Dr. Salas is the best Dr. at Vanity!!!!! TT & BL- Miami, FL

So I'm scheduled for March 14, 2014 at Vanity...

So I'm scheduled for March 14, 2014 at Vanity Cosmetics in miami. I'm not sure how I feel about the office. I can never get a straight answer on ANYTHING. My coordinator is Anna. I can tell that I get on her nerves but, oh well, this is my money and my body and I'll call all day everyday if I choose. So far, I'm not impressed with the scheduling process thus far. I paid half in order to get scheduled but now I I'm told I won't have a scheduled time until the day before my procedure. I've request to speak with Dr. Fisher because Anna is just not giving up the information I need, she's all about the money, that's her only true concern. Oh well, I'll see if he calls.

Purchased all of my pre op items....

I went out today and purchased all of the items I'll need postoperative. I'm excited by very nervous at the same time. I was told to lose 8 lbs and so far I'm down 2lbs. I'm gonna do my best to get these last 6 off within the next 3 weeks. Hotel is booked, I'll be there for 8 nights, Anna said I only had to stay for 7. I already have my 4 weeks off at work, I'm just ready to get it done. I know Dr. Fisher is going to do an excellent job. I stalk him on RS day and night and I look at his pics over and over and over........ and over again! I'm very confident that I've picked the best of the best. My 3 week count down begins now.

wish pic for my TT revision

I very happy for you. I had surgery in Miami. If you are not able to fly back or take time off as needed if issues arise from tt. I would think it over. I don't know where are coming from? It very difficult to find a ps if you can't get back to ps that performed surgery. No ps will want to touch u. You need at least 6 week off after a tt to heal depending on the type of work you do. Just be careful. Do your research on ps and faculty. That is your body. Wish you well.
Thank you Annette. I live in florida, it's an 8 mile drive but I have money on reserve for plane ticket and such just in case. I'm off work for 4 weeks so hopefully I'm ok to return. I'm excited and ready to get it done. Thanks for your post.
Typo.... it is an 8 hour drive from my home to the ps.....

wish pic.

more wish pics?

So anxious!

Booked myself at a nice resort for my post op stay. Got myself a pretty good price on priceline.com. so ready to get this done. Dr. Fisher request I lose 8 l bs, I'm down 2 but, in all honesty, I think I probably gained 5 prior to him telling me to Lose 8, lol. Oh well, I'm gonna shoot for a total of 10 to 15lbs. We'll see what happens. I wonder if he refuse if I don't lose the weight? That's a bit stressful to think about but I'm just gonna keep pushing forward.

Before pic...

Still can't get the info I've requested.... ugh!

Very frustrated. I've been asking Anna, my voordinator, for the longest to tell me what type of garment Dr fisher likes to use so that I can pre purchase. I still have not received the information. Does anybody know what he used for tummy tuck? I want to change my coordinator, Anna really grinds my gears. She such a pain in my....

What garment to buy?

What garment does Dr. Fisher typically use after tummy tuck?
I had a tummy tuck 1yr ago. The coordinator can become very busy at time which makes it hard to return calls in a timely fashion. So, I will attempt to help you. After surgery, you will have abdominal binder wrapped around your tummy. Your tummy will have a drain attached with bandage and gauze. You will have in place for about a week but it depends on ps. Post surgical garment recommended. Get a least two because you will wear them for about 8 wks every day depends on ps. A good website is www.leonisa.com specialist in surgical garments. Reccomended by the doctor s. Wish you well on your journey to the new you.
Thank you kindly for responding. I did order a binder and a garment (and I have one from my prior mini tummy tuck). I know they can get busy but it is her job to coordinate, ive been trying to get the information for close to a month now. Its just very frustrating, she found time every day to call and nag me about money but cant seem to call about anything else. Im just ready to get this done and over with. Worry about things not being coordinated properly takes the excitement out of it for me. Hopefully things get better and hopefully I am very pleased with the outcome. I went with one of the best ps I could find in the area. Thanks again for commenting and sharing the information.
Hmmm, I guess I have 2 account but somehow they both post. Well, I am Azsha and mzjackson.... Thank you all for comments

Bags packed!

