Vaser on Upper and Lower Abdomen and Hips... One Day at a Time

So today I am day 3 post op. The whole process up...

So today I am day 3 post op. The whole process up unti the surgery went very smoothly, and then last thursday 4.16 i went under general anesthesia and in a blink of an eye woke up post op. the first day i put on my garment and was resting the whole day, and had drainage only on the first day.

in day 3 my swelling is slowly going down, as well as the bruising. I can do normal activities but when i wake up i am especially sore. i try to always keep my blood moving. more or less i am still very swollen and have numb spots all over. yet this i noticed is slowly going down so as of now I am just being patient!

i definetly do notice a difference in my shape and see a contour... basically i can see that under the swelling and bruising there is a new shape to my belly! i am so excited for the days to pass! , i will post before and after photos very soon. Please feel free to ask me any questions!

Ok! Well today I am officially two weeks post...

Ok! Well today I am officially two weeks post op. I have been noticing that I am developing a waist for the first time in my whole life! Yet the surgery, and I read that this can happen, delayed my menstrual cycle, so it started yesterday and I am bloated! They say a  lot of times that results appear in 2- 3 weeks, so I am hoping that when I am done with my period and all the bloating goes down I will really be able to tell a difference! Right now I am very bloated and at the same weight I was before surgery.. that is  a good sign because usually I go up about 5 pounds normally of water weight. I will definetly write another post in a week or less to update. And when I go back to the doctor I get my after shots and then I will post those as well! Good luck to everyone!

Glad to hear your recovery is going well. Please do keep us updated! :) Good luck!
I just had vaser on 26/05 and treated upper & lower abs, love handle, flanks & upper (inner thighs). Its been 3 days and still hv alot of swelling. I notice that i developed a waist too and feel happy abt that. I took anti inflamation med and vitamin to boost energy. I can start to see a better figure even though i'm still swelling. I tried to drink more water so that i urinate more often (and hopefully the residue of fats and anastetic will drain out together with urine). I felt much better in day 3. Last nite i tried to do a gentle massage on the tummy area on top of compression garment(which swollen alot) and notice its getting better in the morning. I was told by the clinic to come back on day 7 to do Radio Frequency to smoothen out the skin and get rid of bruises & swelling. They told me it normally does wonder to all of their patient. Cant wait to get the RF done and see improvement on my body.

Alright! Well here I am at 3 weeks post op. Now I...

Alright! Well here I am at 3 weeks post op. Now I am just being patient because I still have a lot of swelling. It doesnt look like I had anything done, but 2 liters of fat were removed and I can feel the swelling under my skin. When I wake up I can definetly tell that  I have a waist, but what I wanna know is how long did all you post op people wait until you saw results? It is kind of crazy to read that results are seen for up to 6 weeks. I have heard 3.5 weeks is when most people really take notice to their results. Or 7 weeks, I guess it is different for everyone. But anyone who had abs and hips done could you give me your input? 

Hi, just wondering, i'm day one post vaser.. and i looked like i', 4 months pregnant. is that swelling going to come down eventually? thanks
Isha, don't feel discourage, the swelling will come down eventually. Don't forget to massage your tummy, as it will aid in the fluid retention, which will only go away after min 2 months (according to my doctor). The compression garment very important also, do wear it.
Who was your DR? I went to Artisic lipo Sculpting Center in New Port Richey for a consultation but I hate being an hour 1 way from my Dr. I really want to have this done but would like a few other opinions of Drs closer to my town, I am in St Pete as well. Thanks
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