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I just turned 34 in april, and Have had 3 c...

I just turned 34 in april, and Have had 3 c sections. My boys are 7,3,and 1. I work out religiously and am still not happy. My saggy breasts and extra skin on my stomach consume my thoughts 24 hours a day. I even dream about it. :( I finally saved the money and I am going for it. Full TT, breast aug and lift!! I have promised myself that when its done, I will be easier on myself and stop nitpicking every flaw I have. I really hope it helps my self esteem!

I leave for honolulu tues, come back, work 2 shifts at my job, and go in for my procedures. Id almost rather skip vacation and have my surgery first!! JUNE 16 Cant come soon enough.

Ugh. Last day of vacay and im getting nervous. ... im reallly worried I wont get the results I long for. :( being on a beach full of hot bodies isn't helping my anxiety. Blah. Im half tempted to back out.... I've already paid though. That would be an expensive decision. Help!
WoW!! Your price is a good price for all that you are getting done. It's awesome that you are in Hawaii right now. Hope your having fun!! I've been wanting to go there someday! Well I'm sure your mind is going to be ready and relaxed. Just in time when you get back!

Skip Hawaii? You want this bad! :)

I do hope you're kinder with yourself after all is said and done. You will love your new tummy and breasts, though! I'm so glad you're sharing your experience with us here on RealSelf. Please keep us posted throughout your journey.


7 days!!!!!! Ugh. Im getting so nervous. I...

7 days!!!!!! Ugh. Im getting so nervous. I weighed this am (when I got home from vacay) im up 6 lbs. ;( I hope I can get at least some of it off before the surgery.
Don't worry too much about the vacation weight....hopefully you at least had a good time gaining it. :) Your tiny and you will look fabulous!

Ok, so 4 day sleft and this am my 3 year old drew...

ok, so 4 day sleft and this am my 3 year old drew allllll over my script sheet for my pain meds and antibiotics. :( UGH! I was already anxious, now Im ready for a breakdown. lol. SOOO nervous. I really hope I turn out as beautiful as all of the rest of the gals on here!
hey hun i no how u feel my surgery is scheduled for june15th at 730 am...gettin sooo nervouse n excited as im sure ur feelin the same...jus wanted to say good luck n im sure your gona look amazing afterwards...keep me posted n i will do the same n we can compare seein as we'l pretty much gona b at the same recovery pace....
definetly! thanks for the encouragment! I cant wait to see how great we look!! :)

Ok. So its 930 the night of the 14th. I will work...

Ok. So its 930 the night of the 14th. I will work a 12 hr shift tomorrow, leave straight from work and head to Vancouver which is 3.5 hr's from here. Sleep a few hours and then go get myself chopped on in the name of beauty. :) I can honestly say that I have moved on from the being scared about size and shape, and im now extremely nervous about going under. I get sooo sick afterwards and before, im a nervous wreck!! Ugh. Gotta think good thoughts!!!!
Hi! Can't wait to hear how you did. I just updated my review. I need to get some pictures up.

Hope all is well!

We will be thinking about you tomorrow and sending good thoughts your way.

Oh, good luck in two days, not sure if I'll be up to write tomorrow.. Just wanted to let you know I'll be thinking of you too !!!!

I am on day 4 of post op. I am having mixed...

I am on day 4 of post op. I am having mixed feelings.. I am so tired of laying around and I cant really see my results as I am all binded/taped up. I am sore, but not too terrible. I am swolled so I feel like a cow.
I will say that it was a pretty easy process though. Showed up, got my iv, talked to the dr, next thing u know I am waking up and trying to pee. lol. I wish I could fast forward a month or 2~

Im a terrible updater!! I am a 10 days out?? I...

Im a terrible updater!! I am a 10 days out?? I think... I am losing track of time!! lol. I think last time I said I was 4.. but i think I was actually more. oops.