Still counting down the days. Bags packed and ready to go....
New wish pics from Dr Ortega coming soon....
Well, Vanity dropped the ball! So, here I am 2 weeks pre op, room booked for 10 days, supplies purchased, took a leave from work, got kids excused from school and Vanity (Dr Fisher) decides to tell me I need to lose 30 lbs before surgery!!!!! REALLY?????? 30 lbs in 2 weeks!!!!!!??????? OMG! I am HGHLY ticked off, It has been unorganized from the beginning and I had a feeling something was going to go wrong. Thank God I trust my instincts and I made a second apt with another ps. I will now be going to Dr. Mel Ortega at Spectrum-Aesthetics. Never again will Vanity have a chance to screw me over, I will not go there for ANY of my procedures!!!!!! NONE!!!! Anna was not organized at all, but they didn't forget to collect their money, that's one part that they DIDNT mess up on..... Go figure.... Oh well, I think i'll be very happy with Dr Ortega. Besides, God knows best and I know he was looking out for me.....
They both work for GCS formally known as coral Gables Cosmetic Center. He did my tt. He's very attentive to needs to help achieve positive results. Would recommend.

well, Vanity messed up everything... On to the next!

Scheduled with Dr. Ortega. Hopefully no other issues come up. I'm very nervous at this point.

wish pics! Dr. Ortega

Vanity Cosmetics dropped the ball!

Ok, here's the low down. I'm scheduled, or I WAS scheduled, for March 14. Got a call last week from Anna stating I had to lose 8 lbs. I asked for the exact weight range Dr Fisher wants me at. Took over a week to get the info and lots of nagging. I was told that I'm 208 and Dr wants me under 200. I've never ed weighed 200 lbs in life. I told Anna that's incorrect t, I weight 173. Finally got a call back today from Anna saying that I need to lose 30 lbs! I'm scheduled for my TT in 2 weeks!!!!!!!! WTF! CLEARLY, I will not be getting my surgery at Vanity. I have already book my room based off of their date given and the time frame for which they say I had to stay, already took off work.... This is a disaster!!!!!! I have a few days to try to figure something out. Hotel is non refundable, that almost $1000!!!! I'm TICKED to say the least. Spoke with Dr. ORTEGA office. I'm hoping he's able to do it for me. I hate to do things last minute. I knew this was going to happen, they are too unorganized at Vanity, nobody knows what the heck is going on and they NEVER allow you to speak with the Dr. So sad. I will never Recommend them..... ever!

Me now. I don't need to lose 30 lbs!

I don't think I need to lose 30lbd, I'll look like a crack head if i do! THICK IS IN AND I LOVE ME! I just want my muscles repaired via TT... am i asking too much?

Me now, 2 weeks pre op...

I don't think i need to lose 30 lbs. I'll look like a crackhead! Thick is in and I love my curves! Can't figure out why Dr Fisher told me to lose 30 lbs, and it's only 2 weeks left before my scheduled surgery!
I have seen women on here who were extremely overweight, like 235 pounds! And they received a TT and other procedures. I think Dr.Fisher is full of shit! I suppose it's a good thing u found out now before he cut your body. I am roughly 170 pounds and 5'6", and I feel the same way u do, being a little thicker or curvier is beautiful! Not everyone interested in a TT wants to be a size 2. Give me a healthy size 12 any day :)
Not to mention most people lose 20+ lbs after the fact. I DO NOT want to be all boney and skinny and sick looking and whatnot! I'm so completely pissed about that. They left me in a bad situation, fareal.

wish pic. Dr. Bass DID DAT!

I am so mad that they did this to you. You need to contact their office management to get a resolution to this matter. Their email is at the bottom of the website. They must have overbooked that day and are now turning it back on you and making it seem that YOU are the reason why it can't be done. I've known of that office being an unorganized mess. SMH
I very angry too. Now I'm forced to go to Salas. I'm so upset . They told me today that Dr. Fisher says all I need is lipo and he'd be willing to do it. I don't want that! I'm gonna try to reach out to management tomorrow. Thanks for commenting.
Hey girl, i'm so sorry this happened to me :( That is horrible. So Dr. Fisher first said yes to TT, then no to TT and that he would only be able to do lipo? Do you think it was him or just the coordinator?

Now I m scheduled with Dr. Salas. Anyone have pics of his tummy tucks?

Ok. So all Vanity offered me was to schedule me with Dr. Salas. I'm not taking anything away from him and I pray he does a great tummy tuck but that is not a good resolution to the problem. I feel forced to go with someone I have no info on. I didn't research him for the past 2 months like I did Fisher. I can't really find any tummy tuck pics but he does great bbl. Am I being unreasonable? I feel I should be able to get a second procedure go half price. I think that Is a fair offer. What do you all think? I spoke with Claudia who claims to be the office Manager but I spoke with her last week and she told me she was the financial manager and makes sure the money is right.... which is it? Does anyone know who the real office manager is? They have literally stressed me the hell out!
CEO of Vanity Cosmetics surypalomino@vanitymiami.com She responded to one of my inquiries last month via email.. Best wishes to you love. Dr. Salas also does a good job but still I understand your point. May The Lord give you peace and clarity in these times of turbulence. :)
Thank you very much for the email address. I've have reached out and hopefully will hear something back soon. I appreciate it very much.
They fixed the situation, im very happy with thee outcome. Thx again for your help.

