4 weeks PO. TT, MR, Lipo May 8th - Vancouver, WA

I am 54 and I've been married 30 years, 3...

I am 54 and I've been married 30 years, 3 adult children and 1 grandchild. I am 5'7, 150 lbs. I am very slim everywhere except my belly, I had all my kids naturally and considering I gained 50lbs with 2 of them I did not get stretch marks. My stomach wasn't as flat as before kids but I was able to wear bikinis until into my 40's my stomach kept getting bigger. I have had plastic surgery twice in the past, but I am still scared S#&%less, why? My dr does the twilight sedation, I've had it before but still scared. I think of backing out but I look at the after pics and think I want that. My heart is pounding so hard, I think I'll have to take valium eveyday till then. I am going to rent a hospital bed, too. I also bought a used easy lift recliner in new condition then will resell it later. I am going on a cruise in Sept. and am worried I will still be too swollen. That's about 4 months, you ladies that had a similar surgery let me know your opinion. Will post before pics as soon as I figure out how.

Tomorrow I go in for my pre-op. I have 3 major...

Tomorrow I go in for my pre-op. I have 3 major fears, 1- the surgery, 2- the pain after surgery and 3- how will I look? Each of the fears take turns being number 1. I also start to think maybe I shouldn't do this, maybe I should just continue to not buy the clothes that would look good if I didn't have this belly. But, I really want to look good. I guess I should just put on my big girl panties and do it. Speaking of which, should I wear my normal bikinis or should I buy some granny panties? Should I buy a button up nightgown? I imagine sweat pants would not be easy to get on. Is the CG hard to get on and take off? I feel like I'm in a constant state of panic.

6 days to tt Went to my pre-op today, all went...

6 days to tt
Went to my pre-op today, all went well, my husband came along. After the appt I felt such a calm sense of relief. This week my heart was constantly racing, my hands sweating, just a constant state of panic. I really hope I stay calm from here on. I have all the faith in the world in my doctor. He did tell me I probably won't be as flat as I was before children but will look alot better. I'm kinda disappointed but as long as I'm slimmer and tighter I'll take it.

3 days to go. I'm starting to get a little more...

3 days to go. I'm starting to get a little more nervous but I try to focus on how much better I will look, that helps. Yesterday I told my son (he lives with us) that I was having back surgery, he should buy it, I've had back surgery before. Then I had lunch with my daughter and told her the truth, she's happy for me. She was concerned that I might overdose on pain pills, I thought that was sweet, but I told her dad will have total control of the meds.
My husband and I went out to dinner last night, the food was awful but the conversation was good. I felt like he was being a little cold and distant since I decided on the surgery but its all good now. He was just under alot of stress at work. He's actually happy for me but says "this is the last one, right?" I told him I promise. Each time I've had plastic surgery I swore I would not do this again but its just like childbirth, you forget about the pain.
I'm slowly getting things ready but I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I'm going to buy a toilet seat riser, I don't if I should get one with or without handles. Any suggestions?

2 days to tt. Wow, I'm starting to get very...

2 days to tt. Wow, I'm starting to get very nervous again. The PS gave me oxycodone, is that stronger than perceset? I hope so. I've been cleaning, doing laundry and just trying to get everything I might need. I can't find bentadine soap, he said not to get bentadine solution. Too late to order it. Got my easy lift recliner set up today, the seat seams a little hard. The hospital bed will be delivered tomorrow. I just want to control the fear and the pain.

Less than 24 hours to go. I can't breath, I can't...

Less than 24 hours to go. I can't breath, I can't eat. I know I'll be okay, I just get super nervous (scared) about this kind of stuff.
I just took my measurements and my stomach is the same size as my butt! ha ha ha Not for long. I sure hope I won't be disappointed. He's a great surgeon so I'm sure I won't be. Although, he did say he won't be able to get me as flat as before children but it will be better. I have too much fat inside, the bad fat that can't be sucked out. That figures.

3 days PO. ...

