I had liposelection on my upper/lower abs and flanks - Still Healing - Texas, TX

I had vaser liposelection 3 weeks ago today. i...

i had vaser liposelection 3 weeks ago today. i had liposelection on my upper/lower abs and flanks. my upper abs and flanks look great, but my lower abs still feel hard and little bit lumpy and i still have uncomfortable pain. i don't see any results in my lower abs. i did have more bleeding than usual so i am wondering if that is causing the soreness and brusing. i happy with the results of my upper abs and flanks i just feel frustrated and hope my lower abs look just as great.

Hi everyone.  i was very excited about...

hi everyone.  i was very excited about getting this procedure done.  i never thought i would ever get any type of procedure on my body, however, I had researched the process and would look on the subject a great deal for 8 months.  I was just getting so frustrated with my body .  I am 128 pounds and in excellent physical condition, but i  have had problem areas in my lower/upper abdomen and flanks since having 3 children.  i had vaser liposelection 3 weeks ago today ( august 6) on my upper/lowr abs flanks.  during the procedure there seemed like more blood had come out than usual from where they suction the fat.  the doctor said this would cause more bruising and soreness than usual.  the first day i slept and the following days i felt drained of energy and felt dizzy.  the doctor made 3 incisions and left one to drain which i did not have much drainage and it closed the next evening.   I was concerned over the weekend because i had great deal of bruising on my stomach area and vaginal area.  I talked to the doctor the following week and  i told her my concerns.  She said that i had more bleeding than what she has seen, and thus the reason for the bruising and soreness.    i told her i  was taking iron pills which she said would be fine.  After a week my upper/lower abs look great.  after  two weeks the bruising did get better. Currently,   i still have a bulge that is hard and a little bit lumpyon my lower abs.  I just feel frustrated because my upper abs and flanks look great except my lower abs.  I just was wondering if anyone has experienced this because from what i have researched there should be less bruising, blood loss, and soreness?  Right now the pain is just uncomfortable. however, i did have more pain than i thought the first seven days and my energy is back to normal and no dizziness.  i have tried to workout, but my lower abs are still sore.

hi everyone , I got a VASER Lipo today. They gave me some pills and I didn't remember 50% of surgery. I have done flanks and outer thighs. My weight was 126 and now is 130 (height 5'10"). Yes, I'm swelling and I'm feeling uncomfortable. Moreover, my right tigh is bleeding...I'm going to take off a garment tomorrow and see how everything looks. P.S. I can show my pictures, but i don't how to do it...
Jena Did you wear a compression garment afterward. If so how tight was it? How long did you wear it? and how many hours a day?
i had to have a touch up done on my lower abs and it looks terrific. i did not have a lot of extra skin. there is a little bit of extra skin around my belly button, but that is it. i can actually wear a size o in jeans. i can't believe it. my stomach is not perfectly flat- i would probably need a tummy tuck if i wanted a perfect stomach, but i don't want to take the risk. i think my stomach looks great and i feel so much better in my clothes. i had a great doctor and she actually did the touch up for free which i think they should, but a lot of doctors still charge 500 or more. i was very worried at first, but i just needed to give it a chance and also wait it out and be patient for the 3 months. i think right now the doctor i went to is offering half price. i think she is great and she is honest. she wants you to be happy. a good doctor will be honest and let you know if you should do the vaser or recommend something else. good luck!
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