New wish pics.

wish pics....

Anyone got I put on Dr Salas?

Looking to get some input on Dr. SALAS. I'm Torn between Salas and Ortega. Has anyone had a TT worth him?

Dr. Salas or Dr. Mel Ortega????

So I need to know who is the better choice. Dr. Salas or Dr. Ortega. I'm up on the air on which to go with and I have to decide ASAP! HEEELLLLPPP!!!!! I'm scheduled with Salas but can't find many TT pics, I see a lot of bbl pics but I'm not getting that. Dr. Ortega has lots of TT pics but I'm not just blown away by what I see.... any input anyone?

Breast Lift and TT with Dr. Salas!!!!!

So. After all of my ups and downs my appt is actually secured with Salas, I've even added a breast lift to go along with my TT!!!!! Hotel booked, supplies purchased and packed, labs done, already on leave from work! I'm ready! Let's do this Dr. Salas!!!!! I know he's going to do great. I'll post more pics soon including the facility, hotel, and daily post op pics.

more boogie wish pics

more booby wish pics

3 days left, I'm getting anxious!

So I'm all packed up and ready to go. Added a breast lift to my list. I'm so excited to get this done. I'll be away from my daughter for 10 dsys, that sucks, bur she's 17 and my mom won't let anything happen to her. In a few days I'll be a new woman!

met With Dr. Salas and I couldn't be happier?

Met Dr Salas yesterday, quite the handsome fella. We went over everything and I feel very confident that he will do an awesome job. Today is surgery day, I can't seem to sleep! This is the day I've been waiting for! Hours away from the new me?
I'm scheduled with dr Salas on march 19th, for TT AND I HAVE NO IDEA if he is good or not…i wish the best for you. good luck he will do a good job!
Had mines done today, he's AWESOME! I LOVE my results so far, you made good choice. I'm justa few hours post op so my passion is pretty bad but I will post pics soon as I'm able to stand without leaning over!
Typo, my pain is pretty intense...

10 po feeling a lot better

Woke up this morning and the pain is very bareable. Going for my 1st post op visit in a couple of hours and I can't wait to get my first actual view of my new body? I'll post pics soon.

1 dpo love my results!

Pics coming soon, Dr Salas ROCKS!

New lifted boobies?

I? them
I'm scheduling my surgery with Vanity Cosmetic to get tt. Please post pics Thanks!
I sure will. Go to Salas, he's awesome. I'll try to post tt pics tomorrow.

Before and After pic

2dpo lots of swelling

Before and 2dpo



Swelling going down. I'm loving my results?

before, 2dpo, 3dpo


7 dpo

Living my results. Swelling had been awful since having my tubes removed but I know it'll get better.

6dpo breast lift, no implants


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Oh, ok. Way to advertise. How you find yourself some customers. I'm in the US and prefer to use a Dr. In the US. Have a good day.
I hate you...lol @azsha... ok so girl... Why did they just call me today and said the same thing. Welp I was working so I will be calling them back because I paid for fisher. They do this on purpose girl. They have had my money for going on a month! Why excuse do they have that the "doctor" didn't see my pictures? I'm so aggravated. So I don't know who my doc will be as of yet but by your outcome I will see Salas for my TT and then Fisher down the line if they get his coordination in check. -What you find out about your belly button. I am glad you made out ok in the long-run with these unorganized people.

worried about my belly button. ..

I've been trying to research to see if this is normal for my belly button to look so strange. I know it's not infected but it still doesn't look right. Maybe I'm just overthinking it...
Who wound up being your coordinator Azsha? I am about ready to leave because of mine.
Talk to Alexandra... She is amazing!
Hi Ladies. I'm new to this but i am very thankful for this site. I'm so scared, anxious and overwhelmed. I'm scheduled for a TT for June 6th witj DR Salas, now originally i was debating whether to go with DR Fisher or Dr Salas. I have done many research and i met with Dr Salas and i loved his personality until i found out he is not board certified. .is this something i should even worry about?? On the other hand Dr Fisher is board certified but i haven't met with him and i have not seen many TT by him seems like he does more BBL. Can someone please share some advice with me??? Thanks :)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salas has excellent beside manners. From the time he walked into the room, I knew I was in good hands. He explained everything thoroughly and set realistic expectations of my outcome. I must say, when I got my first look at the results, I was shocked! I am extremely happy with my breast lift and tummy tuck revision and I would refer him over any other Dr. I can't thank him enough, I LOVE THE NEW ME!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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