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I'm 36 yrs old, am 5'2 and weigh 128. I'm having...

I'm 36 yrs old, am 5'2 and weigh 128. I'm having sx at vanity next week and was hoping that some of you can give me some tips like on what to bring or vitamins to take. I have not received anything from vanity, I didn't even know I was suppose to be taking vitamins. I've had a boob job 5 yrs ago and didn't take anything then, they didn't even do blood work. But I had a blood work done about 4 months ago at my physical so I think my RBC count should be good.

Miami in 8 days!!

Heard from my sx coordinator and the recovery house coordinator today to confirm all the details of my stay! I'm excited and feel at ease since I read many reviews that say they have to wait days on call backs. When I get there I will start posting pictures.

Super Nervous

When I first booked my surgery I asked if I could do my labs before I came and the coordinator said no it wasn't necessary. I'm always preparing for the worse, like what if my lab values were too low, but she said it was uncommon and just come the day before. Wellll on Friday (one week before my sx date) this lady calls and says u need to have your labs done before you come so we don't have to reschedule you in case you labs are too low because it has happened with out of towners. She said I could wait Til I got there but I was taking a chance. Now this was Friday afternoon so I couldn't drop what I was doing. So I had to wait Til Monday and vanity still hasn't let me know if they've received my labs and I leave tomorrow at 4:30 am. And I have called three times and texted my coordinator and still waiting ............ It's almost 6pm

2 days post op

Had my surgery 2 days ago. Am staying at the recovery "house" which is not a house it's the extended stay. But for you ladies who will be coming in the future there will be a house for you but I would definitely ask to clarify cause those sx coordinators don't tell u crap. And definitely enquire about getting a nurse for 2 days not just one. There is another girl here with me and we've helped eachother out alot. You can barely take the faja off alone. I wouldn't room with more than one girl cause that's a whole lot of germs and blood. Dr fisher was great and so was the recovery nurse and recovery house coordinator, Oni, she was on time picking me up, took me grocery shopping, waiting while I had surgery and stayed with me the whole night.

After 1st massage

Flight home on 5th day post op

Flew home today and it was a success. I was in so much pain a few days ago I couldn't imagine getting on the airplane. I upgraded to first class and asked for a bunch of blankets. Put 3 under each thigh (mid thigh ) and two above the small of my back. My butt never touched the seat

Help w/ Foam and board

Can anyone who's had a bbl give me some advice and instruction on this board and foam. I had been wearing it for 24 hrs and when I take it of my stomach looks really flat but the skin around it seems harder and stiffer which would be fine if u had massage therapist living w/me. Is that normal?

Before and after same underwear

I wanted him to cinch my waist and make my butt fuller not huge. I think he did that

Before pic

Sorry I erased the before pic by accident. So before my lower back was square and flat. He scooped it out and made a c curve not sure if you can tell in the after pic because I drew over the tattoo.

After pic

I have butt cleavage and a c curve ! Exactly what I asked him to do. Still bruised and swollen tho, I'm excited to see how it heals

No faja on

I drove and sat through a class for 3 hrs. It was hard and I was sore from holding all my weight on my thighs but its doable.

4 weeks post op pics

So my butt goes through phases. Sometimes it looks uneven other days its perfect, I think the swelling is just decreasing. I don't think I have lost volume yet. At first my butt had a shelf but it has dropped alot and is filling in the middle and bottom nicely. I do sit on it when I'm in class for an hour at a time but not longer than 3 hrs per day. Driving and at home I use my boppy pillow under my thighs and a small pillow behind my back.

Pre op pic

Just came across this picture and thought I would share

Post op pictures of my stomach after 3 lipo procedures and 3 kids

I had lipo on my stomach and loves handles after kid #2 in 2008, my result was not very noticeable. Had kid #3 in 2010 then tried lipo again with the same doctor a year later since there were some lumps and dents from the first experience. Well this time I looked worst than the 1st time, i was devastated and had wasted so much money at this point. 3 yrs later my friend had a bbl from dr fisher and that's how I found him. Originally I just wanted lipo but the fact that he only charges $1000 to process and inject the fat was unbeatable.

