Vaser Lipo Results After 3 Weeks

Hello Everyone- I had read alot and done alot of...

Hello Everyone- I had read alot and done alot of research on vaser liposelection. I am in my mid 30's, never had children and for the last 10 years I have been pretty dedicated to working out at my gym and eating somewhat healthy.  I decided to choose vaser because it sounded promising-less invasive than traditional lipo and the procedure used ultrasonic technology and was overall a safer way to go.

About myself, I am 5'9", medium build, (145 lbs), I have bigger upper thighs, and I carry my weight also in my midsection. No matter what, I never saw much results over the years. Unfortunately, I wasn't genetically blessed with a tight body. I decided to finally do vaser lipo because I didn't want to get any bigger and wanted to maintain a healthy weight, esp. as I get older, and grow old gracefully! :)

I chose a plastic surgeon, highly trained in this specialty to perform my lipo. It's been 3 weeks since I had it  done in  my inner and outer thighs. The procedure was okay, no major problems, I did not feel hardly anything. I had to take some pain medicine for about 1 week post-op-no big deal. I had some bruising, felt somewhat sore for about 1 1/2 weeks. Today, I still have some swelling in certain areas and am numb in other areas. I am wearing my compression garment 24/7, unless I wash it. To be honest, I'm not sure if I am pretty much at my final result? If I am, I really don't see much difference.

Tomorrow, I am having my abdominal section and my love handles done. I am a little nervous. Right now I am asking myself if it is worth it, esp, if I am not going to see much results afterwards. I already paid-I can't get my $$ back.  I was reading on the website that vaser lipo results won't really be completed till at least 3 months-6 months-Does anyone know if this is true? I am a patient person, but my surgeon said I would see results in about 2 weeks-I'm not seeing much.

Anyone who has had vaser, I would like for you to share your results with me. I hope this helps someone. By the way, I am not putting the procedure down, I just don't know what to really expect, like I thought I had expected before I went through with it.

Sincerely, your hygienist

I too had inner and outer thighs done a week ago and am not at all thrilled with the result. The surgery and day after were a piece of cake. My inner and outer thighs look like I have been hit by a bus. I don't know if I am swollen or if I have absolutely no results - my jeans fit exactly the same and measure the same (I was expectably bigger right after because of swelling). I am eating cleaner and better than ever so if anything I have lost a few pounds. I am excited for my follow up apt. next week to see what my surgeons take is. I really don't think he took that much but kept saying during the surgery "this is going great, you are going to love the results". not yet..........
Boy, do you have to be patient! I was swollen for months. It actually takes 3-4 months to notice the results. If you eat well and keep your weight under control you will notice a more dramatic affect. I'm at 5 months now and I am just noticing more definition and contour. It's really a waiting game. But like I said eat right and exercise and you will notice a lot more. When you hit 6 months I believe you'll be happy! Regards
I had mine (upp & lower ab) on 6th Aug 2009. I'm in my 12th day. Me too don't really see the result yet. Initially, I do see my "waistline", but now I don't see anything except a soft, spongy "ball" of tummy. I also don't know how long will I take to see result. Sigh...
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