Anyhoo.. I am doing GREAT!!! LOVE the boobs. LOVE the tummy.. I wasnt so sure like 3 days ago, but today I got up, got a shower, Put some somewhat normal clothes on (aka not a robe or swim cover up) and went out to run errands. I feel amazing and am super happy. I look so much better today, than I did even 1 day ago! so weird how that works.
Went about 5 hours straight of shopping and picking out flowers for our front yard. Even picked some weeds!! I am swollen of course, but I am finally walking upright yahooooey!! My favorite part??? NO MORE STRETCH MARKS! I also love that the ugly tat i had on my lower stomach is gone, as is the scar from my belly ring, and I have a CUTE belly button for the first time in my life~~~ :) The hubs loves it, and I dont regret a minute of it. I am still contemplating pics, as Its not a secure site.. and that makes me nervous. lol.
I understand about posting pictures. That's why I only put WA in my profile. I have found that the pictures other have posted were so helpful to me that I feel that I should post mine as well. I need to download them and get them posted. I feel bad about that. Just been too lazy to do that.

Glad you are feeling good!

I was 2 weeks post op yesterday. Wow guys, im...

I was 2 weeks post op yesterday. Wow guys, im feeling way more swollen then all of u look in your pics. Like seriously.... I look huge. I think im going to call my dr today. I also don't have feeling still..... like none. ??? Someone help!!! Is it normal??

3 weeks and 2 days post op. The swelling has gone...

3 weeks and 2 days post op. The swelling has gone waaay down. Amazing what a few days will do. Im pretty ecstatic at ththis point. The dr is floored wit my results and has ok'd me to start walking on the treadmill. I would rather run, but ill take what I can get. I cannot believe these Boobs!! They are amazing. Better than anything I wished for!! Rt now I am in a 36 D..the C was way too small. Im kinda sad they will prob shrink down to a C when its all said and done!! Lol. Anyway. Glad to see ppls progress! Hope everyone is feeling as great as I am at this point!
thanks for all your updates. I am not too far from you! I am so nervous about my upcoming surgery. I am worried about how much pain I will be in and how long I will be down

Hey there. I thought I would just do a little...

Hey there. I thought I would just do a little update :) I am 33 days post op! I have been back to work for a while now and its all going well. I actually feel amazing. I still dont have all the feeling in my abdomen back, but Im ok with that for now. Today was an awesome day as my swelling is really going down. I even measured my waist..Im pretty pleased :) My reg jeans finally fit, so thats pretty awesome.
Iised the instructions on the VS website to measure my cup size.. Boy am I confused.. The D bra I bought fits amazingly. Like seriously, there is no gapping or anything. BUT the way I measured says I am a C.. I think I will just go in and have them measure me. The only thing I stress about is that when I get back into my regular gym routine, my boobs will get alot smaller.. I kinda like them the way they are!! lol Anyway, I feel great and I am loving keeping up with everyone. If I ever have a question, i am rest assured I will find the answer here!!
you look amazing!!!
U look great! Way to go, so glad to hear your recovery has went amazing! I am on day 11 post op and i am hoping i start feeling better soon!!! Was feeling great and have taken a few steps backwards. U really look amazing!!!
You look really great. Glad you are doing so well.

Went to my PS today. Had a spot that looked like...

Went to my PS today. Had a spot that looked like it was opening so he looked at it and clipped it. It was a stitch. He said everything looks good, and he doesn't think my breast will really "shrink" anymore and that they look pretty settled.he will check me again next month as I have a tiny little dog ear he wants to address!
Thanks gals :)

Ok. so today I am just down in the dumps. I am so...

ok. so today I am just down in the dumps. I am so tired of the swelling in my abd. I have no patience. I just want to see my flat, sexy tummy that i paid so much money for. GRRR.. :(
Looking fantastic!
hey there ~ sorry i just saw ur post on my page ~
first off THANK U ! and second , i went with 750 bag filled to 800 cc's..

i wish i would have gone somewhat bigger now... crazy right.

how are you/
Wow you look amazing. Your PS did a great job. You have one of the best BB's Ive seen.

Hey Guys. Just thought I would check in and let...

Hey Guys. Just thought I would check in and let ya'll know that I am feeling better.. I dont want to discourage anyone from my negativity in the earlier days. I just needed to realize that everyone heals differently. I will be 7 weeks tomorrow, and I am feeling good.. both mentally and physically. I am back at the gym, but not like a crazy woman like before. I am trying to take it easy. I have noticed the swelling is better.. it doesnt get near as crazy at night as it was. If I could do it again.. there are only 2 things I would change.. A. a little bigger in the chest B. lipo on the flanks and legs.. BUT, Once I get back in the gym I can firm up more.. and the good thing about my boobs is I can va va voom them, OR I can sports bra them up and take the kids to school with out my boobs getting to the classroom first. :)

You are looking so good!  I love your picture with your baby at the mirror...so cute:)

You look awesome. My favorite picture is the one with the cute baby in the mirror with you rocking the bikini...priceless.
lol.. yeah.. he's a mommas boy :) Doesnt get too far from me ;)

Im just wondering.... Do any of you wear push up...

