Vaser Lipo Selection Horrible

I had a horrible experience. I swelled up 10 times...

I had a horrible experience. I swelled up 10 times the size i was. I ws in horrible pain and uncomfortable. I have been back 16 times for extra treatments to try and correct whatever went wrong. It seems that all the blood stored inside my stomach and turned into hge blood clots. I had more surgery to break up the clots and now they are back again. It has been 27 days since my vaser surgery.

Totally not worth any amount of money. I am getting married in 5 weeks and cant fit in my dress.


@ amya0109 “Vaser Lipo Selection Horrible” - Could you please tell us what has happened since 2008? To drop the 'bad' experience (merely a few weeks after the surgery, and not a follow-up, is not helping us.
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Ten (10?) times? You obviously are not realistic in the description. So I wonder how realistic your expectations were? When it was a REAL Plastic/Cosmetic surgeon he must have told you that it will take at least several months to see results, 6 months to see 80% of the results and as much as a year to see the final result. Patience is a virtue .....
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anon2634....have u had any procedures done?? If so what did you have done? Thanks
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