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My story is a lot like all of you here. I remember...

My story is a lot like all of you here. I remember being teased at 9yr for having breasts! And the embarrassment of wearing a bra to school that first time and I felt everyone knew it! Anyway this decision from talking to my doctor to consultation and approval I received today has gone very quickly. I'm scheduled for May 6! Consultation was March 26, just a couple weeks after my referral! I'm a h cup and ask the doctor to take me to a c cup! My sweet husband is going to take time off from work to help me and is so supportive of my decision. The idea of being able to just to cook, wash dishes, garden or run and do aerobics and not have my back, arms or shoulders hurt will be so worth it. So now I've started to think about all I need to do before that day to prepare. And thanks to all of your stories you've shared it will be too much easier!
Welcome to the community.

People can be just plain mean in these situations.   Better days are ahead and I am so excited for you.  You will feel like a new woman.  Can't wait to hear more details from you as you go through your process.
Thank you for your comment! Looking forward to past the BR when I do feel like a "new woman"!

20 days and counting!

Thought I'd post at least one picture before my BR! My back has really been hurting the last couple days. So looking forward to gething this done. I'm not too concerned about the surgery itself just not sure about being put under anesthesia with sleep apnea. That is one question I'll ask at pre op.
Good luck with your surgery. It was one of the best things I ever did for myself. You will feel like a new woman after you have the surgery.
good luck, you will be so happy. read my review to see what a normal, trouble free recovery is like

7 days till my BR

Had my pre op today. Wow, just counting down the days till relief! Had my question answered about anesthesia and sleep apnea. A little nervous about surgery but so ready to get it done!
BEFORE YOU KNOW IT ......... You'll be over here on the Other Side !
Good luck to you! I'm just 8 days post op; had my 2nd post op visit today for drain removals! Yay! Was so glad to get rid of those. The nipple bumper pads were removed also. My PS and his assistant both said I was looking fabulous. PS was very pleased with how I'm healing. I know you will do great also. You'll be in great hands at Vandy. Keep us updated and get lots of rest!
Thank you for the encouragement! So glad your healing is progressing nicely!

One more wake up!!!

Thought I'd post one "before" picture with post op bra for comparison later! This is a Glamorize 42H that I originally bought to work out in. This has less stretch than the other Glamorize post op bra and Carefix bra I bought from Amazon. So not really sure which will feel better post op. I'll be finding out real soon! ONE more wake up!!! Wish I'd done this years ago but didn't even know it was an option for relief of my back pain. It was when my arms starting hurting a lot to the point I could hardly hold a pen that a friend suggested breast reduction. I mentioned to my PCP at an appt in Feb if a breast reduction would help my back and arm pain. And tomorrow is the day!!!
It's your day! How're you feeling?
Good luck tomorrow. You will be so full of joy. Wonderful operation.
Good luck tomorrow - you are going to feel fabulous. I had a glamorize front close bra for after surgery and it worked great - very comfortable.

Day after

Wow, not a whole lot of pain! Haven't had to take any pain meds yet. Still pretty tired though. First comment my husband made after seeing me in surgical bra was that he didn't expect so much to be taken off! LOL And I thought "Woo Hoo!!! And on the way home I felt every single bump in the road. So glad I brought the pillow!
Congratulations! Sounds like you are doing great! At my first look in the recovery room, I thought OMG, I have no breasts left! I was so used to seeing nothing BUT gigantic boobs all the way to my waist so by comparison my new ones looked so tiny. Before I left the surgery center, several hours later, I kept looking under my recovery gown. Was loving those tiny boobies before I left! And yes, WOO HOOOOOO! Wishing you continued good recovery and fabulous results! Remember to keep Benidryl handy for itching (I had incessant itching from about day 4-10), and ice packs from the beginning---it just feels good and reduces the feeling of any discomfort.
how are you doing Im on ice im three weeks post opt I have alot more bruising then some I guess I bled alot in surgery I dont know why Sure wish I was 5-6 months out post opt
I'm doing very well. Been using ice also for the swelling. Took my first mini shower! Cloth top and shower bottom! Husband washed my hair for me while I leaned over the bath tub! Feel so refreshed!!! I haven't have to take any pain meds but took half a benedryl for some itching last night.