3 days PO. Doing better today. I stll need help getting in and out of bed, my husband has been wonderful. My husband and I have been together for 30 years and not once have I ever gone to the bathroom in front of him but since I had had this surgery I've been going in front of him. Not much choice. I am so glad I got this hospital bed, it has been so much easier to get comfy. I go to see the PS today. I tried numerous times to post on realself but I keep falling asleep at the keyboard. I read what I just wrote and it sounds like I'm just rambling on. Hope everyone is doing good.

3 days PO, went to the doc and got to see my...

3 days PO, went to the doc and got to see my tummy, I can't believe how flat it is. I can't wait till I get healed to see the final results. No drains, either. I was worried I would have them because of all the stories I've read. Will try to post pics as soon as I can. I'm so happy I got the hospital bed.

4 days PO. I'm moving better today. Each night I...

4 days PO. I'm moving better today. Each night I wake up at the same time, when the pain pills wear off and after laying so long it hurts soooo bad to get up. Other than that I do sleep pretty good. My husband had to work today so my 22 year old son and his 3 year old is here to help. I think my husband was happy to go to work, he seemed a little stressed. My back is so sore, well, so is my front. Hope everyone is doing good.

5 days PO. Today doesn't seem as progressive as...

5 days PO. Today doesn't seem as progressive as before but actually I think I'm standing straighter but my back hurts like hell. I've had a few hours alone so thats been nice. I kinda felt like having a little meltdown today.I got a text message from my daughter that said happy mothers day. A text message. WTF So my feelings are hurt. I talked to her yesterday and told her we won't be doing anything today but I didn't mean I only wanted a text message, a call would have been nice. I guess its my fault, I raised her. My son and 3 year old granddaughter (they live with us) are trying to be very helpful and for that I'm grateful. Well, he took her out for a few hours and for that I'm VERY grateful. So I got caught up on Desperate Housewives and I'm feeling better. But my tummy feels hard as a rock up higher, maybe its swelling a little. I've kept up with the stool softener and it worked yesterday, so thats one less thing I have to worry about. I've thought about weaning myself off the pain pills but as soon as they wear off I can't stand it. I see the doc tomorrow. When am I going to feel better. I know, it's only been 5 days. Has anybody else noticed you'll think its like 4 in the afternoon and its only 10 in the morning? Time for me is just crawling.
Happy Mothers Day

Update. My daughter called. I should have known...

Update. My daughter called. I should have known she wouldn't just send a text. Can I blame it on the pain and meds?

6days PO. Feeling better today, went for checkup...

6days PO. Feeling better today, went for checkup at PS, everything looked good. Go back again Friday. So physically I'm having a better day but emotionally I'm not. My husband works 2 jobs and I had asked my son if I could count on him to help me. He lives with us and is looking for a job. This morning I had to yell at him to get up and take care of his daughter, I'm in tears cuz I really don't need this right now. So he's been gone all day, I've had no help except when my husband took me to the doc. I spilled milk at breakfast cuz I'm tilting the jug cuz I can't lift it, I have a scrambled egg and toast for lunch and the same for dinner. So I have to have my husband take me to the store after 9 tonight when he gets home. Trust me, my son wouldn't be here if it wasn't for that baby. The mom is unfit and not in the picture. I live in the country so its hard to find anyone to help. I just don't know how I'm going to get thru this.

7 days PO. Today is better, my son has been very...

7 days PO. Today is better, my son has been very helpful and says he feels bad about yesterday. So he took me to the store and I drove a cart. I was pretty exhausted when we got home. I'm standing alot straighter today. I have such a problem with the CG. I found out I've had it too loose. I wish I would hurry up and get normal, I'm tired of being like this.

8 days PO. I feel a slight improvement each day. I...

8 days PO. I feel a slight improvement each day. I wish I knew when I'm going to turn that corner I read others writing about where I feel great. I went to the store again today and I'm back down just exhausted.

I'm 10 days PO. My after pic was taken on day 7 PO...

