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Hello everyone, I decided to go in for a second...

Hello everyone, I decided to go in for a second time for a consultation I've finally made up my mind after 3 yrs That I'm ready to take the Leap. I am 23 years old 5"3 in height and 150 Pounds(27 pounds overweight) My Smart Lipo Procedure will take Place Oct 5,2011 I'm so scared but Excited at the same time!! I've read many Positive and Negative Reviews about this Procedure. Is there anything I Should look out for or expect? I will try to post before and after photos By the way Do you think $8,000 is pretty expensive? I'm getting my Flanks (Bra area) ,Stomach, And sides Done.

I did my Lipo on October 2011, I did my flanks,bra...

I did my Lipo on October 2011, I did my flanks,bra area top and lower abdomen for $8,000 dollars!!!! During the Procedure I felt everything, the doctor was getting frustrated at me for constantly jumping up from the pain, I went to the clinic a week after and the nurse (not the doctor) told me that i will see my full results in 3-6 months, its now march which will make it the 5th month and I'm not happy with the results at all!!! When I explained this to her she said its gong to cost me 1,000 for a touch up on each area!!!! IDK what to do!! I've met with the doctor only once after the surgery i feel like i wasted so much money for something you can not see!!!
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Oh no! I'm so sorry it didn't work out. :( Did your doc offer a revision or anything?

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@insanity1 which place did u go to? Im so nervous about my surgery what areas did u get done?
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Thanks sweety! Good luck! How Did your arms come out!
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Good luck for your op! I just had my arms done last week and am scheduled for my tummy and flanks on 7th Oct!
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I looked at them but decided against them Besids I really wanted to go to a private doctor, not wanting to have surgery in a medspa.
I'm glad I did. I love my doctor. He's the best.
Anyway, good luck!!!
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Yea I'm getting the vaser lipo I'm going to sleek Med spa on Newbury St. Grrr I just hope my doctor is good
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I am by no means overweight, but I wanted to have the definition that I could not get unless I starved myself.
I got my VASER from Sleek and so far I'm not quite sure what I will end up with. It's been only 2 weeks, I'm occasionally achy and swollen, my stomach got lumpy. All this is to be expected, but I would really like to know what I will end up looking like once I'm healed.
I tried to exercise at my pre-op level two days ago, and the swelling got so bad, I could not fit into my clothes. The wait is frustrating, but I will take another week off and see if I'm ready next week.
Overall, lipo is not a quick fix, but it is semi permanent, so I do not regret doing it.

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Don't get SmartLipo. Get VASER. It gets out so much more fat for about the same price. I've had both done. VASER's way better. VASER by the best doctor...he's in Dedham.
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What is your doctor's name in Dedham. I am looking for a good local doctor to wellesley. Thanks
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I think $8,000 is pretty average for getting three areas done. Here's a guide, written by other RealSelfers, that gives some advice on preparing for liposuction: 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Liposuction

Hope this helps and good luck with your surgery! I'll be following your blog.

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Wow thanks honey I'll be sure to look at it!
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