Feeling returning to right nipple! I know it's a good thing but wow! Just lending over to pick up a cup and "zap". Doesn't hurt just electrifying!!! :-) So hard to stay still, want to get up and do normal things like wash dishes or something! And so tired of this surgical bra, post op appt Tuesday can't come soon enough! My husband has been wonderful taking care of me but I'm sure his regular job is easier!!! LOL
Sounds like things are going well for you--yay! I have been taking the benadryl regularly with my pain med; the pharmacist said it would not only alleviate the itching caused by the percocet, but would actually help the percocet work more efficiently. I have been afraid to cut back on taking the pain meds (it says to take one to two; I've only taken one per does) because my sides hurt worse than any other part (from the liposuction and stitching, I guess). I think I will give it one more day and see if I can cut back to maybe only taking it twice a day, once in the morning and again at night. And boy do I agree with everyone when they talk about how weird it is to see yourself with smaller breasts--I just took a shower (by myself!) and stepping out to dry off, it was like, "Who IS that?" It's weird, but I can't stop looking at them and touching them. They're still very swollen and tight but they fit within my hand...what the heck?!?
I know right! So use to seeing those gigantic boobs hanging to the waist and then wake up and they're gone! Woo Hoo! And to be able to lay my hand on my upper stomach area without having to lift a mound of boob is wonderful!!! Now to get use to the new body image but already loving the smaller "tatas"! I've been using an ice pack and it does feel good! I use the benedryl when I can't stand the itching !

Post op appt

Everything looks good except still have a lot of swelling! Finally out of that surgical bra, yay! Doc said I could start driving. I asked how much he removed, 730grams from each breast!!! He'll remove the surgical tape at the next appt next week. So excited I can take a full shower!!! My husband and I went to the mall and walked. Think I did too much so relaxing and icing now!!!
walk a little each day and get out for a change of scene. that is a big reduction, sounds like you are doing great. are you taking bromelain for the swelling?
I've been getting out some. Granddaughters graduation was yesterday, was only able to have light hugs!!! Boo!! Went to movie after and slept a little, haha!!! Guess I have to see it again when it comes out on dvd!!! The hardest part is not being able to work in my garden. Haven't taken the Bromelain in but maybe will pick some up later today.

13 post op photo

Still a lot of swelling but a lot of room in this sport bra!
Get RID OF that BRA to big for you GO GET A NICE SPORTS BRA I love the GENIE BRA Very comfortable!!
I second that. That bra is way too big.
Haha! Just put it on to see difference from first picture. And yes it's too big. Yay!!! I have a couple sports bra that are a little snug and are not very comfy so been using post op bra and ordered another from Amazon. Also been "airing"!

1 month

It's been awhile since I updated! Doc removed steri strips 16 day post op and what a relief! Yesterday was the first I almost felt "normal" again! Even held my granddaughter for a while, yay! I do still have swelling(I know that will go on for a while!) but more on my left side than right. Still sleeping on my back. Think I'll try sleeping on my side tonight. Very itchy but using bio oil and it helps. One nipple looks like a muffin top! Still have side boobs and the swelling there bothers me. Hoping they go down a lot once all the swelling is gone. Only time will tell! Wished I had asked about using Lipo on sides. Left side has a dog ear and right side looks like a bubble!!! Picked up some scar away sheets. Wondering if anyone else has used them. I'll have very thin scars anyway but thought the sheets would help it along. I'm wearing a 42D/DD sports bra now and hoping I'll end up a C cup! I do need to lose lots of weight too so hoping that will help with the side blobs! I'll post updated pictures later.
I had a great recovery but it took all of the much quoted 4 months for the swelling to go down. Slept on my side from day 17 so you should be fine.
Thanks, I thought it might take the 4 months! Just impatient to see final results! I did try once at about 2 weeks on my side but couldn't handle it then! I'll see how I do tonight! I've had a great recovery so far, so thankful for that!!!

5 weeks post.