Im just wondering.... Do any of you wear push up bras now that you have implants??? For some reason, I feel like I shouldnt since I paid so much for the implants, but Im thinking I might need to.. I am really bumming that they look so small to me. :( Why am I so weird?? lol. I act like its against the law for me to wear a push up bra. HAHAH
looking good!. I think anyone would be a bit awollen after a 12 hr shift!
thanks!!! Yeah, after work, I am always cussing out my "ledge" lol. I also started back hard core at the gym on monday.. boy, I can sure see the swelling after a good run too!! lol. Eh, oh well. I keep telling myself that it will be fine, and by next summer I will be smokin hot :)
I think you look fabulous! Right now I wear two bras (simultaneously), one to lift and the other to hold them in so my "peek- a- boob" doesn't spill out. Yuck. Three more weeks!

You look amazing!!

Just wanted to share my new find :) I started...

Just wanted to share my new find :) I started working out again...so I have jogged, biked, lifted, ect in this bra, and I swear, its the BEST bra ever!!!

Uh..yeah, well THAT didnt work the way I wanted it...

uh..yeah, well THAT didnt work the way I wanted it to!! lol.. anyway, its the C9 champion high impact sports bra.. its the one that hooks in the back. NO JOKE.. There is ZERO boobage movement with this sucker :)
hi there... i am scheduled to have my MM with Dr Workman on September 6th... you look fab!! anything you would change?
Welcome!! ;)

Women are always looking for a good sports bra so thank you!


Hey guys, Just thought I would pop in.. I havent...

Hey guys,
Just thought I would pop in.. I havent been coming on as much, because I was getting obsessed. It was depressing me because in my mind I am healing slower than everyone else, and dont have as good of an outcome. As of right now, I am just kind of on the fence. My breasts are good. I think I probably would of liked saline more, as they seem to be a little rounder where as silicone is very "mushy" or at least on me it seems that way. Im actually not sure how I feel anymore about the tummy. I have a dog ear that needs fixed and drives me nuts, and I hate the way my jeans fit. Im not sure if I am still swollen, or just fat. Either way, I hate to put anything other than scrubs(for work) or yoga pants on. At least I am back at the gym and that makes me feel a little better. I am REALLLLY hoping that I am just still swollen and will look as good as everyone else soon.
Sorry you're frustrated but from where I'm sitting I'd say you look fantastic!!!! Hang in there mama!
you look beautiful! and I havent had surgery yet but I know some of the gurls said dr can fix dog ears!
Totally cute new BB. How are ya feeling? You look ah-MAZ-ing!

Ok, so I left thurs for vegas, got home yesterday....

Ok, so I left thurs for vegas, got home yesterday. Still cant see the bones in my feet and ankles due to swelling, and can barely even see my toes period due to how HUGE my gut is. SERIOUSLY. Im over this. All we did was walk around.I even layed down a few times during the day to rest my legs and tummy. I am in tears as I look at pictures, and I have no idea what to do. I cant undo what I have done, and I am so afraid this is what I am going to look like forever. I didnt spend 12 grand to look 7 mos pregnant. ( i will add that my boobs are ok. Smaller than planned, but fine) I work too hard to like like crap. Im at the very end of my rope. I will be 3 mos out in like a week. This is ridiculous. ALL the pictures I look at u ladies look at the very least 20x better a week out than I do at this stage. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG????
You look absolutely wonderful! But the swell hell is a roller coaster of emotions that comes with this can of worms we opened up! I can totally understand where your coming from-I'm 5 weeks post-op I have open wounds on left & right hips-one is 6 inches long and 2 1/5 inches deep. You can see the muscle at the bottom of the opening. I read updates of women who had their surgeries AFTER mine and they are in normal clothes-doing daily things and I'm still stuck in bed with minimal movement and not a lot of energy! The next step for me thing called a hypobaratic chamber for wound healing.
Hang in there!! Better days are right around the corner!
ur right roller coaster for sure. I cant even imagine what you are going thru. I dont even comment, because I know that whatever I say, wont help. Here I am feeling sorry for myself, and you have such a long road ahead of you. I hope the chamber helps! Your have been so positive throughtout it, and here I am belly aching.. (pun intended) over swelling. :/ Thank you for this, It opens my eyes.