I'm 10 days PO. My after pic was taken on day 7 PO. I'm very hunched over and insecure without my binder, so I think I look like an alien. I'm still hunched, maybe not as bad, depending on how sore I am. I have more soreness on my left side. Before the surgery I had this fear that I would be permanently hunched over and since I'm still hunched my fear hasn't gone away. I know I will be straight again, eventually. Went to the store today and I'm not so wiped out right now, so that's encouraging. Yesterday saw the PS for a check, everything looked good except for one spot on the vertical incision so I have to use polysporin and gauze. He said that happens sometimes on verticals. Boy, do I hate that poking and touching, I get so squeamish. Its very sensitive there. I was sweating and kinda feeling light headed so when I got home I took a muscle relaxer and slept a couple hours. Felt much better after that. I am so happy I got the hospital bed, I just can't imagine trying to get in and out of my regular bed. Even the first few days my husband still had to do most the work moving me.

4 weeks PO. Standing a lot straighter, not 100%...

4 weeks PO. Standing a lot straighter, not 100% yet. At 2 weeks I went thru a terrible depression, then after seeing my PS I felt much better, he's very reassuring. I've been so much better since then. He said I could stop wearing the cg if I wanted or wear spanx if I'm too insecure. Well, I can't find anything that isn't too tight. So I guess I'll just try and wean myself off it. This is such a long, slow process, sometimes I feel I will never be normal. I haven't been happy with my belly button it just looked too big. But today I see improvement so hopefully I won't have to have a revision. The PS said I would have to wait a year. I think because of scar tissue. I will ask him on Friday when I see him. I would like honest opinions.

4 weeks 2 days PO. Had a very good day, ran a...

4 weeks 2 days PO. Had a very good day, ran a couple errands, went to Sweet Tomatoes with my husband and daughter then went grocery shopping. Later took my dogs for a walk, poor things have been cooped up in the yard for over 4 weeks. I am almost standing completely straight. I still get hunched over after sitting but it straightens out faster. So, now that I'm feeling better I have a sore throat and feel like I'm getting sick. Isn't that just lovely. Have an appt with PS tomorrow, I might have to cancel it, sure don't want to get him sick. Hope everyone is doing good.

5 weeks PO. I am feeling so much better. I'm still...

5 weeks PO. I am feeling so much better. I'm still wearing the binder, will I ever get to the point where I feel I won't need it? Is it physical or psycological? Still not happy with my belly button.
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My doctor has so much experience and does such wonderful work. This is my 4th procedure by him and I never feel I need a second opinion because there is no one better.