9 weeks post op

I feel close to normal, I still have occasional itching and mostly sore in my lower back. My butt feels fine to sit on it only hurts if my kids fall on it when I'm laying down or my husband smacks it (sorry tmi). The day of surgery I weighed 128 and now I'm 125, I'm trying to wait until I'm 3 months to exercise. I'm still wearing this hot ass faja, marble in my navel, foam, and board. I'm going to wear it as long as possible so hopefully it corrects my lower abdomen. My measurement before surgery were:
Bra line 34 inches
Waist 31 inches
Hips/butt 39 inches
9 weeks post op:
Bra line 30 inches
Waist 26 inches
Hips/butt 41 inches

Dr fisher did do lipo on my hips. I asked him if he was going to add to my hips and he said he always adds to hips unless he is asked specifically not to. I asked him not to I wanted more protrusion than width, my hips were big enough.


Now that's fluffing

Right after my surgery my butt looked flat, long, wide, and like everything was at the top. By week 3 it started to fill in the middle and week 4 is when my husband said my butt looked 100% better. I do see girls that come out of surgery looking amazing but I was not one of them. Plus I think anything looked better than what I had before. Before weight gain I was in size 2 jeans and 7 weeks after the surgery I was able to get back into them.

4 month update

Almost 100%. This recovery is the longest ever! I just stopped wearing the faja but I think I will still wear it at night, some days my stomach is totally flat others it looks swollen and lumpy. I hear the swelling can last up to a year but I'm definitely not wearing this faja much longer. My butt volume has not gone down, in the pictures it might not look too big but trust me it is. Everyone asks what did I have done to my ass but no one believes its exercise and me laughing after all the guessing they're doing doesn't help either. I start exercising and eating right tomorrow, I will update in 2
Months. Good luck to all who are getting ur bbls soon. And thanks to all the veterans for the updates
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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im definitely going with fisher
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Love your results!!! I'm going to be a fisher doll as well. He seems to have the most consistent results in Miami. I'll be following your journey...
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Thank you so nervous, when are you going?
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I am scheduled for 12/4
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U look great!
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how much does he charge for a bbl?
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Hi ! How many cc in each side!? You look great you must be soo happy!
  • Reply
Thank you! I am. He gave me 980 in each
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Very nice! Will you be posting more updates? Thanks again!
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Looking good mami. Ur my new wish pic for dr fisher :). It's nice wen u can c girls ur size and see there transformation :)
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Aww thank you. I agree I feel like when I first got on here there was no body our size
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Love it, you look great, I hope Dr. Fisher can give me similar results ...
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He will ! Thank u
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I can't find a pant/jeans that fits well on my waist without a huge gap. My butt is 43 & waist 27. I've been wearing dresses & legging. What jeans are you wearing?... And yes everyone at work is asking me what I did & I tell them exercise & eat right. Some say, I need the diet you use for my wife... Lol. And a few one (my Spanish friends) asked if I went to D.R... Just told them, ya right & smiled... You look good, lady. Healing is draining though
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Haha girl! I have a gap in these too, If u stand beside me and look down at my ass you see butt cleavage it's crazy. These are express jeans but I don't recommend anything low waisted. Bebe has stretchy hour glass jeans and curvy jeans that have a big difference in waist to hip ratio. I haven't tried them but my Bebe jeans that i already have are the only ones that don't gap on me so I can't wait to try those
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Thank you :)
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I love your results and how you fluffed. Were you told what vitamins to take from your first post? I need help with that please, if you don't mind :)
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I wasn't told anything, the preop instructions I got were in email form that said no alcohol or meds of any kind one week prior to surgery. I found this website a week or so prior to surgery so it was too late for me to start taking anything. If you have enough time I would get your labs checked with your pcp so you know if they are low and u can start taking iron to elevate them if needed. And that way your surgery won't be delayed if u find out too late that u have low levels of whatever they check
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Okay, thank you. I have an appt next week however I'll start taking a multivitamin for now... thank you for answering back though, gratitude.
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Love your results. You did lipo & BBL correct ?
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Oh okay ... Your Welcome
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I guess fluffing is real;-)
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Love your results.
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love it!!!!!!
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