I am completely healed.

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2/20/08:  I am going to go ahead and post my...

2/20/08:  I am going to go ahead and post my before and 2 weeks after pictures.  When I was researching seeing real people's real pictures was really helpful so I hope these help you too.


I would be very excited to see more pictures from you. I just had the procedure done on abs and flanks 6 days ago. My abs looked very similar to your before picture though my lowers were not as distended. So far, with the swelling still not gone down, I look almost like my before picture. Are you still seeing improvement after your last post? I am starting to get nervous because of the swelling. I also combined this with a labiaplasty to correct some disformity after my last pregnancy. With this combination, and the severity of some of the swelling, doc has me mostly on bedrest - and I am a week out! I was never in a ton of pain but I dont feel any improvement in my condition other than some increased strength. I thought I would be walking around well after a few days so I am getting anxious. Please keep me posted on your progress so I may have hope!
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indig0m0m: I saw my doctor on Friday for 5 week post-op visit. She was very pleased with my progress and so am I. She told me I could stop wearing my garment which I was very glad for. My stomach is now mostly hard. I think that is from the scar tissue. She said it will begin to soften and become supple and will look totally natural between 3-6 months. Don't be too discouraged. It really does take the body some time to get over the trauma. I start walking for exercise after 2 weeks, but I just returned to my aerobics class this past week, after 4 weeks had gone by. The garment also makes it hard to be as active so just be patient. The belly looks the best after I first wake up so I will be happy to get some pictures in the morning and post them. During the day with lots of activity it swells a bit more. The doctor told me that what it looks like first thing in the morning will give me more of an idea of what the final result will be. Hang in there!
you look great well done . I am having vaser done in two weeks and feel very nervous . Your pics have reassured me thanks .
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Photo Update


You look so good.
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Thanks so much for the pics/updates. I am hoping to schedule mine for the end of the year. Please keep us up to date it helps us so much
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I had Vaser done 04/28/09 on my upper/lower abs and flanks. As you mentiond, those areas were not getting better with exercise-they were getting a little smaller but not much. My doctr told me that the areas that I experienced the most discomfort during the procedure would be the areas I would experiece the most discomfort after which is true. Has anyone experienced itching on the treated areas? I don't think its the garmet causing it and I have a burning sensation on those areas as well? I read somethingon line from someone that said the burning sensation is actally the friction of the skin moving against the rest of the body and will get better as the body heals. I didn't notice swelling the 1st couple days but today I feel really swollen. I drained alot the 1st night and the next day but after that there wasn't that much. Again the doctor said that was fine and the body will absorb the rest-but didn't say how it would eliminate-I know I've been driking alot of water as directed-so I've been going to the bathroom a lot so I'm not sure if its the water or my bod eliminating the fluids or a combo of the 2???? Any ideas???? I'm a worry wart so any insight anyone can give would be wonderful-I visit the doctor on 06/05 but would like a little reassurance. thanks
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Dr. Pratha Atluri

I would definitely recommend my dr. She has a small office and staff so they really know you and are very friendly and helpful. She did an excellent job with my surgery.

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