My Stretched Abs Would Not Change Regardless of Working Out -

5'4 After 3 pregnancies, gaining 40 lbs each,...

5'4 After 3 pregnancies, gaining 40 lbs each, nothing I did could change the stretched out tummy chub I carried around for years. My ab muscles were stretched out, and no matter how many abs, crunches or complete ab workouts I did, that wouldnt change. I could feel the rock hard abs underneath, but it was hidden by my belly chub. So frustrating!! I also have stretch marks from my pubic bone region, up to my belly button. I opted for a mini tummy tuck on August 15, 2012.


Thank you so much for sharing! How has your recovery been? You look fantastic so far.

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I'm 8 days post op, and anyone wondering if this...

I'm 8 days post op, and anyone wondering if this is worth it, It definitely is!!!!! I DO NOT miss feeling that tummy bulge when I'm sitting, trying to strategically hide it under the band of my pants....
I'm still rather sore and limited, but I'm really trying to take it easy, and heal as best as possible. I worked too hard for this, ngonna mess it up. My 800mg of ibuprofen every 8 hours continues to help, but there is still a considerable amount of soreness there.
I posted a new pic today. Can't wait to resume my workouts!!! I'm giving myself at least 3 more weeks until I do that though.


thanks for look great! I am contemplating a mini as well and your pictures have helped.
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Hello, ladies. Well my doctor tried to warn me...

Hello, ladies.
Well my doctor tried to warn me not to do too much...I'm a single mother of 3 active teens. I've been feeling soooo great, I've been doing more laundry, cooking, dishes, etc. Just the basics that can't be ignored for too long. And felt so good, didn't think anything of it...Last night I noticed my tummy seemed a little poochy. Upon tapping lightly on it, his kind of wave of liquid rippled across to the other side. Looked it up,and sure enough I have a seroma, which is exactly what my doctor was warning me against getting, if I was too active.
Of course, I notice this on a Saturday night. I'll have to wait til tomorrow, Monday, and I'm asssuming I'll go in and get it aspirated. Wondering how many visits this will take, and really hoping not to have to have my drain put in.
So, my advice, no matter how great you feel, STAY DOWN as much as possible. I wish this was made more clear to me. NOt my doctor's fault AT ALL, just kinda wish it was warned a little more sternly, rather than just kind of in passing.
I'll post again tomorrow with what she says about it.


i also live in vancouver. where did you get the surgury done at?
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I'm also 5 ft 4 in. and had two big babies. My tummy looks like yours. What is your doctors name? A tummy tuck here starts at 14,000.00. Maybe I'll fly there and get the procedure done. Hope you feel better soon!
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Thank you! That was most helpful to me, to find other people's before and after pictures. Especially if they were built similar to me

I went in on Tuesday August 28 and had 60 cc's of...

I went in on Tuesday August 28 and had 60 cc's of fluid drained. Didn't hurt, and felt so much relief. The fluid didn't hurt, just caused an increasing sense of pressure as it accumulated. Dr said I have to keep bound for at least 2 to 3 weeks now, to hopefully avoid more fluid build up. But here I am, two days later, and I see fluid under my skin, and feel a slight pressure from it. So I'm going in tomorrow to get drained again.
I've stayed bound, religiously, except for when I shower, and have hardly done anything around the house. So I'm thinking there isn't anything I"ve done to cause it...
Other than that, I feel great. I'm two weeks and one day post op. No pics today tho!! Keeping bound causes that wrinkled loook to my skin, like when your clothes are too tight. I'll post pics next week, maybe at 3 weeks post op.
Oh, and of note, I can now laugh, sneeze and cough with barely any discomfort! :)


Salmon Creek Pastic Surgery with DR. Huang. She's great :)
My Dr. is Dr Huang in Salmon Creek. I had a mini tummy tuck. I know they are cheaper than a full, I was lucky to only need a mini! But I'm pretty sure a full is not 14k here!!!

I went in to get drained again today. Only 45cc's...

I went in to get drained again today. Only 45cc's this time, instead of 60. Progress!!! I'm feeling great, except when the fluid builds, I feel slight pressure. Love the relief of getting it drained today. If fluid builds again, I'll go in Tuesday to get drained again, and just hope it's less and less.

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My fluid has stopped!!! I was drained 2 more times...

My fluid has stopped!!! I was drained 2 more times. 45 cc's, then only 18! My job is fairly physically demanding, and I went back to work at 3 weeks post op. I felt pretty good, and had minimal limitations. I do however get sore in my tummy area if I'm lifting too much. I continue to take advil, which helps a lot. I feel a little swollen during the work week. I worry that my tummy will remain a little "poochy". But my dr says I still have some swelling, and will continue to see results improve over the next few months. I'm posting my 4 week post op pics my doctor took. With my before pics side by side.


how n why does water accumulate..n how do they drain?can u kindly explain?
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