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I have never really liked my breasts and they...

I have never really liked my breasts and they certainly have not improved with age, fluctuations in weight and pregnancy. Decided that as my 50th birthday present to me I would have a breast lift and began my research. I have spent many hours on Realself and am so grateful to all who have shared here. I realised that there are not many who have lifts without either a reduction or impants, and also that there are not many of my age group, or size/weight, so thought my experience might be helpful to others of our 'vintage'.

I am 5'7", 148lbs, a full 36C, but have been a 38D, so my girls are a little more skin than I would like them to be.

I first saw a PS in the fall of 2013 and he seemed to think I did not need a lift.... WHAT?! I thought it was pretty obvious! I was really disappointed, I had made up my mind I was going to do this. Then a friend told me that Dr Nick Carr in Vancouver is "THE BEST OF THE BEST", so I booked a consultation with him in November. From the very first contact with his office I was so impressed with the whole team at his clinic, Skinworks. When I first met Dr Carr I knew that he was going to be the PS I would use for this. He told me he would perform the lift I wanted, some lipo on the sides, and would also perform a procedure he called auto-augmentation, which would move tissue from the bottom half of the breast up to the top half, which would give me upper pole fullness without an implant. I was delighted and booked my surgery that same day. I had sufficient volume, I just didn't like where it was.... his solution sounded exactly like what I was looking for. I was SO excited, it seemed like months to wait for my surgery date, Jan 30th 2014.

My surgery went really well, I felt great afterwards and have not had much pain. I have had some bruising and swelling on my sides from the liposuction and my breasts are still a little swollen but I am off all pain medication and feeling fantastic. I continue to follow his post op instructions to the letter and am drinking lots of water and a high protein diet.

I was given a compression bra to start wearing at 48 hours post op, after removing my dressings and having a shower. I managed to do that on my own including washing my hair. I have been able to do a few things around the house, some cooking, emptying the dishwasher, laundry. I just don't lift anything remotely heavy. I had my first post op on Feb 3rd and will go back on Feb 11th to have my tapes taken off.

I have to say that my man has been an absoulte rock and has supported me throughtout the process. I could not have wished for a better nurse!

It has been almost a week since my surgery and I am delighted with my results. The auto-augmentation Dr Carr performed has given me great upper pole fullness. Reading other reviews on this site, I think this is a great solution for many of us but I don't see it mentioned on here very much.... I don't think many PS do this process. I will continue to post pics as changes happen and hope that others might find my review to be helpful.
Congratulations! And thank you so much for sharing. I've never heard of auto-augmentation, but it sounds VERY interesting. Please, please post pics if you can. Thanks again!


I loaded photos when submitting my review but they did not post, it seems. Trying again. On Tuesday Feb 11 we go to have the tapes taken off the incisions and I will post more pics then. For now, all is good, except for swelling on the sides which causes some discomfort. I think this is from the lipo.
You look soooo good!! I hope my results are as good as yours. Happy healing!!
Thanks so much! Your time is coming soon! I wanted to drop another 5lbs before my surgery as well but didn't quite make it! Nice to see other 'mature' ladies on here!!! Will post more pics this weekend. I am very pleased with my results!
You look wonderful, it's good to hear how active you've been. I'll be following your story. ((Healing hugs)). I am having my Lift-reduction 2/12/2014 just 4 day from today, I have lots of nervous energy and been reading stories the better part of the evening here on RealSelf. Can't wait to have my 34G girls tamed LOL LiveLoveBelieve

Tapes off. Getting better each day.

Had my tapes taken off on Tuesday and am so happy with the look! I have had lots of swelling, especially on the sides which was uncomfortable, but that has gone down by about 80% now and they are getting better each day. I was told to massage the swelling areas often and it has really helped. I am using Bactroban ointment on my scars twice a day and will start using silicone strips once the scars have healed. See the surgeon again on Jan 26th. A couple of stitches are visible, but not bothering me. Have been feeling really good, but sometimes forget I am still recovering and overdo it.... resulting in feeling like I have been hit by a truck. Loading a couple of new photos. I don't think my size is any different, but they sure look better! :)
Congratulation. You look absolutely stunning. I'm really impressed.
Thank you.

3.5 Weeks and a new friend!

Still very happy with my surgery and recovery. Swelling is almost gone except for a little on my incision sites. It occurred to me the other night that I use a roller after a good workout at the gym, it gives a great massage, so ran off to my garage and rescued my wallpaper roller, only about 1.5" acrose, it the perfect size for massaging my incisions and easy to control the amount of pressure applied! My new best friend!
Scars are healing very well, they look worse in these pics than they are, barely noticable in reality. The camera on an iPhone5 is too good! Have started scar therapy with silicone strips. My PS gave me Epi-Derm brand. Does anyone have any other recommentdations?
Tried on some of my old bras for fun and was happy to find I still fill them the same, but do not have to rely on them to keep the girls up! Looking forward to summer and being able to wear strappy sundresses and bandeau tops!
Have 4 week appt with my PS on Wednesday.
You look fantastic! I appreciate all your updates and tips I am using the scar gel called kelocote and love it. I got it off amazon.. I am getting a breast lift in a month or so. I had a face, eye and neck lift in January. The recovery has been going good from that. I had a tummy tuck last year after taking off 150 pounds 3 years ago. I wish you all the best with your new girls!
Congratulations on loosing 150lbs! Wow! That is a fabulous acheivement! How wonderful that you are transforming with these surgeries! I will have a look at your pictures and look forward to seeing your BL review on here too! It is a much easier recovery than I expected, I am sure you will be so happy with your results! When is your surgery? Good luck!!

4.5 weeks and PS Visit

I had my 4 week check-in with Dr Carr this week. His nurse said I look like I am 3 months post-op, not one! I was so happy to hear that. She removed 3 stitches that were poking out. Swelling has all gone and I am cleared to go back to the gym and to wear pretty bras! :) I am still wearing a sportbra at night, and might continue to do so forever if it will help keep these girls in their new home! Scars are looking really good. I cannot say enough about Dr Carr being an amazing surgeon, my incisions are barely visible already PLUS, he is a really nice man. Wishing happy healing to anyone having surgery this week!
You look Amazing! I am also having the same procedure and a tummy tuck on May 8th with Dr. Carr and his team. Thanks for the info.
Thank you!!! Good luck to you! Love Dr Carr and his team, it's such a great place! Please let me know how it goes for you. Will you post a review on here?
I will let you know and I'll post a review. Can't wait! Take care.

6 weeks

I think the silicone scar sheets are helping. Dr Carr said I would probably only need to use them for a couple of months. Swelling has all gone and I have been able to sleep on my side for the last week or so. Very, very happy with my new boobs!
amazing results, I am 52 and getting my anchor lift slight reduction on Oct 27th myself. Thanks for sharing
Thank you! I am more than happy with my results, 9 months post op. Good luck to you! I hope your surgery goes as smoothly as mine did! I should post some up to date pics soon.
Your results are awesome..was your swelling that you mentioned under your arms section? I'm 2wks po and just started swelling in my boob under the arm section. Feel like my boob wraps around underneath my arm and back, im hoping its just swelling and not fat..again congrats to you and happy healing
Dr Nick Carr

From my first contact with the Skinworks office and throughout the whole process, Dr Carr and the Skinworks team have exceeded every expectation. It is easy to see why people travel to Vancouver to have Dr Carr work his magic. Not only is he an outstanding surgeon, he is down to earth and personable. I cannot say enough to praise him and his staff. The Best of the Best! Thank you!

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