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The tummy binder with velcro.
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Are you wearing like the velcro around just your tummy binder? Or a garment thing??
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Kathy, you really look good. BTW thanks for your service as a police officer! The main thing I panic about is maintaining the post operative result that was anticipated. Not only for my PS but myself, my hubby, anyone that knows I did this. It's going to be hard work but I'm ready, I need focus and this is a perfect incentive.
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thank you, yes i am scared of that also, i have been walking every day and trying to stay active however not doing other exercises yet, i may start doing my arm work out with weights but try it sitting down, yes i know, could you imagine going thru this to end up the same way, but i would think with the mr and extra skin gone how could your body get that bad again, but it does concern me also.
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Lost & MyGirl, thank you, yes I can see improvement so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I am not a patient person. I can tell myself to be patient but to actually be it is a different story. ha ha
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Lol! I'm super impatient as well. I want NOW results. The waiting will make me crazy, I know it already. Oh, and as a bonus, I panic over everything. This should be interesting for me haha. You're doing better than I probably will! :p
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Ha ha You sound so much like me. I get very queasy,too. My first post-op I felt like I could pass out so the next two appts I took valium. I wouldn't hardly look at myself the first week. I am very much a hypochondriac, which my daughter always thanks me for inheriting.
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pacific i was same way, about 6-7 days after surgery i was standing in the bathroom brushing my teeth and started thinking about the incision, what my body went thru and all and started to have a panic attack and was thinking is there anyway i can change this, lmbo, i had to take nerve pill, nerve pills have been my best friend, i am ok most of the time but now and then i get these panic waves that almost consume me, now that scar is "healed" i dont panic over that, i just find something new to panic over, lmbo...........................i have had a couple actual panic attacks prior to the surgery, way before even thinking about it, nothing to do with surgery, i think my body is just like that, im a retired police officer and i do think i have a small amount of PTSD, lol, which affects me from time to time, but 95 percent of the time im good,..........................................
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I think you look great, especially considering what your body has been through! I think the BB looks good but just swollen from what I can tell. :) congratulations!
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You are looking fabulous! Congrats on the healing. It is slow, but patience is definitely key with this surgery. My BB is still swollen too, but I can see how much it has changed already from one week to three weeks. Just look through your pictures and remind yourself how far you have come! :)
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northwest, re: your belly button, i would say it looks a little enlongated, is that a word, however at 2 weeks not so much, my guess its just part of the healing process, i look at myself one day and really like it, then another day or time im thinkin wow it looks different now, i think its just all part of it, summer mentioned that she was packing her belly button again and making hers more round, i guess you just take guaze and work it in belly button and make it more round, might be an idea, i may do this also to keep mine round........................
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I wonder if that really works, I'm having a hard time picturing how gauze can change the shape. Although last week my PS said I could do that, maybe thats why. I thought it was to protect it from the binder rubbing on it. I have a tank under the binder so I stopped packing it. hmm
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i dont know for sure but i think it was "summer" who started also packing her belly button and put the guaze in there in a round shape so that it heals round, yes not sure if in long run will work or not but they did pack it for a reason and yes i also thought it was for infection reasons, still not positive but i do think also packing in a circular way may help,who knows i do it every couple of days overnight, and omg, really i do think we have a lot of patience, i dont think we totally realized just how long this total recovery takes, and for some its even longer, im trying to keep it together, some days are better than others but i think i might see a small light at the end of that tunnel...............
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and dont you also find it amusing that we all look 100 percent better than before but now we kind of pick at things that are not perfect all the way around, i know if someone saw me saw and all my before pics they would think i looked fabulous, i guess i keep needing to remind myself of those old nasty before pics i took, most of which i didnt post but i did post two of them and they were not pretty, lol
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ha ha I know, I guess I have scoliosis so one side has more curve than the other and I'm already trying to figure out how to fix that. I'll bet no one would even notice unless I point it out.
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I don't know if you guys already know this but if you click on the pictures they enlarge. I just found that out today. I can't figure out how to lighten the pics, if I use the flash all you see is flash. I will try to have my husband take some pics tonight. A tiny part of the incision wasn't healing right so I have a bandaid on it.
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omg pacific, i wish i would have known how this surgery affects our nervous system, i have had my share of meltdowns, my surgery was on May 9th, and Im not back to myself at all yet. Today was 1st time i had pedicure and hair cut and have to admit that was good for my self esteem, just made me feel better. I still am wearing binder AND compression garmet and with all that on most of my clothes dont fit even with the fact i have also lost about 15 lbs., yes this is a very SLOW and humbling recovery process, i think when we get down we need to "lean" on each other, i know we want to keep that positive image all the time, but wow, nothing has ever knocked the crao out of me and my nerves like this has. dont get me wrong i am super happy with results, my surgeon is wonderful etc., nothing im not happy with but wow, what an experience. in pic looks like you still have bruising and also looks like you have something over scar, what is that, lol, and also glad to hear from us old timers, thanks, lmbo.
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You look great!! I'm sorry you went through sound depression, if it makes you feel any better I think it is normal. I've definitely had my moment where I think I should have never find this, but it gets better. I think that your belly button looks good. It is kind of hard to see in your photos because they are kind of dark. Are those your most recent photos our do you have any newer ones you could post?
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You just had your surgery so give your button button some time to heal. Your going to be hunch over for a few weeks. After that you should start walking straight. Other than the issue with your belly button you look great.
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You are looking good!!!
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Demiray, Thank you, today I am 18 days PO. Standing a little straighter each day.
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Kathy, thank you. I can see a lot of difference, I just can't wait to stand and look normal.
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lol, i know me too...............
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i was just reading your profile and your going to look fabulous on that cruise !!!!!!!
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looks like they did a great job on you, lol, but i never thought you looked all that bad in your preop photos, but i can see a big difference and i know your going to love it and great for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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