Got a WONDERFUL quote from Vanidades...$3200......BBL...Anyone else???

Please inbox me if you need a buddy to travel to...

Please inbox me if you need a buddy to travel to Vandidades, Miami. This will depend upon whether i book my procedure or not. Talk to me ladies....... Obviously I havent had the procedure dont yet but this system requires I write something so I am literally just rambling right now.......very very excited about possibly getting this done in the next month or so.....What can I say, my husband is spoiling me for an early Christmas gift, What more could a girl ask for...LOL

Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us!

Have you checked out the BBL forum? There's a travel buddies thread in there that might be useful for you, as well as lots of other great information.

Please do keep us updated with your progress!

How do I delete this review??? I would like to wait until I have a scheduled procedure to post a review.

Hi there, I'll send you a PM.



Got a WONDERFUL quote from Vanidades....$3200......any others???

This is the second time I have received a very low quote from Vanidades.......I would love for Dr. Ghurani to do my BBL.....just wondering if anyone else has received a low quote like this and if it is the old bait and switch in the making.......??.?.
Pelayo or Ghurani

Want Dr Ghurani at Vanidades

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