Ok.im updating again, because after being home few...

Ok.im updating again, because after being home few days,and relaxing, the swelling has gone down. So I feel a bit better. Am I happy with the results? No, not yet..but im going to try keeping my eye on the prize. Im going to try to eat a little cleaner and drink more water, and just pray that by the 6 or 7 month mark I will be happy as a clam
I think you look great! look at the before pics girl BIG BIG BIG difference. My apt is set for the 6th of January and the doc is going with 400 or 425 mod plus silicone. I hope my results are as good as yours! I would be THRILLED! I'm starting out a saggy c so we'll see... I think you look great. we are our own worst critic and see EVERY flaw.... even ones that arent really flaws... just character.
Thank u. :) today has been better
Are the pictures you posted recent? Because I think you look fantastic! Your tummy looks flat to me! As far as healing, it is totally normal to swell for a long time...I still swell some around the ridge of my incision and I am 6 months post op. I think you are healing just fine. I do remember at around 3 months I would swell big time after too much activity. I even put on my spanx again to try and keep the swelling at bay! The emotions you feel are normal too. This surgery has a loooong recovery!!

Looks like the vegas damage is overthe swelling is...

Looks like the vegas damage is overthe swelling is back down to wbere it was before the trip. I am happier...not 100% yet,but its seems.like each day is getting better. I have a horrendous.cold, so coughing and sneezing nonstop probably arent helping with the swelling. thx everyone for not completely writing me off. :)
Thanks everyone!
K bin gurl you look hott!!! I love half sleeves too I think they make a women look real sexy I got both arms half sleeves. But you look great ! I love the fact you have 2 totaly different style bras and you look great in both of them. That is awesome~
Looking great, I love the sleeve tattoo!

Hey ladies. First off, I have to say WOW!!...

hey ladies. First off, I have to say WOW!! Everyone is looking so great! I am coming up on my 2 mo PO, and I dont know what happened, but I seemed to of miraculously turned a corner. I am finally feeling like I actually had a tummy tuck! lol. Its looking so much better. I still swell at night, but not NEAR AS BAD as before! YAY!!! I like my boobies, HOWEVER, I have decided that I am going to talk to him at my 6mos, about doing a revision, and going bigger...and maybe saline. I am liking the "roundness" that the gals with saline have. I feel like now that mine have dropped into place, they dont have enough shape. It will be a while before I can get it done because I will have to save some cash first, but I am thinking about maybe 550 range for cc's?? Opinions??? Anyway, I have been debbie downer for so long, I wanted to update and let y'all know I am finally feeling better :)
You look fantastic!
You look awesome! I'd say your tummy
Looks much better then mine!!! Lol ! I think we are
Hardest on ourselves !
I am so glad you are feeling better and you know from everyone i hear bigger is better!

I will be 5 mos post op this month. I scheduled an...

i will be 5 mos post op this month. I scheduled an appt with my PS as I am VERY disappointed. I am getting more and more swollen by the day.. .if thats even what it is. No joke.. my husband even said my stomach looks bigger than it did before I had the surgery. Not only that but I have a dog ear, and then a large "bump" on the left side above the incision, and then what seems to be a lump or something next to my bb on the rt side... seriously seems like an entire redo is in order. I am sooooo frusterated. I didnt pay this much money to look like this. I am SOOO friggin discouraged. Im not even going to post pics as I am very grossed out. (I wear my husbands scrub tops now, just to hide the swelling..NO JOKE) :( I am also deleting my pics. I cant stand looking at them.
I have to say I kinda feel like you do! I know my tummy is Better then before but nowhere close to what I expected and wanted ! I spent way to much money to feel ehh about my tummy ! I'm have lumps and bumps to and I don't believe it's swelling . Soooo my Ps said he'd fix what he needs to in jan in his office and he better not even think of charging me!! I love my dr but am disappointed that I'll have to get cut once again . I'm
Pissed more then anything so I'm w you!! Keep me posted on what your going to do!
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