Doing pretty good! I'm managing to get more done but still have to rest often. Breast are still very tender and so itchy! Been massaging with bio oil and coconut oil and that helps alot! Bought a bra at Walmart today but a little tight. It was a 42 D fruit of the loom. They must run small. The sport bra I have on now is 42D. I just want to wear a regular bra! So tired of the sport bra! I did try to sleep on my side but just can't do it yet.
Looking great! I'm at week 7 (yesterday) and have been sleeping any way I want for several weeks now. Sometimes just wake up in the middle of the night completely on my stomach with arms smashed up around the boobies! I'm always surprised that doesn't hurt. In my 2nd week, I started just naturally, in my sleep, turning halfway on my side. Waist down on my side; waist up with the girls facing slightly up at about 45 degree angle. I think it was partly because my back was so uncomfortable trying to sleep on it when that's not my normal/natural sleep position. It will come back to you, and I think your body will just do what it needs to! Keep up the good recovery!
You are so blessed to be able to sleep on your side! I know I'll get there soon, just taking more time for me. I'm surprised I'm doing so well on my back, never could before! And I couldn't even imagine sleeping on my stomach!!! Probably would do that eventually if it wasn't for the cpap. Thank you for the encouragement!

Starting to feel "normal" again!

Had a post op appt on Monday and he said everything looked good. Scars are healing nicely. Of course still some swelling but in time won't even think about it! I'll see Doc again in November. Today went to the gym intending to just walk on the treadmill but ran a little too! Woo hop! It felt awesome not having on that weight on my chest! Of course now I'm sore (mostly legs!) Soon I'll try some Zumba, aerobics and aquatics again. Looking forward to being able to move with the girls not hindering me! (Might have to wait on aquatic classes till the girls get a little more pliable to fit in my swimsuit top! Mostly back to my regular routines and not getting too tired. Yay!
I was wondering if you had a free nipple graft or not? I'm a similar age, 42H and 5.4" 235 lbs. I want to go small small small but my belly is so big I don't know if I can convince a dr to do that. I figure it would be a fng.
Giesela, no I didn't have a FNG and have full sensation! We're about the same size. I'm still in sports bras but have tried on bras that were C cup. I'm going to ask for a revision at my six appt. Just too much side boob still under arms. BR is the best thing I've ever done for myself!!! Now I can excersize without the girls slapping me in the face!!! LOL! My back feels amazing and my arms don't hurt any more! Yay! My weight loss is slow, but my belly will go hopefully go down as I lose.

5 months post!

Haven't updated in so long thought I do it now! Once I got past the 2 month post I feel I haven't stopped moving!!! That is a really good thing cause now I don't have to rest my back every 5 minutes! Yay! I planted a garden this summer and put in a fall garden but don't think I'll get much out of that since I may have planted too late. I love my size now. I think I'm a C cup but I'm still in a sports bra because of my dog ears. Can't seem to get a regular bra to fit right plus it feels and looks weird. I see my PS next month so I'll ask about a revision. My left breast is a little larger than the other but I'm sure only noticeable to me! Plus there are some hard areas so it hasn't settled down yet! Don't know if anyone else has experienced where it feels like the fatty area (where the fatty breast material was removed) is splitting internally. Doesn't hurt so been massaging that side a lot and now it's coming back together. It's only the left breast and that's where I still have an area that is still hard but does loosen up with massaging.
I'm glad you updated or I wouldn't have found you! Thank you for sharing how it is going. I'm thinking of asking to take the extra side padding when the BR is done.. Seems from what I am hearing, that would be a good idea. I'm in the 44F/G range and wanting B/C, 5'2" and 190lbs. My first consult is Monday... Hoping he will do a BR on my radiated breast.. On the Breast cancer sites I frequent they only talk reconstruction not reduction.. I'm caught between a rock and a hard place.
Yes, my PS extended the cut back under my arms during the surgery but didn't remove enough on the side. Even when I loose the weight (I'm a little taller and heavier than you) I think there will be quite a bit of skin under my arms. My husband and I have already decided if our insurance doesn't approve the revision we'll just have to save up for it. I hope everything goes well for you.
Dr. Robert B Shack

All the staff were very helpful and explained all that was being done. I really liked the way Dr. Shack measured and marked me before the procedure. Even measuring twice! Haha! I would highly recommend Dr. Shack and Vanderbilt.

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